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How to lift birth rate in Russia?

are Affected by a blindness of the current experts who are intricately explaining the reasons of low birth rate in Russia. Because in 1980 the Soviet scientists precisely defined that the disproportion between floors is the main reason of low birth rate in Russia (USSR).

They gave the mass of proofs and explanations, in particular that fact that in all countries with high birth rate noticeable excess of number of men over the number of women is observed.

And the this ratio is higher - the birth rate is higher. And vice versa: the this ratio - the less birth rate is lower. In total! There is no need for abstruse researches and theses! I try to receive 30 years from opponents an example of the country monogamous customs with excess of the man`s population over female and low birth rate or on the contrary: with numerical prevalence of women over men and high birth rate. And to these pr did not receive.

And proofs of the theory not to consider! The most bright example - China and India where the ratio between floors reads off scale: 1200 men on 1000 women. In China there are provinces where this ratio comes nearer already to 1400/1000 in favor of men. It is clear, that at such ratio between floors no normal woman without coercion will do any abortions, perfectly realizing that if not with this man, then with another she lifts the children.

To the contrary, when in Russia 1000 men are the share of 1147 women, following the results of census of 2002 (and from this one thousand part - in places of confinement, part - alcoholics and addicts, part - disabled people and disabled, that is the real ratio between floors among reproduktivno wealthy individuals makes 1500/1000 in favor of women at all), few what woman will decide to give birth to more than 1 child, subconsciously being afraid that in 5-10-15 other woman who was not the partner in the marriage market in due time can take away her husband from a family.

To take, for example, two related on spirit and culture of the country: Great Britain and USA. If Great Britain, as well as the majority of the European countries, has problems with birth rate, then in the USA nothing similar is observed: for the last 30 years the population grew more than by 90 million people there, having overcome a mark of 300 million.

For an explanation of this difference it is enough to look at gender and age structure of these countries. While in in Great Britain numerical prevalence of women over men, reigns in the USA - directly on the contrary.

Would like to highlight that emigration in the USA did not exert almost any impact on growth of the population. At an annual quota of emigrants in 50 thousand people it is easy to consider that in 30 years the contribution of emigration made only 1,5 million people (and the population grew more than by 90 million). Emigration helped the USA a little differently: considering the fact that most of emigrants - men, emigration promoted a ratio, present, favorable for high birth rate, between floors. As a result of the USA became the country with typically large families, having turned into the power of the world, the third on population.

If someone is discordant with such judgment, let will give everything - an example of the country with monogamous foundations where at numerical prevalence of women over men there would be a high birth rate, or on the contrary: at a superiority in strength of men over women - low.

Only such example (if it is not artificially created) can refute the provided theory. All the rest - from the evil.