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How to keep man`s force? 10 secrets of

worked On problems of preservation of youth and increase in duration of active life not one generation of scientists. The question of preservation of youth respectively concerns women the same as men - a question of preservation of man`s force. And the second problem as sometimes it is considered, is already almost solved.

The recommendations of the American doctor Michael Wynn constructed on secrets of the Taoist doctrine - Ancient Chinese system of preservation of spiritual and physical health, according to the doctor, will help to overcome symptoms of fatigue and to resume such man`s force, necessary for activity.

1. Do not make love after plentiful food. At sexual contact on a full stomach production of sperm significantly decreases, digestion is broken and harm is done to a spleen. The sexual coition in a condition of easy hunger is much more effective and more qualitative because all your energy is directed at the same time only to receiving pleasure, but not to digestion of food. After sexual intercourse it is better to eat something sweet, but not confectionery. Dates, bananas or a fig will best of all restore your sexual energy and will help to prepare you for repeated contact.

2. Sex in an alcohol intoxication is not recommended. After acceptance of a high dose of alcohol you will not be able well to control the movement of your sperm that can lead to a fast ejaculation.

3. Empty a bladder before sexual contact. The full bladder prevents to relax well during sex and to concentrate on feelings.

4. Do not do hard manual work before sex. It can exhaust an organism and will serve as an obstacle for restoration of sexual energy as all forces will be necessary for physical recovery.

5. Exclude sexual contact if badly you feel. Sex in the weakened state caused by an illness, a stress etc. can shatter still more your health and promote transformation of a small indisposition in a serious illness.

6. Do not take a bath or a shower directly after classes sex. Water - the good conductor, including “energy“ of the person. Water procedures at once upon termination of the sexual act will take away from you a quantity of the saved-up charge. It is better to start them later minutes forty - hour when after sex you finally relax.

7. You do not enter a penis into the woman too intensively. If you continuously influence genitals of the woman hard blows of a basin and a penis, it leads to a sleep of a vagina and to emergence in women of the negative associations connected with pain at sexual contact. Sure, but gentle introduction of a penis will bring a sheer pleasure.

8. Do not rely excessively in the sexual plan for erotic “toys“. All production of sex shops (vibrators, dildos etc.) it is good for those men who have serious difficulties in satisfaction of the woman with usual ways. It is better for healthy person “to point the own weapon“ and to strengthen potential by exercises, a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Natural sex is much more high-quality than contact with supportive applications.

9. Do not use erotic imaginations for sexual excitement. Danger is that sex is limited to thinking opportunities, and it will be difficult for you to feel deep streams of sexual energy in your own body. When sex is movable by mind game, it blocks internal natural processes in your being because you are concentrated not in a body at present, and on some projections. As a result you will fully not be able to concentrate and on your partner as you will represent yourself in embraces of the abstract woman, and do not derive true organic pleasure from sexual intercourse.

10. Do not turn sex into routine. Any mechanical sex without due preparation and excitement is similar to masturbation. It is called still “dead sex“ as at the same time between partners there is no necessary exchange of sexual energiya.

To occupations by love it is necessary to treat as a feast and to start them only when both of you feel strong passion. Remember that quality of feelings, but not the number of sex is more important.