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“Whether there is a place to miracles in the modern world?“

“... Mind not to understand Russia...“ - this familiar expression as well as possible reflects mentality of the Russian people. At what else people it is possible to meet such boundless ability to expression of feelings - “To like - to love so! To walk - to walk so!“ - broad soul at the Russian person! And classical Russian “perhaps“! Unless old prudish Europe or rational America, with their pragmatical mentality can understand it? Our Russian “perhaps“ it no other than hope for an exit from any critical situation contrary to all laws of logic. In each Russian person there is always a hope for luck, for a miracle, for the fairy tale - is close to it within rationalism because he lives not mind, and heart.
Confirmation to that serves wonderful revival of Orthodoxy in our country as if there was no construction of materialism and “scientific“ atheism in a basis of ideology of the Soviet society - the Russian person to God all the interior, soul, the thousand-year “genetic memory“ tracing the roots back at the time of Orthodox Russia stretched. What there is not enough Russian Orthodox Church, so it education of ordinary believers in questions of belief today. Leskov`s words told them in the 19th century are still actual: “... Russia was once baptized, but was not educated... the Russian people have God in the bosom …“ And from where this culture to undertake if for seven decades in our country all wonderful phenomena connected with Orthodoxy for the ordinary person were or are closed “behind seven seals“, or were angrily challenged by the Soviet scientists. And all dynamics of a civilization, with its leveling and standardization of life, with its entertainments and hobbies, plans and enthusiasm captured the person entirely, did not give him time to stop and think of sense of the world surrounding it.
Now very few people well know the New Testament what to speak about the Shabby Precept - often it is perceived as the fantastic legend or the myth about the past. But whether so it? Let`s take, for example, the story about the Flood and Noah`s Ark stated in the Old Testament. In it it is told that God was to just I Ache and warned him about what will guide a water flood at the earth soon to clear it of impious people. Also He Noa enjoined to construct an ark - the big vessel in which all his family and animals - “all kinds of people would be located and pure (sacrificial) animals - on seven couples“. At the same time Noa the exact sizes of the ship were given: 300 elbows of length, 50 elbows of width and 30 elbows of height (150x25x15 meters). For those times such construction was fantastic.
Strangely enough, scientists found the first confirmations of reality of history of Nov in mythology - at various people which territorially are not connected among themselves legends, very close on contents, about a flood and rescue of the elected people were found. The modern geology which found the evidence of this world accident in fossilized breeds gave the second confirmation of historicity of a Flood. But only Noah`s Ark could become indisputable confirmation to a Flood and history of Nov.
In the Bible is told that the ark stopped on the mountains Ararat (Big Ararat is presently a mountain 5165 meters high which top almost on kilometer is covered with ice). Historical chronicles stored in themselves various mentions of an ark. So, for example, in the 3rd century B.C. the Babylon historian wrote that the ancient ark lies in the Kurdish mountains of Armenia, and from it people tear off pitch to use it as antidote or for creation of amulets.
In the 19th century also was several messages on the people seeing the ark remains, and Turks told even that they visited in the ship which had compartments, the majority of which is filled with ice. In 1916 the Russian pilot Roskovitsky saw an ark, flying by about mountain top.
were opened Quite recently confidential makteriala of the Soviet investigation in which it is demonstrated that else; in 40 - e years of the 20th century one of pilots, flying by over Mount Ararat, noticed the remains of the enormous ship which froze in the mountain lake at its top. Since the beginning 50 - x years climbers made several attempts to find Noah`s Ark, but from - for blizzards these attempts terminated unsuccessfully.
was succeeded to Find an ark to the French climber Fernan Navarre in 1955. It found an ark frozen in ice of the mountain lake at the height of 5 thousand meters. Navarre photographed it, and also cut out a piece of a covering of the ship which radioactive analysis which is carried out in several countries confirmed age of construction - about five thousand years. Not only Navarre was succeeded to confirm visually with the pictures and scientific researches existence of an ark. After it rose by Ararat some more expeditions bringing the new evidence of existence of an ark. Nakhodka of an ark it is indisputable confirmed the fact not only the flood described in the Old Testament, but also a miracle of the phenomenon of God to pious I Ache, for its rescue.
stores the Set of wonderful knowledge in itself and the New Testament which contained in itself Christianity sources - from Christmas when at winter night two thousand years ago in the suburb of the small town of Bethlehem in a dark shed the Baby was born. Cows lowed, donkeys uneasily turned on the straw laying... Mother, having swaddled the Baby, put him in a feeding trough for cattle and with love it was inclined over the newborn. Unexpectedly doors of a shed were opened, and in expensive dusty clothes three entered it east reigning (magician) with rich gifts in hands. To the newborn they presented with themselves gold, an incense and Smyrna: gold - I Reign, an incense - to God, Smyrna - to the Person … This history of Christmas is known for
to any orthodox Christian, but very few people know that this The Gift of the Magi Mother of God protected all life. And shortly before the Assumption It transferred these gifts, together with the Belt and the Cope to the Jerusalem Church where they also were stored till 400 until the Byzantine emperor Arkady transferred these gifts to Constantinople. After fall of Byzantium in 1453 the Serbian queen Maria transported The Gift of the Magi to Athos where and until now they are in Saint Pavel`s monastery. Gold - twenty eight small plates of a different form - trapezes, triangles, polygons... On each of them - the thinnest filigree ornament never repeating. An incense it is also quiet - small, size about olive balls, their about seventy. The value of gifts, not only spiritual, but also historical, is immeasurable therefore they are stored with special assiduity in small arks - reliquaries. From gifts and now the surprising fragrance proceeds. Sometimes gifts take out from a monastic vestry for worship of pilgrims, and then the fragrance fills all church. Monks - svyatogorets noticed that gifts cure the people obsessed with evil spirits.
the Beginning of the third millennium A.D. is even more often marked by the surprising opening confirming real existence of the Godman and wonders worked with it. Recently Heinrich Pfeyffer, professor from Vatican found the well-known “Veronika`s Scarf“ which enigmatically disappeared from St. Peter`s Cathedral 400 years ago. Covered with such white scarfs of 24 x 17 centimeters in size of the woman of ancient Judea the faces. According to the legend, Veronika gave it to Jesus bearing under the scorching sun the heavy cross to Golgotha. He wiped this scarf the sweat which was filling in eyes and returned it to the kind woman. On fabric there were traces not only the sweat, but also the blood which was plentifully streaming on the person Bogocheloveka which is cruelly beaten by policemen. On this piece of matter, at a certain situation, the Face of the young man with a worn-out face, long hair and a mournful fold between eyebrows is shown. In the 4th century “Veronika`s Scarf“ appeared in Vatican, and before it knights - the crusaders going to lands of pagans on protection of the Lord`s Coffin last time kneeled down. In the Middle Ages “Veronika`s Scarf“ was placed in storage of a huge Vatican cathedral from where it in 1608 completely disappeared.
Professor Pfeyffer, after 12 years of active searches, found it in the tiny monastery near a mountain small village of Monopello in the Apennines. The “Veronika`s scarf“ soldered between two Venetian glasses is in a frame of the oak salary trimmed with gold and silver there, near an altar. In strictly certain time when the narrow ray of light from a lateral window of church falls on this piece of seemingly ordinary fabric, on a cloth there is a mournful Face of Christ Redeemer. But the real miracle occurs for Easter and in day of the Dormition of the Theotokos when in the presence of attendants of the monastery and parishioners in all temple a large number of wax candles flares up. In their trembling light on “Veronika`s Scarf“ the Face of Christ Which begins to radiate bright shine is suddenly and brightly shown, and eyes of an image are filled with the vivifying force then the sick people who are present at service wonderfully recover, and old men feel several years more young.
At photography of “Veronika`s Scarf“, in pictures is really shown the characteristic extended face with long hair and a wrinkle between eyebrows. It wonderfully is similar to the Face imprinted on the well-known Turin shroud in which wrapped the blood-stained body, Jesus Christ removed from the Cross. Unless it not a miracle?
meanwhile a miracle is not violation, and on the contrary - operation of the supreme and eternal laws of life in our passing world. And these laws work among laws of the world of matter also just, usually, as well as the others, only people for some reason do not want to notice them, or, having noted something “inexplicable“, in daily vanity quickly forget. And it is also necessary - that to each of us only for an instant to stop in that mad rhythm of life in which there passes our today`s life and to think - why we came in the birth to the earth? It is only necessary to open eyes of the soul, to accustom to hear the hearing, and then it will become clear that we are surrounded with miracles, the immense world of miracles envelops us, is knocked to us, giving to our life new bright sense and pleasure!
Galina Baskova
Article is prepared by
on the basis of materials of the book “Unknown World of Belief“ published by the Sretensky monastery on blessing of the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy.