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“We in 2012 will tear!“ - the Review of a concert 29. 01. 2012 Valentina Strykalo of

Came somewhere in 9, it appeared it was possible to come to the half-tenth safely: himself did not need to take the place especially and a concert began after promised. From the subway of Heroes of Dnieper to reach at most 15 minutes on foot. To the people under bar there was not much: only several rows (have heard a lot about “chiliarches“ I was slightly surprised: the capital everything is and the pub still contained in itself). Little girls were whispered among themselves that there was somebody durnev.
the First question which comes to mind when you come emerges: “where scene?“ . And as the bar becomes clear placed between a scene and the hall. Such... I: saw anywhere yet why then not to place kitchen from paranecks in the same place?! And besides for me as for the performer too, too long distance to the hall, bigger contact is necessary.

The atmosphere at a concert was good and at least for the sake of it it was worth going on it. The people sang each word from beginning to end, and little girls squealed so that stuffed up ears. And at such moments when you sing and all sing, you jump and all jump feel something special: as though all at this moment endure the same feeling, feel a certain community and a unification of spirit. For the sake of it the moments it is worth living.
However to a concert and after it public is separated, and especially important py dads take away by cars. As sang makarevich - “and only in me one they saw the friend“.
+ Is a pity that did not sing the song “mother, mother“.
In general something in it is it: to proorat with all the heart any obviously nonsenses. In the same pop-music all wrinkle noses from nonsense of texts, but here if in advance to ogolosit that it is nonsense, then there are no claims any more and “it is possible for all“ =)
As for group, then as group they do not look, and look “Strykalo and accompaniment“. On openness to people, on Strykalo`s attractiveness on the first place, on the second the drummer with the bass player and on the last the guitarist with a sour mine. There is no feeling that each island. at from what does. Yes, Valentin gives all the best, “holds the hall“ and so on, but probably and begins to become boring to it from a concert in a concert “on knurled“. Generally it is necessary to grow, surpass itself most though this and the most difficult.
A in general I was very much loaded with live energy, positive emotions, a spiritist is shorter than oozes so if you wish they are come to Valentin Strykalo`s concerts to the next few years yes sir.

29. 01. 2012, Docker pub, Kiev