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Character accentuation: what is the extreme border of norm dangerous by?

concept of norm have Presently very indistinct character. The person is in continuous adaptation to vital conditions, confrontation with people around, establishing communications with necessary people. At such mad rhythm all protective processes of an organism become more active.

Therefore not incidentally today even more often speak about character accentuation. This term was entered by the German scientist - the psychotherapist Karl Leongard. Accentuation is a manifestation of extreme border of norm. At favorable combination of circumstances the condition of the person will fall to norm. At adverse - there is a risk of its transformation to pathology.

Accentuation are only the soil for development of neurotic, psychopathic pathologies. At aktsentuirovanny people danger of nervous breakdowns increases.

Relying on works of outstanding scientists, the Russian physician, professor of Psychoneurological institute of Bekhterev A. E. Pm created the classification of types of aktsentuation of character. It was developed taking into account features of mentality of the Russian inhabitants. Also for each type “the place of the smallest resistance“, “Achilles` heel“ - an intolerable situation with which it is difficult to cope to the aktsentuirovanny person was revealed.

Especially brightly “the extreme border of norm“ is shown at children`s and teenage age. Then it is possible to notice it and not to allow to develop into pathology. For this purpose parents need to look narrowly attentively at the child, fixing highlights : as he behaves with peers whether he is able to give vent to emotions and to control them in what its interests are expressed whether there is no cycling of any trait of character.

When studying classification of types of aktsentuation can seem that you, to the child or people around suit everything. It is normal. Perhaps, yesterday you had strong differences of mood, today there was a wish to be the focus of attention, and tomorrow you “will hang“ at the solution of an elementary task. It happens at all, depending on a physical and emotional state.

It is necessary to secure itself against excessive self-diagnostics and biased diagnostics of the relatives. You do not hurry to make yourself the diagnosis “accentuation“ and to worry or rejoice about it. Always consider influence of a situation and surrounding people.

In what case it is possible to speak about accentuation? Only in if one of traits of character or temperament gains excessive expressiveness eventually, begins to be evident strongly. The personality at the same time becomes obviously unusual to the people surrounding her. At the same time development of intelligence has no value.

Serious approach to the psychological state, to a condition of the family, especially children, can solve many problems connected with communication, misunderstanding, critical evaluations of people around. In time the noticed features of character and temperament will help to choose the correct way of life, the direction of future activity which performance will bring feeling of deep satisfaction and pride of the progress.