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Return of ease

of the Letter “SL“ in the well-known mersedesovsky index, as we know, is meant by Sport Leicht, “sports easy“. The first racing compartments of Mercedes 300 SL in 1952 really had an easy aluminum body, but the well-known “Wing of a seagull“ went to mass production already with steel “body“. And here 60 years of Mercedes later declares that the body of a roadster of SL of the sixth generation is almost entirely made of aluminum again! Steel details of a body can be counted on fingers is a frame of a windshield, a loop of doors and a framework of a trunk lid. But even the framework of folding rigid top is executed from a magnesian alloy, and other 89% of body details - from alloys of winged metal. Longerons and the panel of a floor - from strong extruded aluminum, internal elements are received by molding, and external panels are manufactured of aluminum hire. The new body weighs only 254 kg - 110 kg easier, than similar steel. In the whole SL it is easier for the R231 series than the predecessor on 125-140 kg depending on the version, including thanks to use of aluminum in a suspension bracket though in length the roadster grew by 50 mm (to 4612 mm), and in width - on 57 mm (1877 mm). The equipped mass of the SL version of 500 - 1785 kg, but open Jaguar HK weighs 1696 kg. Though the cabriolet of BMW 650i pulls already on 1940 kg. Rigidity of a body grew by torsion from 16400 Nanometers / a hail to 19400 Nanometers / a hail (against 18000 Nanometers / a hail at SLS AMG roadster). Means, will be noise and vibrations less: mersedesovets hurried to declare that SL - the most silent car in a class. It has textile flaps, noise-insulating foam under a floor and a special sound-absorbing film in a windshield. SL 350 - its petrol atmosfernik“ V6 3 will become the basic version. 5 with direct injection develops 306 hp. And though old motor 3. 5 by car of former generation was more powerful (316 l. c), new SL disperses to one hundred on 0,3 with quicker - for 5,9 pages. Alternative option so far only one - SL 500 with “turbovosmerka“ 4. 7 435 hp. Its passport time of dispersal to 100 km/h - 4,6 with against 5,4 with at former “five-hundredth“ with the atmospheric V8 5 motor. 5 (388 hp) . A transmission anyway - seven-step “automatic machine“. Besides a totality of modern mersedesovsky electronics new SL can brag of the trunk lid electric drive which is activated by the movement of a leg under a rear bumper. But if at Volkswagen, BMW and Audi cars the luggage carrier can so only be opened, then SL maybe independently to close a cover. The rigid roof is offered in three options - “deaf“, with a glass insert or Magic Sky Control with electrochromic glass and the operated extent of blackout. Folding time - 20 seconds. New SL will become the first-ever serial car with the janitors of AquaBlade developed two years ago by the Valeo company. The screen wiper brush, its spoiler and nozzles of a washer are united in uniform knot - the hollow lead of the janitor at the same time serves as a tube for liquid supply. On all length of a brush the set of openings through which “omyvayka“ is sprayed directly in a “working“ zone - just before rubber “edge“ is executed. For surcharge screen wipers can be supplied also with heating. Other innovation - the FrontBass system which uses emptiness of a floor in a zone of legs of the driver and passenger as the resounding chambers for low-frequency loudspeakers of the audio system. Room made from loudspeakers in the doorway is given to offices for small things. The premiere will take place on a January motor show in Detroit, and at the Russian dealers of the car will appear in the summer. So far only the German prices judging by which cars will rise in price approximately for 5% are declared, that is at us for basic Mercedes SL 350 it will be necessary to give not less than 4,8 million ru bleat.