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How to become the owner of the apartment?

Ya the psychologist also help women to become more successful. Ask me many different questions. One of readers of my website (we will call her Oksana) asked such question: how to earn on the apartment to the woman? Oksana is 35 years old, she is not married, brings up the son, works at home.

I answered Oksana and other women so.
In - the first, it is necessary to specify a question : you need to earn to the apartment or the apartment is necessary ? You feel a difference?

If you want to earn independently on the apartment, and will be. You will begin to stick day and night to earn the half-sums of years for five, and then will take the credit for other sum and very long will pay it.

Still option: to organize extremely profitable business which except bringing of profit for certain “will extend“ from you all juice. No money in that case will please you any more or all of them will leave on recovery of health. Believe me, I passed it.

In - the second, taking into account already told, I suggest to make so that your apartment found you or you were found by the man with own apartment or the house.

Perhaps, you will not believe in what I will write further, but it is the truth. When I lived on the rental apartment and dreamed about own, inside I had a feeling that actually I want to live in the house. I just felt it, and all - without everyones on that the bases! At that moment I had no spare cash for purchase of the house, I had no admirer - the man who would invite me to the house. What did I make?

I cut out the photo of the house which was similar on of what I dreamed from the glossy magazine. The house stood near the beautiful autumn wood … I hung up this photo at the workplace and several times a day looked at it.

There passed five years. Now I live in such house: nearby wood, fields, small river. But the most important - with me nearby the beloved of whom I once dreamed. How it turned out? No, it not the miracle, is a result of difficult, often painful work on itself as the Woman. In five years I endured both treachery, and disappointment, and attempt of a suicide. And still I did not cease to work on myself: the patience and work help to reach much …

B - the third, I advised Oksana to address myself - the Woman from capital letter : wise, sincere, loving. This Woman chooses the man not by the principle: and what it will give me? Will buy the apartment? And car? No, such Woman will choose the man on call of soul and heart, without slyness before herself. Men always feel where love and where calculation.

What means - to address the internal Woman?

At first open the Feminity. Begin with appearance: wearing skirts and dresses to the most surprising images changes power of the woman. Among huge number of women in trousers you will already draw with it attention.

Then forgive all men whom you met and who were meekly loved, including youthful years. Especially forgive those who deceived you, betrayed. Forgive also the parents and yourself. Write everyone forgiveness - the letter and begin with the letter to yourself. For example: “Dear Oksana, Forgive that I long took offense at you for - … blamed for that is … abused for - …“ You will notice: it will become easier for you. You can keep or burn letters then, it is unimportant.

Now you are ready to creating - for example, an image of the apartment) Write why to you the apartment who lives in it whether it is good to residents whether it is cozy them in the house?

Make a collage of this house: from various pictures, photos of interiors create that image of housing which is closest to you. You choose the city, the country where you want to live. At the same time try that on a reverse side of cuttings there was no negative information: advertizing of alcohol, bad stories etc.

Hang up the received collage in that place where you will see its greatest number of once a day. In the center of this collage place the photo and the relatives - on them you have to be happy and be pleasant to yourself.

Listen to these councils - and at you everything by all means will turn out! To become the owner of the apartment of whom you dream, in your forces.