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How the main types of aktsentuation of character are expressed?

At each type from classification of aktsentuation of character exist the “place of the smallest resistance“ - intolerance of a certain situation, getting to which, the person who is on the upper bound of norm feels strong psychological discomfort. Subsequently from this pathology can be created.

In forces of people around to notice such moment and to help the person to cope with it. It is necessary to understand only to what type of aktsentuation it is inclined.

1. Gipertimny type (from “òèìóñ“ - “emotions“). At the person a high vitality, it always stays in the increased mood, active, sociable, bright. The aspiration to leadership is strongly expressed, easily shows both positive, and negative emotions.

When the gipertimny type approaches pathology, qualities are transformed. Activity performed by affairs becomes dispersion, non-performance of nothing up to the end. Sociability develops into excessive ease of setting of communications, persistence. The attitude towards morals becomes devil-may-care, such people seek to try everything on themselves. Often it leads to hit in criminal structures. At teenage age furiously defend the independence.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: observance of regulations, loneliness, dezinformirovannost.

2. Cycloid type. the Type inclined to differences of mood which are characterized by a long current (can be in one mood of people week, month, several months). Generally the state fluctuates on amplitude “recession - norm - recession“, is much more rare: “raising of mood - norm“. Very often fluctuations are attached to seasons. Recession of mood bears in itself excessive criticality, strong concentration on the shortcomings.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: radical refraction of vital stereotypes; moving; novelty.

3. Emotionally - labile type (emotional instability). Are characterized by big mood swings within one day in insignificant occasions. Depth of experiences, as a rule, does not correspond to irritant force (for example, unruly pleasure upon purchase of a desirable roll or strong sobbings from - for the broken pencil).

“Place of the smallest resistance“: when losing contacts with the loved one of experience also more painful are deeper, than at other people.

4. Schizoid type. the people Closed, discharged, strongly exhausted at social contacts. They badly feel public norms, preferring to live in the world. By people around are perceived as odd fellows.

Such people have very much a rich inner world where they compensate for themselves the social awkwardness. Usually it is the world of formulas, schemes, imaginations. In their emotional background both coldness, and warmth is combined. The casual fellow traveler can expect unexpected actions from them, for example, a full exposure of soul in the train. Since early years the child of this kind will prefer games alone.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: need to come into contacts with people around; invasion and inquiries of strangers about their inner world, thoughts.

5. Epileptoidny type. Is the heaviest for interaction. They accumulate in themselves negative emotions, and then “blow up“ in an insignificant occasion. Manifestation of emotions by people of this kind happens on the “boiler nakipaniye“ type - they cannot long calm down. Can be physically aggressive.

On character they are ambitious, vain, hypochondriac; the desire to dominate and suppress is shown. Characteristic feature - the flattering and servile relation to higher and despotic to subordinate. Are very accurate, and even at children`s age love an order. Are inclined to moneymaking.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: infringement of moral and, especially, substantive laws.

6. Senzitivny type (sensitive). it is most brightly shown in 16 - 17 years. It is vulnerability, an impressionability, the implanted feeling of inferiority, the lowered self-assessment. Very much are afraid to come under the spotlight.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: negative assessment of people around.

7. Isteroidny type. Requirement to cause admiration in people around, immaturity, infantility. Emotions are superficial, but are expressed brightly and theatrically. The intuition is well developed thanks to what feel how it is necessary to behave with this or that person. Like to compose about themselves stories which were not, at the same time sincerely trust in them.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: indifference, disinterest of people around.

8. Psikhastenichesky type. Cogitative, rational performers. Are inclined to considering, painful introspection. Seek to find work where everything is accurately regulated. Hardly make decisions, but if accepted - impulsively and it expedite. About such people say that they are “correct“.

“Place of the smallest resistance“: a novelty situation, cardinal changes in life.

If you feel that the person who is a row is inclined to continuous manifestation of any qualities from listed, show consideration for its “Achilles` heel“. If it is impossible to avoid hit in a difficult situation, it is necessary to make so that it as it is possible concerned it more softly.

It is necessary to show the maximum care, attention, to explain that you perfectly understand it. If he feels support from people dear to it, then will transfer any vital difficulties much easier.