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Why men and in general males are necessary?

the Nature is arranged rather rationally, and is unclear why the male is necessary. If at the person of the man are the main productive force, then at animals they eat more than a half of an available forage, almost do not show care of younger generation.

Among pets where the person regulates a ratio of floors, he supports 1 bull on 40-50 cows, 1 rooster on 10-12 chickens, and all goes perfectly - both with the birth of calfs, and with production of eggs.

It would seem what it is simpler than - it was executed to the girl of 18 years, at her in itself the child, naturally, the girl is brought, she gives birth to him and there are no cares with one-way love, family problems, failure to pay the alimony etc. (the truth, poets and novelists are deprived of a livelihood).

But not everything is so simple. Vegetative reproduction in the nature meets generally in flora, at enough simple organisms (though they seek for sexual reproduction, a striking example - all blossoming plants).

The main reason for that - with complication of an organism genetic failures begin to play the increasing role. While the description of an organism requires a few genes, mistakes in them do not play an essential role - only a few units of the appearing freaks are destroyed by natural selection.

But the organism is more difficult, the more genes are necessary for its description and the probability is higher that in some gene there will be a mistake and, eventually, there will come the limit when does not rescue already any natural selection - continuous freaks will be born. Here the nature also thought up an ingenious exit. During creation of a new organism the duplicate set of information on him - one from the father, another from mother is used, and there is some mechanism allowing to choose serviceable genes. The situation is similar to production. Let`s say at plant to the worker charged to make some detail, but there are no new drawings of this detail and it was given two old shabby drawings. Now, if some place is jammed on the first drawing - it is possible to look at it on the second, and thus the assignment will be successfully executed.

Similarly and in wildlife: if in a maternal gene there was a breakage, information, necessary for creation of an organism, will be a schitana from a gene fatherly and quite healthy organism will be born. However, in this organism the faulty gene will be concealed, and the ban on closely related marriages follows from here.

Let`s say one of parents has a damaged gene. It will not affect the parent in any way - the correct information will be a schitana from the second gene. In any way this regrettable fact also will not affect their children - as the body described in the damaged gene has to be arranged, it is so in detail described in a serviceable gene of the second parent. Moreover, the faulty gene will be received only by a half of children of these parents.

And now we will assume that the brother and the sister, both having the damaged gene, conceived the child. With probability it will have 1 to 4 two damaged genes and the birth of the freak will become inevitable.

Genes, in - the first, share on recessive and prepotent, and in - the second, are packed into larger units - chromosomes. The dominance of a gene means that first of all genetic information at development of a new organism will be read out from it. For example, the person has a kareglazost gene dominanten in relation to a gene of a seroglazost and three options of a combination of genes at which the brown-eyed child is born, and only one (both father`s, and mother`s genes describe gray eyes), at which the gray-eyed descendant will be born are possible.

However the nature carries out the principle of paired relationship of genes not to the end. If at the person in a female organism all 23 couples of chromosomes are identical, then in man`s 23 - I couple is made of two different chromosomes - XY. It is possible to tell that the main person is a woman, and the man - the certain option of the person necessary for providing the mechanism of sexual reproduction.

Existence of an unpaired chromosome has an adverse effect on man`s health. Geneticists contain several hundreds of especially man`s diseases and deviations caused by this circumstance. From them two problems - hemophilia and homosexuality are most noticeable.

Hemophilia - an incoagulability of blood at which even the small wound threatens the patient`s life as bleeding from it does not stop. Only men are ill it, but she is told through women.

All the matter is that the mechanism of production of the protein providing coagulability of blood is described only in X - a chromosome. And as men have it one and if the gene which is responsible for this protein is damaged, then there will be no this protein also, blood of such man will not be turned. Perhaps, the hemophiliac, most famous in Russia, - the only son of the last Russian emperor.

At women everything is far more reliable: the gene in one X - a chromosome is damaged - to their services there is the second with the same gene, and with coagulability of blood will be all right. In order that the woman got sick with hemophilia, it is necessary that in its organism two damaged genes met, and such cases are extremely rare - about 1 on 10 million, and only at daughters of hemophiliacs.

Nevertheless the woman with one damaged gene of coagulability of blood, though will not be ill itself, this damaged gene will transfer to a half of the descendants. For daughters nothing terrible will occur, will rescue a pair fatherly gene, and here for sons - problems with hemophilia will become inevitable.

Other widely known problem caused by disagreement with genes - homosexuality. This time the dog is buried in especially man`s Y - the chromosome made of prepotent genes and describing everything than the man`s organism differs from female. Among other, somewhere in subconsciousness of the man also the program of man`s behavior saying is written down that the young woman, for example, such as draw on boards - it is the most beautiful of all is in this world, it is necessary to aspire to it, pleasantly to be near it, etc.

When French say that women understand nothing female beauty, they also do not suspect, are how close to truth. In the aspiration to win the male hearts of the woman, generally are guided by a trial and error method, as a rule, seeking to emphasize by means of cosmetics and the fitting clothes natural female lines. The main task of the fashion designer dressing the young woman - to achieve that, being dressed, it looked as naked.

Even be at women green skin and a trunk instead of a nose, all the same it would be considered as a sample and a standard of beauty, and those from men who would not agree with it, would disappear already in the next generation.

But if the gene providing record of all this program in male subconsciousness is damaged, then, in full accordance with the general principle of sexual reproduction, the necessary information will be a schitana from the corresponding site X - chromosomes. But there - that the model of female behavior - the man a support and the defender in life is written down, the father of future children, and the woman needs to aspire to it.

It is no wonder that the man with such failure in the program of sexual behavior will aspire to representatives of the floor, and we will call him the homosexual.

Other business at women. Presence of two X - chromosomes guarantees the correct program of sexual behavior even if in one of them there will be any mistake. From this it follows that no lesbians in the nature exist. Even if in one organism two X will meet - chromosomes the damaged genes describing sexual behavior, then such woman will be equally indifferent both to men, and to women. Y - it all the same has no chromosome where the love to women is written down.

There is no doubt that along with “true“ homosexuals there is also a number of “false“ homosexuals approximately equal to number of “lesbians“ - men - the same victims of aspiration to be allocated. Not for nothing, when with age the nonsense passes a little, all these “lesbians“ quietly marry and give birth to children.