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Stalin and prisoners of war: whether there is a communication? Legal aspect of the Geneva convention

Subject of Prisoners of War of Commanders and Fighters It is working - Country Red Army it is still actual, despite already placed accents. Respectively, also Stalin`s role is differently analyzed.

On many the Internet - the resources devoted to scope of World War II is exaggerated a question of bad keeping of the Soviet prisoners of war in the German camps. As the expert with the higher legal education at me had a bewilderment. I here about what. Questionable there was Stalin`s fault in total extermination of the Soviet prisoners of war by Germans.

The postulate is old as the world, - Stalin did not sign the Geneva convention on prisoners of war therefore at Germans were given a free hand. It is only possible to make a helpless gesture concerning survivability of this argument of pravdoiskatel about the new truthful truth about war. Terrifies large number of the simple people insufficiently informed, but convinced of the correctness. And mass media? On many TV channels there are historical programs devoted to World War II subject. No - in historical programs this phrase will also fly - Stalin supposedly did not sign the convention, here Germans also behaved as wanted. And not mere mortals as we broadcast this truth. The doctor of such - that sciences... corresponding member...

Let`s arrive as professional lawyers, exactly for a minute. Answering these or those questions, the lawyer is always based on a letter standardly - the right act. Respectively, it is necessary to consider the text of the Geneva convention and to understand an essence of will of her creators. This convention regulated questions of keeping of prisoners of war, of the rights and duties both prisoners of war, and the states which army captivated them.

The following articles are interesting to us:

Article 4: “The power which took prisoners of war is obliged to care for their contents“.

Article 82: “Provisions of this convention have to be observed by high contracting parties under all circumstances. If on a war case one of belligerent parties is not participating in conventions, nevertheless provisions that remain obligatory for all warring, the convention signed“.

That is the states which signed the convention were obliged to support under any circumstances prisoners of war in human conditions. And not vice versa, as try to inspire mass media - if any state did not sign, then and it is optional to contain in normal conditions of prisoners.

Even if the opponent did not sign the convention, the country is all the same obliged to observe regulations on prisoners of war as its participant. Therefore high mortality of our prisoners is not connected with not entry of the USSR in the convention in any way, the Soviet government in such situation simply did not undertake a duty to support the military personnel of the opponent who was taken prisoner Red army at that level which is demanded by the convention. High mortality of captured commanders and fighters of RKKA is connected with the racial ideology reigning then in Germany according to which Slavs were untermensh - nedochelovek, a link between animals and actually people more likely. The relation is corresponding.

Unless scientists - to historians do not know it? They did not read the text of the convention? (However acquaintance with the primary source is method and historical research.) Perhaps, it is scary classified document? Alas...

Now we will look from the German side in this connection they considered themselves not obliged to support the Soviet prisoners of war according to requirements of the convention? Here excerpt from the instruction on the treatment of the Soviet prisoners of war:

The annex to the magazine No. 39058/41 from 8. IX. 41 g

of the Order about the treatment of the Soviet prisoners of war in all prisoner-of-war camps.

I. General questions of the treatment of the Soviet prisoners of war.

The Bolshevism is a deadly enemy National - sotsialistsky Germaniiya. For the first time the German soldier is faced by the opponent trained not only in the military, but also in political sense in the spirit of the destroying Bolshevism. Fight against National - socialism is imparted to it in flesh and blood. It conducts its all means which are available at its order: diversions, the decomposing promotion, arsons, murders. Therefore the Bolshevist soldier lost any right to apply for the treatment of him, as with the honest soldier, according to the Geneva agreement...

And so, the Soviet prisoners of war abuse was connected not with the fact that the USSR allegedly was not a participant of the Geneva convention, and that our military personnel was dangerous ideological opponents for National - socialism and, according to the logic of a nazi top, lost in this regard the rights of prisoners of war.

And most important: contrary to the official version, the USSR the participant of this convention everything is was:

Declaration .

The undersigned national commissioner on foreign affairs of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics declares present that the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics joins the convention on improvement of the fate of prisoners of war, wounded and patients in field armies concluded in Geneva on July 27, 1929.

In witness whereof the national commissioner on foreign affairs of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, properly the representative for this purpose, signed the present declaration on accession.

According to the resolution of the Central executive committee of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics of May 12, 1930, the real accession is final and does not need further ratification.

It is made in Moscow on August 25, 1931

(signature) Litvinov

document requisites: TSGAOR of the USSR fund 9501, inventory 5, unit hran. 7th leaf of the case 22.

A we will postpone clever books now, we will remove a cloak of the judge, prosecutor, lawyer, and also “clever points“. Let`s think. The main motive of ill treatment of the Soviet prisoners of war was that policy to which Germany of that time adhered. Also there was no difference, the USSR in this convention consisted or not, nazis in the same way would destroy our fellow citizens in camps for prisoners of war, in extermination camps. For Hitler no laws existed, he recognized only force language. And it is absolutely unclear who needs to be a lawyer in such a way to Hitler with his henchmen and to fool the heads to our fellow citizens?

So what communication between Stalin and brutal extermination of our prisoners by Germans? And any. Only some current “historians“ so do not consider.