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Horror film “Fog“. Who there in a haze is stolen with the look burning? Inhabitants have

Antonio Bae on a nose anniversary. 100 years as the first settlers put tents here, hammered a stake with the American flag and constructed church. Well, staked out for themselves the right here to live and breed. Now citizens want to note this joyful nostalgic fact with a pomp for the sake of what svayal in the downtown a modest monument and prepared cabbage pies.

However the holiday can die. The local priest, the father Malone, finds the hand-written diary of the ancestor. The manuscript broadcasts that hundred years ago settlers behaved as cattle ungrateful. Malone`s great-grandfather with accomplices promised the head of leper colony a place in the sun of California, and instead parted in fog of a barbecue and got unfortunate leprous on reeves. The ship “Elisabeth Dane“ safely went to a bottom together with all passengers and team. Certainly, bastards kept gold, having founded on the place of a dirty bog Antonio Bae.

Having learned the truth first-hand, Malone became sad, dropped to a bottle and lost interest in the future celebration. Other inhabitants it is not aware yet that are going to dance on bones. Bones ask to pay on a visit because time to descendants came for sins of the ancestors blood.

Dense fog slowly crawls over the city, enveloping houses and zapolony itself streets. In fog that the patients with leprosy dragged by time and long stay at the bottom who are eager for squaring of accounts hide. In hands at them a machete and hooks, in eyes emptiness. The meeting with them does not promise anything good, but citizens know about a true stuffing of fog. And safely open a door to face own death … John Carpenter made a speech as

At shootings of the sixth movie as the person - an orchestra. Both the reaper, and shvets, and on a fife igrets. And literally. He both composed a music, and the scenario wrote (together with Debra Hill), and even tiny kameo pleased the viewer. In the leading female role - his wife of that time and a muse Edriyenn Barbo. Right there, at some distance, the protege in the person of Jamie Li Curtice, in time to tear heart-rendingly a throat in its “Halloween“.

It is therefore obvious that Carpenter`s tape of the relation has no relation to the story of Stephen King of the same name. Especially as homonymy emerged on light only in Russian translation. However, it is not excluded that King which accused of plagiarism more than once borrowed an idea a little. Trifle. And Carpenter in revenge picturized three years his “Christina“ later. So authors in calculation. Everyone at everyone stole something.

The movie at Carpenter turned out horrible. Primitive in fact, but awful. Measured knock at a door. The fog creeping against wind. Dark, indistinct figures in a haze. The dead persons moving under a bed-sheet. And behind all this the physiognomies of heroes warped for fear. No wonder. When from fog the semi-decayed hand with kolyushche - the cutting subject reaches for you, you will necessarily be excited.

But business even not available mysterious monsters whose secret will be revealed closer to the burning final. All nuance in the atmosphere of silent horror which it is similar to the fog creeping under a door makes the way under the viewer`s skin. Actually “Fog“ not so much frightens how many disturbs. And in each subsequent shot, whether it be the lonely wave running on the coast, or the gloomy clouds running over a desert landscape subconsciously you look for threat. Where there to present akha - fears, ailing and bloody. Capable unless to force to obkakatsya the baby. And that surprise. To them to learn from classics of a genre how it is necessary to bring public to a kondrashka competently. Notice, Carpenter in a shot has neither blood, nor the dropping-out guts. Avaricious paints it forces audience to watch “Fog“ at the turned-on light. And each campaign behind sandwich on kitchen becomes test for bravery. It to you not a dusty bag from - for a corner. Here it is necessary to understand.

The considerable share of a suspense to the movie is given also by the music written by Carpenter and processed on a synthesizer by Dan Uaymen. In this case it is not easy some background, and the real minimasterpiece which is an integral part of the events. The director himself in most cases composed a soundtrack to the movies, and every time tried to obtain the necessary effect.

In spite of the fact that the profit on hire of “Fog“ exceeded costs of production in 20 (!) time, severe masses had not really high opinion on the next creation of a horrormeyker. The main claims are quite obvious and are focused on multiple disagreements of a plot. The director himself also was dissatisfied with the work, and even at a stage the post - a prodakshna remade nearly a third of the finished shooting material.

In 2005 the director Rupert Veynrayt famous only mistichesko - the religious thriller of “Stigmata“, made a resolute attempt to reanimate an atmospheric horror film. Too offered Carpenter, but that with firmness refused, having satisfied with a position of the producer. Stars strongly expensive did not begin to invite, recruited actors from television, however, from enough successful series. Maggie Grace - from “to Survive“, Toma Uellinga - from “Smolvill`s Secrets“. But left absolutely boringly.

And here - that all understood, than the original was good. It not zaduryal to the viewer head motives and foolish dialogues. In it is mute almost there were no stamps which set the teeth on edge. Its slowness and thoughtfulness, together with silent, but such shrill music, gave the chance to the viewer completely to like nightmares of the quiet port town. In a remake all literally. If to you the monster with a machete in a hand is knocked, so it is necessary for somebody? All try to think logically, to look for background, to dig in implication and to be eager for truth. But the interesting story all the same did not turn out. Characters are all some szhulkanny, untold, schematical. It is difficult to empathize dummies.

If to consider “Fog“ in a retrospective of creativity of the master, then Carpenter, certainly, had also much more interesting movies. Same “Halloween“ or “Prince of Darkness“, “Christina“. And, certainly, “Something“ and “A big alarm in small China“. Alas, somewhere from the middle of the ninetieth Carpenter lost the remains of the talent and steeped in projects, so doubtful on quality, that it is even simpler not to mention them in vain. But we remember his early pictures and we love. And “Fog“ among them.