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Even more often in our society are heard debate about revival of Russia, but they differ in an extreme complexity and discrepancy: we cannot decide in any way - that we will revive? Though the choice - that small, is obvious that the Soviet system safely sank Into oblivion, means it is necessary to revive only that - the real Russia which was initially.
“… Russia! Sacred Russia! …“ - whether we think of the fact that contain in themselves these concepts? And it is not mere words. Russia is the state of the people of Russian, people - bogonosets, the people - the keeper of shrines of belief. These shrines are it is religious - the moral beginnings allowing to build life personal public and state so that to prevent action of destructive forces and to open a way to forces of creation, good, love. The developed Russian consciousness created and ground within ten centuries of national history up to revolution was it. All this time it was a basis of a state policy of the great Russian power: the Russian national consciousness is inseparable from orthodox outlook. Therefore, rejecting orthodox spirituality and Church it is impossible to revive Sacred Russia.
Unfortunately, at the modern person, with his rational thinking, conversations about a thin inner world, about God cause either misunderstanding, or open irritation. And how differently? The faith in God perceived by our ancestors as a spiritual basis of life and serving as a support of Russia in fight against external evil and interstate defects in seventy years of the Soviet power underwent the most severe eradication - over all country total planting of materialistic philosophical doctrine as nation-wide ideology was conducted. Only from July, 1930 till November, 1932 by the State antireligious publishing house in Moscow it was published 1365 (!) names of antireligious books, brochures, collections, plays, articles in which nice history of our Fatherland moved to the reader in the distorted look and its spiritual sense was perverted to unrecognizability.
dictated School textbooks of Soviet period to us that “only scientific, historically progressive outlook is the materialism claiming that the world by the nature is material - matter the nature, life exist regardless of consciousness, from the Creator, from God. And the idealism - outlook of reactionary classes - is antiscientific in essence because it considers that a basis of all real is God“. Fight of materialism against idealism was presented to Soviet period to society as “ideological expression of fight of the advanced, progressive forces of society against reaction forces“. V. G. Belinsky and A. I. Herzen`s
called “fathers“ of classical materialistic philosophy, and K. Marx and T. Engels considered as creators of a new, highest form of ideology - a dialectic and historical materialism which made a theoretical basis of revolutionary activity of Communist party in our country.
But in the Soviet literature was not mentioned anywhere that “fathers“ of classical materialistic philosophy were the people who are deeply believing in God. And V. G. Belinsky possesses words: “There is a book in which everything is told, all is solved after which there is in anything no doubt, the book immortal, sacred, the book of eternal truth, eternal life - the Gospel. All progress of mankind, all achievements in sciences, in philosophy consist only in bigger penetration into the mysterious depth of this Divine Book“.
the Same reverent attitude to belief was tested also by A. I. Herzen: “I read the gospel much and with love, on Slavic and in lyuterovsky translation. I read without any management, understood not everything, but felt sincere and deep respect for readable. In the first my youth, I often was fond of a volterianizm: loved irony and a sneer, but I do not remember that sometime I took in hand the Gospel with cold feeling. It spent me all (!) life; at different events, I came back to all age to reading the Gospel, and every time its contents reduced the world and mildness on soul“.
Is paradoxical that, as Friedrich Engels by the end of the life too of
admitted the fact of Revival of Christ. He wrote: “The latest opening oblige to change our view of some few, but the major events of world history. And the fact that earlier it seemed noteworthy only mythologists will have to draw attention and historians. The new documents submitting sceptics the persuasiveness speak well for the greatest of miracles in the history - about return to life of Togo Who was deprived it on Golgotha“. Of course, these lines of Engels were unknown to the ordinary Soviet reader - they were never translated into Russian in Marx and Engels`s editions.
Distinctive feature of the Soviet antireligious promotion, as a rule, always was abuse of the name “sciences“: scientists at whose opening we comprehended laws of organization of the world were surely presented to us by materialists.
Who did not hear a name of the great Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov which possesses opening of regulation of an organism and conditioned reflexes? The Soviet promotion called him the materialist. However,
Ivan Petrovich was an orthodox Christian, and religiousness covered all parties of his life. Radical residents of Petrograd remember that the Znamensky church which parishioner was Pavlov at the time of a bogoborchestvo remained especially for it and was destroyed only after his death. Even during cruel persecutions on Church on doors of laboratory of Ivan Petrovich in easter days the note was hung out: “It is closed on the occasion of Easter holiday Saint“. Those years to atheists only such scientist with a world name as Pavlov was able to afford such call.
Here that I. P. Pavlov told about immortal human soul: “I study the highest, nervous activity and I know that all human feelings … are connected, each of them, with a special cell of a human brain and her nerves. And when the body ceases to live, then all these feelings and thoughts of the person, having as if come off the brain cages which already died owing to the general law that nothing - neither energy, nor matter - disappear completely, and make that immortal soul which is professed by Christian belief“.
is Not less known to us and a name of the outstanding scientist of Soviet period Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov - the biologist - the geneticist, the author of many opening, the academician, the winner of numerous awards. And it was extremely religious: being often locked in the room, Nikolay Ivanovich prayed before Nikolay Ugodnik`s icon, the heavenly patron. In the childhood he did not pass any service in the temple and served the priest. His brother Sergey - the founder of school of sciences of physical optics, the world famous scientist, the honorary member of a number of foreign academies was a believer also.
By the way, and S. P. Korolev is a rocket scientist and the creator of space satellites and the ships was the believing person. Certainly, all life of Sergey Pavlovich was under special supervision - he was forced to visit church secretly. But it is known that he donated for monasteries considerable funds. Even in Soviet period these world renowned scientists were deeply religious people what to speak about those who served for the Mother`s benefit - Russia even before revolution. there is no
in the Russian medicine of the name which was more glorified than a name of the surgeon Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov: its feats during the Sevastopol company and scientific achievements in the field of medicine - the honourable page of the Russian science. Attraction of female sisterly care of wounded soldiers by it and creation of a community of sisters of mercy “Chestnago and the Life-giving Cross“ became the beginning of a feat of the Russian women in military hospitals and on fields of battles. Both as the scientist, and as the ingenious surgeon - the practician who for the first time applied in Russia anesthesia at operations N. I. Pirogov became an example for the Russian doctors - not incidentally one of the Moscow medical schools bears his name.
the Favourite book of N. I. Pirogov was - the Gospel which he considered as the book of the highest improvement. He spoke: “I cannot hear without disgust the slightest hint about lack of the creative plan and creative expediency in the universe, and therefore existence of the Supreme Reason, and, therefore, and the Supreme Creative Will, I consider necessary and the inevitable fatal requirement of my own reason. So, if I also wanted not to recognize existence of God now, then could not make it, without having gone crazy“.
Among outstanding Russian scientists should be mentioned also of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov - the ingenious scientist - the scientist who among many opening formulated conservation law of substance and preservation of the movement. Mikhail Vasilyevich spoke: “The creator gave to the human race two books. In one showed the majesty, in another - the will. The first - the visible this world created by It that the person, seeing formidability, beauty and symmetry of his creations, recognized Divine omnipotence … The second book - the Scripture. In it blessing to our rescue is shown to Sozdatelevo“.
Perhaps, faith in God was inherent only in our domestic scientists, as a result of deep Russian mentality? What attitude towards faith in God the foreign scientists who made the contribution to world science had? It appears it it is possible to express the only phrase told by Louis Pasteur - the famous French chemist, the founder of bacteriology and immunology who introduced vaccination and pasteurization in our modern life: “Descendants one fine day with all the heart will laugh at nonsense modern to us scientists - materialists. Than more I study the nature, especially I am surprised to inimitable affairs of the Creator. I pray during the works in laboratory“.
Albert Einstein is a physicist, the creator of the theory of relativity, Max Planck is the founder of quantum mechanics, Michael Dentom is an expert in the field of molecular biology, Robert Boyle is the English chemist and the physicist, Nicolaus Copernicus is the founder of heliocentric system of the world, and many other scientists with a world name during all the life were deeply religious people. by
we connect a name of the English scientist Flemminga With discovery of penicillin. When at solemn scientific meeting in Paris after war many panegyrics in his honor for this invention were told, professor Flemming answered the audience: “You say that I invented something; actually, I only saw, - saw what is created by the Lord for the person. Honor and glory belong not to me, and God …“
the Well-known statement - “The person occurred from a monkey“, occurring in Soviet period, contacted a name of the great English biologist Charles Darwin who developed the theory of evolution and natural selection. However, in the book “Origin of species“, Charles Darwin claimed: “The world is based upon regularities and in the manifestations it is represented how the product of reason is an instruction on his Creator“. Darwin was deeply religious person and when once the famous scientist Alfred Russell Wallace paid to Charles visit, he had to wait rather long time in a reception as the son of Darwin told Wallace: “Now my father prays“.
Involuntarily arises a question why scientists with a world name who in the works suited a solution of organization of our world believed in God? Perhaps, the answer to this question to us is given by the French physicist, a harbinger of discovery of radioactivity, the Nobel laureate Antoine Becquerel: “My works brought me to God, to belief“?
Seventy years our ideological leaders convinced us that the faith in God is a destiny of “dark“, “ignorant“ people, without shunning misrepresentation, and at times and just lie. But now time of revaluation of values came in our country and it is time to understand that to be proud we in our seventy-year godlessness have nothing. In the 17th century one of founders of a hydrostatics, the French mathematician, the physicist and the writer Blaise Pascal told: “There are only three categories of people. One found God and serve Him, these people are reasonable and happy. Others did not find and do not look for it, these are mad and unhappy. The third did not find, but look for it - these people are reasonable, but are not happy yet“.
A which of Russians does not want to see the Mother - Russia reasonable and happy?

Galina Baskova

Article is prepared on the basis of materials of the book “Unknown World of Belief“ published by the Sretensky monastery on blessing of the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy.