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8 feats of Vladimir Putin

were not translated still athletes in our Russia!
should be Read.
Feat 1. Military.
Somehow time attacked our country wild southern tribes wahabite from the Caucasus Mountains. Thought that we became weak and helpless. But Vladimir Putin touched the Russian land and said: “Who will begin to be on friendly terms with Wahhabites, that in a toilet will be drowned“.
Were frightened tribes southern and at once made the peace with Vladimir Putin on a formula “Money in exchange for Cessation of Hostilities“.
A Vladimir Putin of all the colonel on a formation military. And that he with these tribes would make, be he the general or even the field marshal!
Feat 2. Historical.
To Vladimir Putin reigned in the country a lawlessness and anarchy. Also he came, touched the Russian land, and at once all in a vertical were built. And who did not want, so that either to Chita, or to London sent. Also there was in the country an order and grandeur strange.
I called those times vague, and present stable. And who did not believe in it, that fool will be.
Feat 3. Archaeological.
Dived somehow Vladimir Putin where all to it dived many times and nothing at the same time found, and pulled out two amphoras strange Ancient Greek. And all because he always sees that another not in power. who also did not believe
A in it, that too the fool will be.
Feat 4. Friendly.
Never Vladimir Putin held the power constantly. And even once true made the friend the President. Because for friends Vladimir Putin grudged anything never. Will touch happened the Russian land and asks: You “want“?
I nobody did not refuse yet.
Because friendship for Vladimir Putin`s friends above all.
Feat 5. Off-road.
Vladimir Putin Solved somehow all country our immense to pass. But not on the SUV what import, and on our “to Lada - the Guelder-rose“ which evil tongues a basin with bolts call. Also people Russians because that was impossible in principle did not believe in it.
But Vladimir Putin proved that nothing impossible before it happens. He touched the Russian land, was surprised to its roughness extreme and flew by a horse black before the crowd which spaced out from amazement. Because all ways before Vladimir Putin are open now.
Feat 6. Heavenly.
Somehow time set fire to the woods the Russian foes and summer hot and any Ministry of Emergency Situations could not cope with these fires. And then Vladimir Putin sat down at a plane steering wheel, water of dumping and flew over the fires. And all of them went out at once, and there where water the prime minister loaded spilled, there flowers grew marvelous.
I came back Vladimir Putin to Earth, touched the hot Russian land and said:
“This test is sent for our sins“.
But for what and by whom it is sent so nobody understood. But all clapped and caps threw up for pleasure up.
Feat 7. Financial. Once the Americans smoked decided the whole world to surprise with
and to bring down the financial markets. That then to buy up our country cheaper. But Vladimir Putin did not allow regional committee Washington to take under control ours gas and oil.
he Touched the Russian land and told: “Also it is useful so far“. Also let Americans go whistle. Also he decided to become then the most rich in the world because Americans of the rich never touch.
I at it everything, as always, turned out.
Feat 8. Internal.
But were not translated still foes at Vladimir Putin and within the country. Mean Americans decided to move away him by means of Muscovites full to which Vladimir Putin gave everything earlier. And then he decided to address working class that that protected it and supported in a difficult moment.
I were told then by messengers from workers that at Putin to live it became much more cheerful. And if who will not believe them that fool will be. And will begin to eat the Russian land of crude
I. Vladimir Putin decided to crush opposition banderlozhny, contraceptive! And the tsar to become vsederzhavny for about 12 years.
However, this feat is not ended by it yet. And so far all about our athlete Russian Vladimir Putin. who read
A about its feats sitting, but not standing as earlier it was warned moreover and coffee at the same time drank and smacked the lips, that is waited by tests unprecedented Gehenna fiery bludgeons OMON.
A memory of Vladimir Putin`s feats in centuries will remain and will fly by word of mouth over
I his descendants Vladimir Yasno will call the Sun of the Second. And his portrait at Red Square will be laid out by a stone blocks. And the Moon which by that moment of ours will become will call by his name.
Fly spaceships - hi to Vladimir Putin - to Vladimir Yasno the Sun to the Second!