Rus Articles Journal

Love to all live. Why many of us ceased to test it?

of the Mountain... Stately and unapproachable. The tops leaving in boundless, pure, such on - maiden the gentle sky... The fresh, stupefying the sweet air... Indescribable beauty of the nature. As there is a wish to live in harmony with this world! To breathe fresh clean air, being filled with its energy, to admire magnificence of the nature, its surprising charm...
the Picture is replaced. And here we see the megalopolis. The world similar to the huge fussing ant hill. Movement, run, chaos. Two sides of the same reality. Everything is in our world: paradise and hell, pleasure and pain, laughter and tears, mercy and cruelty. Everything exists at the same time. And only the person chooses that is closer to him. It is necessary only just to stop. To take a step from ant hill and to take a detached view of it. Then the feeling of understanding joins. The person reflects who is he is and why he here. It occurs seldom. At someone it does not happen at all. Because well them, these thoughts. And crazy it is short to go. We live as is. As all. We run to have a bite fast - foot, we order to ourselves pizza, we go to giperemarketa, we watch brands, novelties of fashion and electronics. Behind news on a TV screen.
A sometimes so wants will return to sources. To return to itself. To live in purity. To admire risings and declines, to feel the unity with the world, with the nature.
Earth live. We trample down everything and we trample down it, we use its resources. And what we give it in exchange? The sit-round gathering of garbage, outdoors with the mountain, and empty bottles thrown into it stubs? We, unfortunately, do not notice how we leave from eternity sources, we ruin what gives us life.
Of course, in our century is very difficult to refuse all benefits of a civilization and to join defenders of the nature. Nobody urges you to give up the work and to go in for agriculture, to become farmers or combine operators. But it is possible to be more sensitive in relation to all live. It is possible and is necessary to fight for clean air, for clear water, for beauty of this house in which all of us live.

I Love life in its variety,
In its flowers, in its breath, in sounds,
In its originality, the imagination
I in her pleasures, and even tormently.
I Love it in declines and dawn,
In all live that breathes and grows,
Ya in defeats I love it, in victories,
Ya I love everything that it gives me!
Love life! She is unique!