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Who will be the following President of Russia? / The forecast /

Before answering this question, let`s define the main favourites of the upcoming elections. Officially registered presidential candidates of Russia of 5 people. It is a pity that the real opposition was not allowed to elections. I mean S. Piunova and G. Yavlinsky. It is unlikely they would win, but, at least, it would be the people representing the real opposition of today`s power.

Two will be the main rivals at the upcoming elections: V. Putin and G. Zyuganov, but also election campaign of M. Prokhorov will be interesting. The others will delay part of voices on themselves, but this three will not compete. V. Zhirinovsky rather cloyed to voters in 20 years of the stay in political arena, he already played the best role, became clear to all, and from it is uninteresting. Page. Mironov, having taken the initiative, in case of a victory, to refuse voluntarily the power, at once lost part of the voters. The role of the savior of Russia not really to him goes.

We pass to the main favourites. I, for some reason, had associations with a hippodrome. Let`s stake now. Let`s begin with G. Zyuganov. It expresses interests of the most part of the population of the country which is feeling nostalgic for the past. Its program affects all “sick“ places of our society, but the solution which it proposes, give “utopia“. It is quite good to return all natural resources, monopoly for vodka, cigarettes and other important branches of a national economy to property of the state. But, it is possible only by depriving of money and the power at the oligarchs ruling today the country. Smells slightly of civil war. And it is necessary to us? But, for 27 - 30%, Zyuganov can count: around it all poor and the disadvantaged who are not owners of the life will gather and hope for the state. And now and those who, without loving the present power, will be forced to vote for it because there is no choice.

M. Prokhorov is interesting already that this new person in big-time politics. The personality is very ambiguous, but, certainly, charismatic. After Peter I was not in Russia high growth of governors, and it would be desirable that at the summits ours was highest on the head. Well, and if it is serious, then Prokhorov has no chances to become the president this year, but it correctly begins the way in big-time politics. For it money became means of achievement of the purpose for a long time. Its new purpose - the power. He is clever and really estimates the chances. He can quite count on 10% of voices. Spending considerable funds for public relations - campaign, Prokhorov will kill two hares: will become the famous politician and will create the party. Literally, in two months he will complete “a course of the young politician“, will learn “to hold blow“, will prove to be in business. It has enough courage, mind of ambition, originality. Of course, it is necessary to it hardly. Skeletons in its case will find much, it is necessary to answer many inconvenient questions. Its minuses: it is too young for the president and is very rich. The middle class, part of the intellectuals will support him, but the simple people will not vote for it since it is sure that it is impossible to earn such denzhishch by fair means. And, so it same, as well as all oligarchs, is also too far from the people. The Russian people it is difficult to convince that it is possible to earn money with brains. Here if Mikhail Prokhorov already during election campaign invested heavily in social projects, chances on elections at him would increase. Anyway, let there will be at least one young, beautiful, self-assured candidate.

The victory will be for V. Putin. Having sat on two main chairs of the country, so just it will give the power to nobody. No fair elections will exist. And chambers on all polling precincts will not help. If wanted fair elections, for the same money it would be possible to install electronic ballot boxes. In them in the automatic mode counting of votes would be conducted, and the result would move in the mode “online“ on the TsIKa monitor, and all country would watch it at screens of the TVs. This would be an interesting show! But it in our country is impossible, at least, in these elections.

The great Chinese philosopher Lao - Zi told: “The best governor about what the people know only that it exists. It is slightly worse those governors whom the people love and ennobles. It is even worse those governors of whom the people are afraid. Most worse those governors whom the people despise“. Jesus Christ would be the best for Russia. But it is necessary to wait for its coming still. For now let there is that governor whom we deserve because any power from God.