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What to do with the girl if she ignores you?

Young and yet not skilled. Still ahead. The first relations with the girl, especially at the beginning of development - as good luck. That is it, it was also not. Each of partners draws the conclusion in the relations. The unsuccessful step is experience too!
Already made the first appointment, worried the whole day, waited for it and managed to make the first impressions on your darling. Well, apparently, everything will be good, and look forward to continuation and development of the relations. You call, you try to appoint meeting, you invent any occasions, but your new girlfriend is for some reason cold to you and to your offers, tries to avoid you, thinks out any reasons. And you by all means want to learn - why so it happened what made not and why the girl ignores you?

What to do if the girl ignores you:
At first does not need to be said at once that you invite it to appointment. To find an occasion to invite her for the company with friends, let there will be also girls. It will give trust that your friends will not mock at it. that friends at you good. It is necessary to cause trust, to convince her that you do not call with good intentions, to intrigue her.

Your signs of attention.
If managed to invite to appointment and it occurs at the very beginning of acquaintance to the girl, even after the first meeting, it does not speak about anything. It has on that the reasons. You should not recede and say that “all women of the silly woman“. It is a game element, she plays the game “cat and mouse“, and here who plays the game - it is to solve to you. Treat as game, it did not turn out to pass, try again, with other girl and with other approach to game, it is more than strengthenings and activity. There is such category of girls - they will check, how strongly you are interested how it is necessary to you and what you are ready to go to win. In total in your hands, be strong and be not upset, perhaps she is not worthy to be you. Will be better, just you did not find it.

But - nevertheless, such girls well know the own worth and will not spend the time for acquaintances and appointments. Therefore if you felt interest and sympathy from the girl - pass these tests with advantage, understand and prove to it that you - are worthy to be with it that you are a male. It is worth it. You hold such girl more strong and do not miss, you give her emotions.

What to do if the girl ignores you after the long relations:
Here you need to understand the reasons why it avoids you. But the first is most likely, you something offended her. And she for some reason did not solve necessary to report about it, is offended on you and thus shows the character that you appreciated it, reckoned with it. Understand - what you, perhaps, were wrong, analyse what you made not so? If you do not manage to find the answer - there is exit: have patience and bravery and directly ask your girl.

Ask forgiveness, and still, ask it and whether she precisely - knows how to behave and what to do that the husband loved? If you did not do the offer up to this point yet - believe, such words will have effect of a nuclear bomb.