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Dumb animals …

of Musk

As long as I could remember, at us always lived in a family some animals. And not because my relatives felt to them some special love, just like that it turned out. The first memories of the animals living at us remained in my memory since then when I was a five-year-old girl. Our country then rose from ruin after war with fascists therefore, as well as most of the population, we lived is rather poor and is very close. In our wooden two-storeyed house built long before revolution there were eight rooms inhabited by numerous families. Our family consisting of five people also lived in one of them. In the house there were no conveniences: neither gas, nor water, nor a central heating - in each room there were “tolstopuzy“ furnaces puffing in a winter icy cold intolerable heat. Furnaces served not only for heating, on them cooked also food.
Around the house lay the small kitchen gardens giving us in that hungry time a powerful additive of products to a dining table. Both adults, and children since early spring worked on them that by fall to prepare both salty cucumbers, and sauerkraut, and carrot with potato. All these preparations for the winter carefully kept within in “fell“, arranged under a wooden floor of the first floor of the house. But with cold weather approach of a mouse and rat from vicinities the whole hordes directed in ours “fell“ in hope to profit edibles, and only cats could rescue our harvest from these gluttonous creatures. Therefore in each family there lived the representative of the cat`s tribe.
Requirements to cats were imposed in our house special. In - the first, they surely have to be “krysolovka“. Because any cat can catch a mouse, but only very courageous and strong animals are capable win a victory in fight against rats. In - the second, cats have to be “soloshchy“ - not choosy in food. It now for them various forages are on sale in shops, and at the time of my childhood of animals fed with what was eaten by owners - Russian cabbage soup, with the soup, potato which are often made not on meat, and on vegetable oil. In - the third, cats have to be “conscientious“ - not to beg at a dining table, and especially not to steal food. The attitude towards cats in families was, as to serious assistants therefore on their external data - beauty of a color, length of a hair special attention was not paid. Sometimes, some zamurzanny cat of Vask who lost a half of an ear and an eye in a fight with tribespeople was the true pride of owners only for the reason that was an unsurpassed rat catcher.
Then appeared in our family of Musk. - appeared because nobody knows from where it undertook … In one of usual winter days the grandmother kindled the furnace, and it for some reason mercilessly smoked. To expel from the room the smoke was necessary to open a window leaf - the cat jumped into this moment from the street on a window sill. The frozen animal, joyfully purring, jumped up to the grandmother and it became diligent to rub a head about her legs, probably thanks to it unusually for a warm shelter. The grandmother was struck dumb from surprise, but, having made out the uninvited guest is closer, was surprised with her beauty. The cat really was a beauty - very large, shaggy “three-flower“ with a long fluffy tail and huge green eyes. Its muzzle, a breast and paws were white, ears and a back black, and sides - in fancy is bright - red stains. On a white forehead of a cat an accurate small letter of “M“ the black hair puffed up, probably, therefore the grandmother suddenly addressed a cat:
- You are Muska?
the Cat as if agreeing - mewed in reply.
- is clear … And from where you undertook? the Cat mewed
, then more and more again time as if trying to inform of the intelligible answer the grandmother.
- is not clear … - the grandmother thoughtfully said - Well, we will look, your owner can itself will appear? It is sick you well-groomed - on homeless it is not similar … Having poured
to a cat to a saucer of Russian cabbage soup the grandmother hasty returned to the smoking oven and continued to go about the own business, from time to time keeping saying:
- is wonderful! Here it is wonderful - that! Muska …
Meanwhile a cat, having licked a saucer to gloss after tasty Russian cabbage soup, began to look for the vacation spot. After short searches she for some reason chose for this purpose the top shelf of the whatnot with books where there was a moneybox in the form of a cat full-scale. Near this moneybox, having been curtailed “ball“, Muska also settled to sleep. In the evening when all family gathered at supper, the grandmother told a story of appearance of the uninvited guest in our room. Then it was decided to leave a cat at us until there are her real owners. But there passed week, another, the third, and owners did not appear...
During this time Muska proved to be in the best way. Besides that the cat met all standard requirements in our house - was krysolovky, soloshchy and very conscientious, she differed in surprisingly appeasable temper. How many we with the brother would not exasperate her - was never scratched, only tenderly purred. In the afternoon, mostly the cat sat not movably on a window sill, thoughtfully surveying an unwinking gaze of green eyes a snow-covered landscape behind a window, or slept on the favourite place about a cat - a moneybox. Closer by the night it left on hunting in “fell“, and there was no such case that returned without hunting trophies from there. Every morning at doors of our room “gostinchik“ for us - the rat strangled by Muska lay! Cat`s “gostinchik“ quite often found at the doors and our neighbors therefore Muska soon became the general favourite. Among tribespeople the cat held a final authority too - despite soft temper, she never gave to descent to the offenders and the most cocky cats looked for her favor.
Passed time … Somehow till fall arrived to us on a visit from the village of Bogorodskoye that near Tula, the younger brother of the grandmother - the grandfather Ivan. The former veteran - huge growth with a violent red head of hear fell in love with our clear head a cat at once.
- Maria! Present me the treasure! See I - red and it - red. One we fields of berry! I have in Bogorodskoye the house, a garden, a kitchen garden - Muske there freely will be! - he began to ask the grandmother. the grandmother did not want to give to
Muska and unless you will refuse to the beloved brother? So the grandfather Ivan took away our favourite to himself - for three hundred kilometers from our settlement of Bolshevo Situated near Moscow. And in a month we received from the grandfather the letter in which he sadly told us that his beloved Muska was gone … It bypassed, searching for it, all village - yes everything is vain! … The grandmother after this letter very much abused herself for the fact that she gave in on arrangements of the brother and gave it a cat, however do not turn back made. All of us missed Muska strongly, but did not want to get a new cat - unless such as it you will find?...
… There came the spring, but on the street was still cold - around dirt alternately with the snow … We sit on Sunday all family at supper and suddenly we hear in a window someone is scraped. Mother washing a window leaf opened, and in it absolutely unimaginable being - lean, with bare, dirty wool with great difficulty crept. Was tired privalivshis in window cover, it stared at us green eyes and poorly mewed.
- Muska?! - mother was surprised.
- Musenka?... - staring in disbelief, the grandmother whispered.
- Muska!!! - we shouted joyfully with the brother.
Of course, a dinner was forgotten - right there all jumped out from - for a table and directed to our favourite! And she sat on a window sill so exhausted, thin and pathetic what it was possible to recognize in it the former beauty - a cat only by her huge green eyes.
At once began something unimaginable: someone ran to ask to neighbors on credit milk for a cat, someone prepared a basin for her washing, someone dragged water … In a few minutes Muska in fluffy soapsuds washed in a basin under tender hands of the grandmother, mother poured from a jug on a cat warm water, and we with the brother stood near a big soft rag that after this necessary procedure it is good to dry up it. As well as most of fellows, Muska did not love water procedures, but obediently sat in a basin, probably, because on resistance she just had no forces. After washing the cat was given to drink warm milk and put to bed on her favourite place - on the whatnot about a cat - a moneybox.
Long recovered Muska after a heavy way home, for half a year our traveler had to pass known only to it tracks - more than three hundred kilometers! And she traveled to autumn and winter bad weather. Where the cat found to herself livelihood? In the winter of a mouse and rat hide in warm holes. Where took cover in bitter winter colds? How could avoid a set of other dangers met on the way? It is necessary only to be perplexed …
However a month later Muska found the former look again - recovered and her hair became fluffy and brilliant again. Each of us strove to indulge it - once again to caress, or to treat with something tasty - the cat just enjoyed our love!. But it is necessary to pay to Muske tribute, despite our overindulgence, it always remained very conscientious and hardworking. The grandmother often spoke to her: “Clear head my good! Forgive you me! More I will give you to nobody!“, and Muska attentively looked at the grandmother kind, wise eyes and quietly purred as if trying to tell: “Well, anything! To whom does not happen …“


After the well-known travel of Muski from Bogoroditsky in Bolshevo there passed several years - by then I already went to school. Once, having come back home after lessons I did not see a cat on her habitual place - about a cat - a moneybox. I see, the grandmother at an oven potters with a mysterious look, but tells nothing. And such “mysterious“ it always was when prepared for us some surprise. Having put a portfolio under a hanger, and having taken off a coat, I approached the grandmother to kiss her on a cheek.
- As achievements in school? - the grandmother asked, having stroked me on the head.
- Everything is good, grannies! The five on reading! - I answered, interrogatively looking at it and thinking about itself: “Well, tell rather what surprise you prepared for us?“. And as if in response to my thoughts the grandmother said with a smile:
- And we have a replenishment …
- What replenishment? - I did not understand.
- At Muska kittens were born!
I will Not describe the pleasure. I will tell only that during all the time that the cat lived at us, she never had kittens. Perhaps, so she was influenced by its heavy travel, or perhaps there was some other reason - do not know, but we already considered by then that Muska will never be able to be a mother. And here on you - it has kittens!
- Babulechka, and where they? Let`s look! - I clung to the grandmother.
- Until at kittens open eyes, the cat with kittens cannot be disturbed! - the grandmother began to explain to me.
- Babulechka, dear! Let`s look, can eyes at them already opened? - I poor-mouthed.
- Yes that you! Eyes at kittens open only in two weeks! - the grandmother continued to beat off me.
- Through two not - d - e - l - and? - I was terrified. - How so? The whole two weeks I will not be able to see Muskiny children?
so dumbfounded Me the answer of the grandmother that tears scattered from eyes. Struck by my despair, the grandmother crawfished, and agreed to show me our “replenishment“, but on condition that I and a finger will not touch kittens. From - under beds it put forward a big cardboard box and to my eyes the strange picture opened. At the bottom of a box, covered with soft rags, it is proud Muska lay, and on her white fluffy stomach three small unattractive creations a little similar to infant rats settled down. They were pink and almost bald, on each side large heads unsightly rags of ears are pasted, and they had no eyes at all. To small little bodies, the thin sprouts similar to pads fastened.
- That it, oh? - scaredly I whispered.
- Kittens! - the grandmother told and burst out laughing.
- And why they are such ugly?
- Because - absolutely remains. Wait, in two weeks such laponk will be! - the grandmother calmed me and pushed a box back.
I, truth! In two weeks of kittens was not to learn - they turned into fluffy lumps with blue eyes. The grandmother explained that she blue is a “dairy“ color of eyes and when kittens grow up and will cease to suck mother`s milk, eyes will become at them other color. In a week kittens already independently got out of a box and with great pleasure tried Russian cabbage soup from the Muskiny saucer, and careful mummy watched closely each step of kittens and in turn licked them the rough uvula. Muskino`s
posterity consisted of the kitty very similar to Muska on coloring and a wooliness, and two cats. One of cats was very fluffy and elegant too - on a back and sides black “syurtuchok“, and paws, a breast and a stomach in white “shirt“. And other cat turned out unattractive - sleek-haired, with blankly - the gray spots which are carelessly scattered on his white skin. In inheritance from mother`s beauty it got only huge green eyes. Despite unattractiveness, this kitten strikingly differed from the others in the sizes - he was one and a half times larger than them and is much stronger. We called it - Grey.
two kittens from us were taken away Soon by neighbors, and for the Grey owner was not - here and it was necessary to leave it to live at us together with Muska. He grew up in a huge strong cat and from mother took all her best qualities. Half a year more to it was not, and growth he shot up already about Muska and it began to take the son with itself in “fell“ on rat hunting. By a year Grey overtook growth mother on the whole head, zamateret and became the first rat catcher in all the district! But at the same time remained always obedient and kind - the clear head, but not a cat! Unlike mother who was a stay-at-home Grey to the cold weather vanished for days on end on the street - the benefit was expanse for hunting around! Will run home, will eat a pan of Russian cabbage soup and again for a window. Of course, in a winter icy cold liked to have a sleep in the afternoon on a low small bench at an oven, but as soon as the first thaw behind a window rings out - it you will not see the house again. The grandmother could not rejoice on our pets!
But happened once such case. Business was in July - the most garden time! Tomatoes on beds begin to be poured by pink sides, the radish kept up and the crackling cucumbers from a kitchen garden on our dining table for a long time. Every evening the grandmother brings together them, part - on a table, and other part - in salting. The summer feeds all winter! Everything went well, but there was an ill luck: the grandmother once again went for cucumbers on a kitchen garden, began to look for them under sheets and sees - absolutely small cucumbers, of the size of a little finger, someone obgryz. Hang on small stalks of a half of tiny cucumbers … Having examined a bed, the grandmother counted such halves more than two tens and became angry - well the whole cucumbers would tear, but why young fruits to spoil! She decided to track down then the hooligan. Only whom it is not clear to track down - whether children behave outrageously, whether - some bird flew? …
the grandmother did not take eyes Three days from a kitchen garden - each hour ran there! But nobody except Grey, languished under a crimson bush, saw. And “cucumber hooliganism“ everything continues - old halves of cucumbers dry up and are showered, and nearby new appear. She complained to us of the trouble, and my mother take and joke:
- Is visible Grey your cucumbers subsists!
Laughed everything, but the grandmother everything is decided to track a cat. In the evening, she as usual came to a kitchen garden and collected mature cucumbers in a bowl, however home did not go, and remained to weed a bed with tomatoes. By then the sun sat down, the cool went down around. The grandmother sees - Grey woke up and from - under crimson a bush went straight to a bed with cucumbers! One paw the leaf unbent, other paw to the earth pressed it and began - to look narrowly at cucumbers which under this leaf grew. One will smell, another. A big cucumber cat`s teeth ugryzt it is difficult therefore chose Grey small - bit off a half and with appetite began to chew it. And before this cucumber pleased it that the cat even narrowed eyes from pleasure! And at this time the cucumber leaf from - under his paws was turned out and itself closed the remained half of a tasty cucumber. Nothing remained to a cat as soon as to be accepted to searches of other cucumber. And the situation repeated - one paw the cat unbent a new leaf, other paw to the earth pressed it and began to look narrowly at cucumbers …
the Grandmother who watched all this time its actions, did not sustain.
- Ah, you are a shameless person!... - she cried and let`s scold a cat violently.
A Grey does not leave, only bent the broad-browed head and frowningly the green eyes looks at the grandmother. And in eyes the offense and misunderstanding stiffened - feels that was guilty, and of what his fault - does not know. Here the grandmother tempered justice with mercy and ceased to abuse Grey - it did not know that cucumbers from a bed cannot be taken. Bed - same not a master`s dining table where it on the cat`s conscientiousness never got into lives.
Was sorry for the grandmother of a cat and, having broken the most appetizing cucumber, she postrugat it on small pieces and before Grey on a grass put.
- Eat my good, it is not a pity! I to you still will cut, only you do not ruin more bed! What here you will do if you are such fan of cucumbers? - the grandmother told, having stroked a cat. Having seen
that the hostess forgave it, the cat calmed down and with appetite was accepted to an entertainment. From this day the grandmother always left the cut cucumbers for a cat in a saucer about a bed and “cucumber hooliganisms“ any more any more never repeated.
Grey and Muska lived in our family for many years - till their cat`s old age and all this time were for us the most faithful and kind assistants.


Kot Buska appeared in our family when I went to the tenth class. Somehow coming back in the evening from school, home through dark court yard, I heard loud miaow. There was a late fall, darkened early, drizzled a small cold rain therefore to see from where cat`s cries reached, it was impossible. Having turned off road, I went at random towards a voice and rested against an old willow - miaow reached from a crown.
- the Cat, get down! - I demanded. Cries abated, and I heard the coming sound of the cat`s claws clinging to tree bark - the animal went down to me. It suspended the movement at the level of my person and right there two eyes burning in the dark with golden fire stared at me. However to make out to whom these eyes belong, I for some reason could not - it seemed that on a trunk of an old tree they lead independent life! The impression was horrible, but, having shaken catalepsy, I gave a hand in the direction of these eyes and it rested against something wet and very small.
- the Kitten? - I was surprised, - And shouted so that the adult cat would envy!
- Mya - at - at - to an uu! - again the kitten in shout choked.
- What you wet - probably, was chilled to bones? - I asked it.
- Meow! - having sadly sobbed, he confirmed my assumption.
could not be Done, it was necessary to take the shouter home, not to leave it during such bad weather on a certain death. Having seized my hand with all the cat`s puny strength, the kitten zamurlykat and throughout all way did not make any attempt to weaken the grasp. So I also entered the house - with tightly clung to my hand a being. Together with house I began to consider the foundling, and at last understood why I so long could not make out him in the dark. The kitten was absolutely black - any hint though on some light speck! It was the size about a palm, and from - for very fluffy wool was looked by a round lump from which as if huge beads looked eyes yantarno - yellow color.
- What beautiful Busik! - with astonishment the grandmother told, and it became clear to me that the kitten will live from now on at us.
of the Foundling washed, and, having fed with milk, laid in a box from - under footwear about a warm oven. Did not pass also minutes as he fell asleep a carefree dream, having understood that at last the house found.
So far Buska grew, his major activities were - food, a dream and game. It could play with anything - with a grandmother`s ball for knitting, with the buzzing fly creeping on a windowpane, with the piece of paper attached on a thread … Representing itself the real predator, he funny curved a back and having pressed ears to round Golovinka rushed on “game“ with all the kotenochy speed …
- the Serious hunter grows! - the grandmother laughed on its tricks.
Came summer … Buska grew up and his childish sports were replaced by the real passion to hunting for rats, he did not disdain and mice. At night the cat left on hunting in “fell“ our house, and, having returned in the morning, long slept off in the box about an oven. In the late afternoon he woke up and, having eaten soup, began to listen watchfully to something, then at some moment suddenly darted off and quickly jumped out in a window leaf on the street.
- Mother from work all right! - said then the grandmother.
I is valid, minutes through fifteen there was mother, and near her is proud happy Buska paced. How he guessed what the mother`s bus approaches a stop? For us it always remained a riddle especially as there came mother home always at different times. But the fact remains - at the time of arrival of the bus, the cat already sat on a thick branch of the sprawling linden growing over the bus-stop and attentively examined the passengers who are going out of the bus. Having caught sight of mother, he quickly jumped off from a tree and efficiently accompanied her home. Buska had also other strangenesses …
Forty years ago in our settlement of Bolshevo for bulk of the population to have own apartment from a bathroom was in wonder therefore once a week all went to wash to a bath. In the summer with washing the small river rescued - after hot day residents of the settlement the whole families went with towels in hands on Klyazma to bathe. Summer evening bathings were loved also in our family - when the sun fell for the horizon, having taken towels, we all family went to the small river. From our house to a swimming bath there were at most meters two hundred ways. At first to pass a little kitchen gardens, then to pass on wooden a Moscow point through a small bog - and already legs go into a soft dewy grass of a big meadow which is bent around the course by the river. And then - whole half an hour of pleasure in a quiet cool voditsa …
the Evening campaign on the small river was pleasure not only for us, but also for Buski. Where it would not be on the cat`s affairs, once we took towels, the cat was already here and having raised a tail “pipe“, headed our procession. On a meadow, Buska at first was entirely given to the hobby - catching tiny, of the size of a nail, young frogs who in a set “shot“ from a green meadow grass about a bog. Of course, he hunted not for food, and simply to check the cat`s dexterity. But to catch jumpers on the fly very complex challenge, and the charter quickly, Buska settled ashore, attentively observing as we swim.
Once I for the sake of a joke called it:
- Buska! Well, what seated! Float to us!
I suddenly a cat as if long ago expected this invitation, rose from the place and approached a water edge. Then took a step to water, still a step - and without any confusion floated to me! It floated, having widely spread wide fingers on pads, a wheel a long tail, ridiculously a toporshcha moustaches and a little pofyrkivy from the water getting into a nose. And I, both mother, and the grandmother, with bated breath, watched a cat - interestingly as far as he will be enough courage? And Buska, having reached me, slowed down on the place, quickly - quickly touching pads.
- Well, you are Buska, the hero! - I admired and, having taken a cat on hands, washed him ashore.
ashore, a cat was several times stirred up, and indifferently, took seat to lick the hair. Since then summer evening bathings of steel for Buska usual thing. Ritual of bathing was fulfilled to trifles. Nabegavshis for young frogs, the cat grandly took seat ashore, expecting the invitation. Also someone from us should have shouted: “Buska! What seated? Go to us!“, as the cat readily went to water. Having reached me, he stopped on the place, and quickly - quickly touching pads, waited until I wash it ashore. Thanks to the unusual addiction to Busk`s swimming soon became local sight. Came to look at its evening bathings on the small river not only our neighbors, but also children from the neighboring houses.
… There passed two years. By then I already studied on an evening department of teacher training college therefore I home came late enough. Once in the middle of September, having arrived home after institute occupations, I found the grandmother in tears.
- What happened? - I was frightened.
- Buska dies! - the grandmother told, and tears Grad swept on her cheeks.
I here I saw that the cat lies on a sofa, but not on the habitual place - in a shoe box about an oven.
- Buska! - quietly I called him - the cat did not react to my voice in any way.
- He does not answer … The whole day lies as the dead also does not answer! I at first thought that he just sleeps, and did not disturb him, and then I look day passed, and he as so never laid down sideways, and did not turn. Then I zatrevozhitsya, began to awake him, and he does not respond! - sadly the grandmother told.
Ya touched Buska - he was soft and warm. Having taken on hands I slightly stirred up it, but the cat did not react in any way, and hung in my hands as an empty fur skin.
- What it with it? - I was surprised.
- Probably, it I am guilty! - the grandmother told grievously and began to tell me about the reason of an illness, the struck our favourite.
A business was so. As all elderly people, my grandmother had sleeplessness therefore the doctor prescribed it for the night to accept pills which part sleeping medicines and a valerian were. These pills were stored in a small glass bubble with the ground-in plastic lid. On forgetfulness the grandmother left this bubble on a bedside table and went to shop. Having come back home, she found a bubble on a floor broken, and pills rolled nearby. Having decided that the bubble incidentally rolled down on a floor, the grandmother swept simply away everything that from it remained in a garbage can. But then, when saw that to Buska there is something wrong, she understood that he brushed away a bubble on a floor and “regaled“ on pills from which smelled of a valerian. If pills supported only her - that would occur nothing terrible, but, unfortunately, there also sleeping pill still contained!
- And how many pills he ate? - I asked.
- Yes who knows it? - the grandmother answered. - But anyway for it there is a lot of because the doctor prescribed me for the night to accept only on one pilyulka.
- Well! The reason is known - it is already good! Means, we know what he needs to be treated for! - I consoled the grandmother.
- And what we will do? - she asked with hope.
- it needs to wash out a stomach! - I told surely, actually strongly doubting correctness of the decision. But what I needed to do? The grandmother worries, and the only at that time veterinary clinic in the city was already closed - time - that later.
- And I heard that from any poisons milk helps! - the grandmother cheered up, - Yes as in Buska to pour in it?
- the Reasonable question! But, we will think up something! - I supported her. I will not tell
about how we tried to carry out conceived - the main thing that after our long drudgeries the cat, at last, opened muddy eyes and hoarsely mewed.
- Now it is impossible to allow to it to fall into hibernation again! - I told, - Buske needs to move that poison came out an organism rather.
- Ugu!... - the grandmother answered with doubt, trying to put a cat on legs, but it right there fell as knocked down and rolled up eyes.
- Anything! Now we will think up something! - I continued with optimism.
After short thoughts, I took a dense square rag and cut through in it four openings. Having passed throughout them paws of a cat, I fixed edges of a rag on his back - something turned out like a telogreechka. Then I tied to it strong handles from a rope, and the cat appeared in a peculiar cradle, but his legs were free and at desire could move. The grandmother with interest watched my actions and when I took a cradle from Buskaya for handles and went to a door, asked me: “You where?“.
- I Will go, I will take a walk with a cat - in the fresh air he will recover quicker! - I answered and went to walk.
At first change of a situation on a cat did not make any impression - it lay in the cradle with lifelessly hung head and the dangling paws. But soon fresh air made the business - the little body of a cat strained, the head adopted the normal provision on a neck and it began to touch gradually pads in a step to my steps. Having felt on a right way, I with pleasure was given to walk on autumn evening court yard. We walked with a cat long - hour three, but not for nothing - back home Buska went though reeling, but already without the aid of a cradle. For about a week the cat was sluggish and almost did not move, but soon his organism coped with an indisposition and he started the cat`s responsibilities again. The grandmother`s pleasure was not the end! And I was happy that our favourite got out of this bad story.
Unfortunately, a year later after these events, Busk was gone and his future is not known.

A young daw

In the seventies in Bolshevo on the place of old wooden houses active construction of five-storey buildings was developed - happy new settlers drove to new light apartments. Housewarming concerned also my family. In the beginning our room was left by my brother with his mother, and soon and the grandmother together with my mother received the small one-room apartment in five minutes of walking from our old house. And only I remained to live on the former place. By then I already graduated from institute and worked as the teacher in Moscow. Coming from work late at night, I surely ran to the new apartment to the grandmother where it fed me with a dinner and told all news which collected in a day. Then I went home to sleep off to myself, and in the morning again went to Moscow for work. At that time I had the first experience of close communication with feathery pets.
A began all so. One night, I as usual, ran to the grandmother and suddenly I see in a hall corner, on the newspaper millet is filled, and the saucer stands water near. I was surprised, the grandmother had no animals.
- Grannies! What it at you? - I asked.
- Oh! Yes it is Oleg to me “present“ brought! Just with this “present“ to do to me, I will not apply mind? - perplexed the grandmother complained and told such story. Her great-grandson Oleg studied in the first grade of May Day school near which the beautiful birch avenue was landed. This avenue was chosen for the gnezdovya by pack of daws. On the street there was an end of May, and a galochya baby birds under the leadership of adult birds already “became on a wing“. For one of baby birds the first flight experience ended unsuccessfully - he got confused in the wire lying in a corner of a fence and injured to himself a wing. Oleg regretted a baby bird and brought it to the grandmother “on treatment“. The boy because at it in the house there lived a cat and a dog for whom the defenseless baby bird could become desired production could not take away a young daw to himself. The grandmother by kindness sincere could not release a baby bird on the street, but also it had no experience of communication with wild birds in house conditions too. The confusion of the grandmother was also explained by it.
- And where your new treasure? - I asked, inspecting the apartment.
- Yes it - in a valenok sits! - the grandmother in a hall corner where there were its favourite warm valenoks with the cut-off tops nodded. In old age the grandmother often suffered from an ache in legs, and valenoks rescued it from this illness. Having approached closer, I saw in one of them a small round head, on each side which two round gray eyes were placed. These eyes watchfully stared at me!
- And why you put it there? - I was surprised.
- Yes who put it there? He got! As soon as Oleg entered a door and took out him from - for bosoms to show me, the chickabiddy jumped out of his hands - yes straight in my valenok! The whole day and stayed there - neither eats, nor drinks, only stares! And what with it to do - I will not apply mind? - the grandmother was indignant. - do not endure
! In total as - nibud will settle! - I tried to calm her, but felt that my words not really - that encouraged the grandmother. However time was later and having hastily had supper, I hurried to myself home
the next evening when I appeared at the grandmother again, the mood at it was already best of all.
- Well, how are you, grannies? - I took an interest.
- also I do not know. But today my disabled person behaves more cheerfully. Woke up in the morning, I look, and millet - that he pecked and all drank water. Sits in a valenok and eyes on me zyrkat. I to it still filled millet and a little bit a small egg crumbled, so he was accepted to food at once, then got into a valenok again and now sleeps.
But not here - that was! Once I passed with the grandmother on kitchen and to be accepted to a dinner, on a threshold the young daw appeared! He got up, having widely placed gray sharp-clawed legs, rocking a little and absolutely fearlessly staring at us round eyes. The young daw was the size almost about an adult bird, but some teenage angularity and the remains of gray down about yellow corners of a beak, indicated that all this is a baby bird. One wing at a young daw was accurately pressed to a back, and another was clumsily dragged by the end on a floor.
- Oh, you! Here he is a hero! - the grandmother whispered to me, being afraid to frighten off a bird.
But a young daw also did not think to be afraid. Having a little more rocked on legs, he took a step, then another as if estimating a linoleum covering of a floor, and then quickly prikovylyal to a grandmother`s leg and settled on her slipper, innocently blinking round eyes.
- You only look - and is not afraid of us at all! - the grandmother was surprised.
Fear at a baby bird really absolutely was absent also the only thing that expressed all its look - it is genuine interest in everything that surrounded it. Funny twisting a head, the young daw at first frayed the beak the pompon on grandmother`s to a slipper, then for some reason knocked with a beak on a chair leg, and after that is efficient pokovylyal on the place in a hall. Having laughed at a baby bird, we left the grandmother.
Went time. The young daw grew up and felt at the grandmother quite comfortably, we were disturbed only by his sore wing. However the veterinarian told that the wing at good leaving shortly will surely grow together, and we calmed down. Every day, running to the grandmother, I watched young daw tricks. I do not know why, but the baby bird became attached to the grandmother so strongly that the whole day followed her on the apartment close. The grandmother goes ahead, and behind - in a step from her the young daw diligently hobbles. Perhaps it took it for the mother, is scientifically proved - if instead of chicken to lodge a goose in pack of little chickens, then baby birds readily take it for the mother, and obediently follow it where it would not go. Perhaps, and in our situation there was the same, the baby bird did not move a step from the grandmother, only at night he went to sleep to the warm valenok. The young daw fearlessly took delicacies from her hands and when the sore wing got stronger a little, the grandmother`s shoulder became its favourite place - the baby bird awkwardly flew up also happy took seat on it that together with the grandmother to travel around the apartment.
over time the young daw very much fell in love with the grandmother and, without hesitating, showed it the love. She will sit down on a sofa with knitting - he right there takes seat on her shoulder. At first with interest looks an unwinking gaze at fascinating flashing of brilliant spokes in her hands - daws have a soft corner in the heart for all brilliant. And then begins “to love“ the grandmother - tenderly touches a beak of a lock of a gray hair, by easy stages poklevyvat it for an ear or fingers a beak an apron strap on her neck. Then there comes the turn of a braid which the grandmother consolidated in a bunch by metal hairpins on a nape. The young daw the sharp look tried to discover brilliant hairpins in hair and the dexterous movement of a beak pulled out them from a bunch. It made it so quickly that in a moment the bunch of the grandmother was scattered on separate locks of hair.
- Faugh! Wretch! - playfully the grandmother shouted at a bird, and the young daw scaredly flew from her shoulder.
But at the same time he managed to take with himself in a beak couple of hairpins to hide them in the valenok. It is necessary to tell that there it held the whole treasure from various brilliant things - hairpins, candy wrappers from chocolates, buttons and many other things. If the small silver spoon from a sugar bowl vanished, then it was possible to find it only at a young daw. When the grandmother carried out inventory in “zakhoronka“ of a bird, trying to find the next loss, the young daw, as a rule, sat, having ruffled up nearby, and discontentedly watched actions of the grandmother who at the same time kept saying:
- There now, of course, again stole a strainer from tea! How many time said you what it is not good to steal! At, the wretch, my eyes would not see you! - angrily the grandmother waved on it. But the bird was not afraid of terrible grandmother`s speeches at all. She remained to sit in the place, rumpling plumelets and angrily blinking round eyes, very clearly showing what does not approve grandmother`s “marauding“. But soon between them the world set in again, and the young daw followed the grandmother close again.
Came winter. The wing at a young daw completely healed, and to his hobbies sitting in a flowerpot under a sprawling Chinese rose increased. The pot stood on a window sill, and the bird for hours looked for a window at the street from there. But releasing a young daw could not be free and speeches - stood on the street thirty-degree frosts and unadapted to natural living conditions, he would die from cold and hunger there at once.
… Time went, there came the spring - on trees the first kidneys arose. The young daw moved from a flowerpot on an open window leaf, and, inhaling fresh air of freedom, attentively examined the round eyes all events around.
- you will depart Soon, my good! - even more often the grandmother spoke sadly to the pet. And as if calming her, the young daw took seat to the grandmother a shoulder and with love touched a beak of a lock of her gray hair.
- Yes I know that you do not want to leave too, the mischievous person! Yes only did not put to live to a free bird in bondage even if a cage gold. At liberty you to yourself will make a family, will bring chickabiddies! And here - that? But to me you can fly at any time, something tasty, I will always treat you. - A bird, having inclined the round head, attentively listened to grandmother`s words, and the resistant feeling was created that she understood their sense.
Came time, and once the young daw everything is flew away. At first from a bird there were no messages, and the grandmother took parting with the favourite hard - very much worried for it. But a week later the young daw flied home happy. It it is cheerful prokovylyal on the apartment on the sharp-clawed pads, received an entertainment from grandmother`s hands and again hurried on the street. Since then and it was moved - two times a week the bird surely flied on a visit to the grandmother to receive an entertainment from her hands. And in the middle of June the grandmother woke up in the morning from strong bird`s hubbub behind a window. Having looked out on the street, she saw on a balcony handrail the whole flock of young daws and among them the favourite. It it is proud sat among the babbling young baby birds, very clearly showing what he is a happy parent.
- Well, here you see, my good how nicely to live on freedom! How many at you children! - joyfully the grandmother told. And the bird as if agreeing with her words, inclined the round head.
Within several years the young daw continued to visit my grandmother, but in hands was not given it any more and it is clear - to behave to not solidly free bird as if it is manual. However willingly accepted a grandmother`s entertainment directly from hands, and at times and brought presents to it - the brilliant candy wrapper will throw into a window, the fragment of glass beautiful on a balcony handrail will leave - as if showing these the grandmother what loves it and always Dick

the Grandmother`s great-grandson Oleg who is necessary me the cousin nephew remembers it …

, deserves the separate story because thanks to it in my life the great number of shaggy pets appeared.
Oleg was very kind boy. Having met on the street some unfortunate living being - a wounded bird, a hungry doggie or the cat thrown by owners it could not pass by. The school breakfast which is carefully laid by mother in its satchel instantly went to an empty stomach of the homeless animal who occurred in the path. After a tasty entertainment as a token of gratitude or maybe hoping for an additive, animals saw the boy to the school. Often on it acquaintance came to an end, but there were cases when the homeless animal simply had no place to disappear and it for a long time settled down about a school door where the benefactor entered - in hope to see it again. by
After lessons, having met the ward at school doors, Oleg could not leave it to the mercy of fate any more. He dragged a homeless animal to me home and beggarly looking in eyes began me to persuade to shelter temporarily an animal until it finds to it the good owner. I could not refuse to the boy because, in - the first - it is not pedagogic to throw out the living being on the street in anticipation of winter (I worked then as the teacher and could not teach the nephew a cruelty lesson). And in - the second, frankly speaking, I and most felt sorry for an unfortunate animal. Besides I understood that Oleg with pleasure would take away it to himself home, but it has no such opportunity - there already there live a dog and a cat, and they will hardly concern the new pet with understanding. Especially the dog Is wild.
Dick appeared in a family at Oleg when the boy was five years old. It was no next homeless puppy from a garbage can - it was the real Caucasian sheep-dog of the purest blood from such family tree to which the most known Royal Courts of Europe could envy! In any case, it was so written in its passport. While Dick presented to Oleg it was the puppy of only three months from a sort, but by the sizes already then it did not concede to an adult dog of usual domestic breed. Broad-browed, serebristo - a white cheprachny color, with a broad chest and powerful paws - it was a miracle as it is beautiful! Thanks to extraordinary shagginess and the cut-off ears it strongly looked like a bear cub. Unfortunately, at that time, nothing good could be told about mental capacities of Dick - as far as the puppy was beautiful, so - it is confused.
Oleg lived then with the mother Nina in a close wooden lodge with a small garden. Mother Nina got this lodge in inheritance from her aunt which in youth, before revolution, was the real countess. The house consisted of two rooms, kitchen and the small glazed verandah. In one room the bedroom, and in another a drawing room where there was an ancient black piano with bronze candlesticks in the form of antique women above a lectern settled down. Over a piano in a frame from mahogany the portrait of the countess in the human growth where it was represented in a ball dress with a lacy fan in a hand at the time of her youth hung. Other situation in the house was the most usual, except for beautiful though already rather shabby carpets covering for preservation of heat shchelyasty floors in both rooms.
When presented to Oleg Dick, mother Nina was delighted to a puppy - she loved animals too. But it became clear soon that this pleasure was premature, problems with accommodation of the pet already from the very beginning began. Despite the impressive sizes, the puppy was trusovat, and refused to live on a verandah on the warm laying allocated for him. If in the afternoon Dick though was somehow reconciled with the new situation, then in the evening, having remained on a verandah one, he right there began to whine plaintively. Gradually skulezh outgrew in howl alternating with bark, and by midnight all this turned into continuous cacophony of heart-breaking sounds, audible is far okrest, Dick had a voice to the appropriate his sizes - thunderous! Not to disturb neighbors, mother Nina had to let in a puppy the house where he at once ceased and slept peacefully till the morning.
Soon was found in Dick one more unpleasant feature. It is unclear who to it hammered it into the head, but he considered a duty to celebrate small need only on the carpets dimming floors in the house. If the dog wanted in a toilet on big need, then he ran to a door and barked until it was not let out to the yard. Having made the serious affairs there, Dick flew like mad to the house and was right there attached on a carpet on the small need. At the same time to get moving forward a puppy simply it was not represented possible - having rolled up eyes from pleasure it just grew the powerful paws into a floor and wrote - wrote - wrote … It seemed opened a water tap and this process it is infinite … For me still remains a riddle how so much liquid could be located in a dog?
Of course, such dog quality for mother Nina was a bolt from the blue. And at first in such cases it just hurried from such disgrace. But there is nothing to do! It was necessary to remove immediately all carpets from floors in the house and to be engaged in fight against Dick`s shortcomings. It is necessary to tell that this fight turned out difficult, but the victory mother Nina was all - is gained - later few months the dog began to ask for the yard already on any need. And a month more through three Dick completely got over to live on a verandah. By then he already was eight months old, the puppy grew almost three times - to spend the night in rooms to it was close and stuffy, it had long wool and very dense.
Despite the impressive sizes, in character Dick remained still cheerful and confused puppy. He was an utter glutton, and was ready to swallow everything that to it was offered by owners, but the peanut was especially fallen in love to it for some reason. At that time these cleared nutlets freely were on sale in shops and cost not much. Mother Nina often bought them to the son who too very much loved a peanut. Once having filled in a pan of fried nutlets, Oleg nestled in a wicker chair on a verandah directly opposite to Dick and, smacking the lips began to knead a delicacy with appetite, looking at a dog and keeping saying:
- “Oh, as tasty! Ouch, as tasty! And I will not give you!“
Dick sat opposite to the boy, plaintively looking at favourite nutlets which of a pan quickly disappear in the mischievous person`s mouth. The thin thread of saliva overhung at a puppy from a mouth corner almost to the floor - so he wanted to try them. But Oleg was not appeased, and continued, smacking the lips to tease Dick:
- “Oh, as tasty! Ouch, as tasty! And I will not give you!“
- “Do not tease a dog, will bite!“ - mother Nina who at this moment came to a verandah from kitchen warned. But its prevention was late! The body of dejectedly sitting puppy, suddenly was selected as if in it the elastic spring was formed, and rushed to Oleg in a powerful throw. At that moment it seemed that from front blow the boy will take off from a chair, and the chair will scatter in small chips. But there was unimaginable: the dog precisely directed all the force to a hated pan with nuts - a nose he dexterously beat out it from the boy`s hands, even without having touched it. The pan was loudly knocked about a floor, and nutlets scattered extensively! From surprise Oleg shouted as cut and Is wild having understood that he was guilty, dejectedly trudged to the laying, without paying attention to the tasty nutlets scattered on all floor. Having sat down on a laying it it is guilty inclined the broad-browed head, expecting punishment, but mother Nina did not begin to punish a dog, she said to Oleg in low tones:
- “You is guilty - it is impossible to scoff at the friends! Dick could bite you for your mockeries, but he did not make it because he loves you and considers the friend. It has to be very a shame to you!“.
of the Word of mother took magic effect - in the same second the boy ceased to shout and quickly collected nutlets from a floor in a pan. Oleg put a pan with a peanut before Dick and told it:
- “Forgive me, please! More I so will not be with you a postupat, upon my life! Eat nutlets, they are very tasty!“ - the hand of the boy rolled in shaggy hair of a dog, caressing it. Dick it is guilty raised kind eyes on the boy, but, having seen that he is forgiven, with pleasure was accepted to a delicacy. Unless he could take offense at the favourite owner? It is necessary to notice that the word pledged to Dick, Oleg constrained and nevermore teased the friend.
cannot consider the Narration about Dick complete without mention of its extraordinary musicality. Of course, it was expressed not in playing musical instruments, however, having often caught some melody, the dog took seat on the thick bottom, threw back the head up and, having closed eyes began “to sing along“ diligently with it on different voices. Than this melody touched deeply Dick, we did not know, but it is obvious that for “soloing“ he chose not any melodies, but strictly certain.
For the first time love to “singing“ was found in a dog when to it knocked months six. One fine day I came with an assignment from the grandmother to mother Nina home, but there except Dick who was alone sitting on a verandah, found nobody. Having seen me, the puppy was delighted - it was boring for it to fulfill the dog duty and to guard the house. From there is nothing to do, I decided to entertain a little him and, having made a penny whistle of a pod of the yellow acacia growing near the house, began to whistle to a doggie different melodies. Of course, melodies turned out unsightly, the penny whistle is not a pipe and with ear for music at me was not all right too, but my “playing music“ for some reason was pleasant to Dick.
To my astonishment a dog plopped down on a bottom, threw back the head up and, having rolled up eyes, penetrating began to wail after me! Our occupations by a vocal lasted not less than an hour, and Dick was ready to continue with pleasure them still it is unknown what is the time … From that day the love to “singing“ became for Dick the real passion on all his life.
Later after the above described events Oleg went two years to school. By then Dick from a clumsy puppy turned into the huge experienced dog who is a little conceding by the sizes to the real bear. At the same time he was very kind and obedient dog, and shchenyachya stupidity was replaced at it with extraordinary wisdom. He always honestly fulfilled the dog duties - guarded the house, protected Oleg, mother Nina and an old cat who lived in the house from time immemorial. Dick adored them all the dog soul. His attentive eyes constantly watched people around - God forbid to someone to afford sharp gesture towards his dear friends! It was rather simple to raise on them the voice as hoarse roar was distributed, and the upper lip at a dog was threateningly lifted up, opening snow-white huge canines! And instantly conversation gained peaceful character. The huge dog love had also the back - Is wild strongly was jealous the friends of strangers. And all who were behind a fence of their small garden - both people, and animals were strangers.
Dog jealousy was also the reason that Oleg could not bring homeless animals to the house - Is wild would not reconcile to presence in the house of strangers. But can do it and to the best? Soon all homeless animals the district could become permanent residents of a small lodge of Oleg and mother Nina.


In the seventies on television there was a set of movies about dogs. When there were movies “Four Tankmen and Dog“, “Unusual Adventures of Lesya“, “To me Mukhtar! “ - not only children, but also adults it was impossible to tear off from screens of TVs, tricks of shaggy actors were so fascinating. Perhaps, my desire to get to itself a dog is also explained by it. There was a wish to have a dog to me since the childhood, but as I already spoke, we lived very closely, and we had no conditions for her contents.
However when my relatives received apartments and parted who where - I remained to live in the room all alone. By then I already worked in Moscow as the teacher and coming from work home to the empty room grieved, remembering our former such close, but amicable life filled with interesting events. Then visited me thought to achieve the children`s dream - to get a dog. In the dreams I already saw myself - such thin on high heels, walking with a huge sheep-dog. As if I conduct it on a lead, the dog bears my beautiful ladies` handbag in teeth and looks at me the clever eyes, hurrying to execute any my order … To other breeds of dog in my dream the place was not because I was brought up on movies where sheep-dogs were the main characters. the dream I hurried to share
with the grandmother, but it for some reason did not share my delights about it. The main argument was the fact that, without having absolutely any experiment on education of dogs, I want to get to myself a dog of such serious breed as a sheep-dog. The grandmother advised me to take on education of a puppy of any undersized breed, the love to the owner does not depend at an animal on his growth. If I then listened to the grandmother! But it seemed to me that it is not right, Caucasian ovchar Dick - a dog of mother Nina grew up on my eyes and became extremely obedient and wise dog. And than I am worse than mother Nina? I will be able surely to bring up to myself the good shaggy friend too. On it our conversation also ended. All next days I resolved by
issues of keeping of the future pet. It is clear, that he will live together with me in the room, however he needs to be walked several times a day, and I at work from morning to late evening. In the morning - before departure for work and in the evening when I arrive from work home I will be able to walk a dog, but who will walk with it in the afternoon? The grandmother, knowing her opinion on my invention, I did not want to ask … the Question was resolved by
by itself when in the evening to me my friend Lida ran. We were on friendly terms with it since school times and together entered the institute, but I was lucky - I arrived from the first attempt there, and Lida, “having cut off“ at entrance examinations, did not want to push luck any more. It was arranged to work as the forwarding agent for a local bakery where safely worked all this time. Work was pleasant to it because all day she drove about by car with the driver, carrying bread in different shops, and the whole working day to it was not necessary to sit in one place. Possessing very easy temper, Lida was a terrible fidget! In response to my reflections concerning a vygulivaniye of future dog, she just told:
- Me your cares! What to think here - that! I will walk a psinka in the afternoon! All the same on shops we travel about what it is difficult for me to come to you and to walk with it?
Ya with relief sighed. As then it seemed to me - all questions with keeping of a dog were settled. Now it was only necessary to solve, where to take me a desired sheep-dog?
a thoroughbred dog could be got In those days in dog nurseries or from individuals, but there they cost very much - my teacher`s salary was obviously not enough for acquisition of such dog. Optimal variant for implementation of my dream was the poultry market in Moscow - or just “birdie“ as it was called in common people. There it was possible to buy rather cheap any exotic animal or a bird, not to mention cats and dogs. Of course, passports with the indication of a family tree of an animal were not issued also there the dog bought on “birdie“ had no right to participate in dog exhibitions and to win on them awards. But it it was also not necessary for me - I just wanted to have a number of a faithful and wise dog.
together with Lida we arrived To the next day off on “birdie“. The abundance, the animals offered there blew the mind! Around there was an unimaginable hubbub - barking, miaow, shrill shouts of multi-colored birds in cages! The relative silence reigned only in the ranks trading in small fishes and snakes. Therefore, already several minutes which are absolutely deafened by this unceasing cacophony of sounds later we hurried to dog ranks where in a set puppies of different breeds and coloring were presented for sale. In cardboard boxes, on laying and just on hands at owners puppies, tired of an unusual situation, looked at a never-ending flow of potential owners differently: who - scaredly, who - with interest, but in the majority it is rather indifferent.
Having passed ranks with undersized breeds, we, at last, achieved our objectives. On small “patch“ stood, puppies of sheep-dogs of a various color and different age - from absolutely small which was no more than a month, to - six-month-old sat and lay at legs of owners. A common feature of six-month-old individuals were standing ears, a broad chest and powerful forepaws, disproportionately huge in comparison with the head. to Tell
about how we chose to ourselves a sheep-dog, I will not be, it is enough to tell that our choice lasted several hours. During this time we managed to learn so much about features of this breed of dog and their contents that our heads just “swelled“ from information. At last we chose a puppy of three months from a sort is red - a black cheprachny color, with thick forepaws, a powerful breast and huge ears. Ears owing to small age of a dog did not stand completely upright yet, and somehow clumsily cracked exactly in the middle that gave to a puppy some foolishly - a silly look. the Elderly seller asked
for the puppy cheap - money which I had, quite was enough for acquisition of a dog of my dream. Finally the owner, painting the dignity of the pet, confidentially told us that the doggie happened from mother - a German shepherd to the purest family tree which fell in love all the Heart of a Dog of a neighbour`s dog - a thoroughbred wolfhound. From their union this was also born unusual shchenochek. This information quite suited us especially as the puppy, looking at me eyes in love, slowly began to podzhevyvat a thong of the Lidiny bag. Until it has a bite it, I hurried to pay off the kind seller and, having seated a dog in a voluminous bag, went together with the girlfriend to an exit from “birdie“.
we got without special adventures, Home except for that when went in an electric train, somewhere on a half of a way, the puppy remorselessly decided to celebrate the small need directly in the bag standing on a seat near me. Under a bag the treacherous pool which at first began to flow under me began to blur, and then dug from a seat on a floor. The passengers sitting opposite with interest vozzritsya on me and my bag. To wipe a pool I have nothing therefore we with Lida shamefully retired from an electric train at the next stop. We reached our station already by other train where, being afraid to be embarrassed again, we providently remained in the platform throughout all way. When we, at last, appeared at home, I with relief sighed. But as then it appeared - in vain, tests in my life only began!
Having arrived home, we with Lida first of all fed the new pet and laid on the laying which is in advance prepared for it under a chair where he at once, to our great pleasure fell asleep. And we began to think out to a puppy a name meanwhile, as you will call a dog, such she also will grow. For example, if you call a dog the Goof - so she and will remain until the end of life the goof and if the name is serious, then and the dog will be a match for this name. Without thinking twice, we decided to give to a puppy a nickname - Mukhtar, in honor of heroic Mukhtar from our favourite movie! Here and Mukhtar appeared in my house.
All night long Mukhtar fell down as the killed, and woke up together with me under an alarm clock ring in the morning. Its quiet sound sleep pleased me - no claims for a subject of its emergence in my neighbors could arise. I quickly ran to walk him - the puppy honestly celebrated the need within five minutes. Mukhtara inspired with ingenuity, I quickly fed him and went to work, for the rest completely relying on Lida.
seemed the Working day to me infinite, as there my Mukhtar so could not wait to learn houses? And here at last I houses! Already on a porch I was expected by an unpleasant surprise - the small group of furious neighbors, indignantly cried out that at me from the room all day heart-breaking cries and dog bark were distributed! Which - as having beaten off them, I flew to the room - the picture which appeared before me threw in shock! On a floor, covered here and there puddles, my things in a fearful mess rolled, and Mukhtar, having curled up and having put the muzzle on my izzhevanny slippers, with interest looked at me devoted eyes.
- “Well, you give …“ - only and I could say, powerlessly falling by a chair. Right there the dog broke from the place, joyfully wagging a tail and trying to lick me everywhere where could only reach the warm wet uvula. To Mukhtar it was absolutely unclear, why I such upset, our meeting is such huge pleasure! My irritation disappeared somewhere, but all - I said strictly:
- Leave alone, opposite! Help - better to eliminate to me this disorder! Cleaning
after a puppy of a puddle and stacking things in the places, I looked for a solution to an event. A conclusion was one - Lida could not walk Mukhtar today. But not here - that was! Almost right there the girlfriend who came running to me declared:
- Well, and treasure we with you got! This puppy cunning, as hundred Chinese! I came today to walk him three times. For the first time he honestly and quickly executed all the shchenyach of requirement - both peed, and pokakat! I fed him and left for work. The second time, it, having gone outside, long sniffed at a grass, bushes, admired birdies, but peed only half an hour later. And for the third time he wanted to do nothing at all as I did not finish it. Nearly an hour I with it walked, and it so made nothing. You forgive, but I had to lock his houses unwritten, otherwise I absolutely would be late for work. It seems to me, Mukhtar thought that with him walk until he does not pee and as it is ready to walk infinitely, then he suffers to the last!
- And what to do? - I grew cold, having remembered numerous puddles on a floor which I had to clean just. Having seen my heart-broken physiognomy, the girlfriend encouragingly told:
- Chins up! I think it growth costs, all as - nibud is formed then!
- And when it - then? - drearily I said.
- Well, it is difficult to tell it … - Lida already not so optimistically said, - Well as - nibud we will hold on!
- Yes - and - and … Let`s hold on … If neighbors do not kill me for his cries … earlier with
- And what, loudly cried out? - the girlfriend burst out laughing, - Frankly speaking, I heard too, but did not want to afflict you, thought that it povopit - povopit and will break off.
- Judging by reaction of neighbors - anything similar!
- Well, you know! In all bad there is always something good! It is good that Mukhtar only cries out in the afternoon, and at night nobody disturbs. Present if he wailed at the nights, it would seem to nobody a little! So that let though it pleases your neighbors, all the same that is no place to disappear - … And all the time will place in the places!
also settled Upon that.
Time went, and the situation remained former, except for that pools which were left by a puppy in the room every day became more. For me became a habit to clean the things in a case because everything that got to it into teeth took a forcemeat form - be it clothes, footwear, or books … Got also to furniture - legs of chairs, a table and even a case lost the original state for a long time. To Mukhtar there was everything - equally what to chew because he cut second teeth. At the nights the dog slept a deep sleep, but once it remained in the room to one, on all house the chilling cries alternating with bark began to be carried. A door which it scraped all this time the claws, trying to be released, “decorated“ deep furrows.
Despite it, I loved the confused shaggy friend, on the temper it was very tender. But relationship between me and neighbors was tensed also by that moment when to Mukhtar half a year was executed, the situation became already explosive! Neighbors angrily demanded ubrto at a puppy from the house - it was necessary to think out something with its further contents. And as always Lida came to the rescue:
- I understood everything - to Mukhtar probably just closely in your room therefore it also is torn to the street. At you except fruit-trees and flowers all the same nothing grows in a kitchen garden - let`s enclose it with the metal gauze and we will make the open-air cage for Mukhtar there.
- But it still small - to one to it will be terrible there, - I uncertainly said.
is Mukhtar - that at us small? - the girlfriend giggled, - Besides he will not sit on a chain, and will begin to drive on all kitchen garden - it is more cheerful than to sit within four walls!
needs to tell that Mukhtar always differed in excellent appetite therefore grew before the eyes. And by then by the sizes it did not concede to a good laika any more.
- And where he will sleep? - sadly I asked.
- And we to it will construct a pretty box, - Lida was not appeased. I had no
of Other exit therefore Lidino the offer had to be supported. In a week the new place the residence for my pet was ready, and we solemnly led Mukhtar there. The dog with interest sniffed at the box in which we placed previously its laying, and then joyfully began to investigate a kitchen garden, expressing to the look full delight from a new adventure, but when we with Lida were going to leave, it is instant on