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It is better to be reconciled with the familiar evil?

Recently I heard a remarkable parable. The pupil to the master comes and speaks: “The teacher, I decided to vow poverty and chastity to reach an enlightenment as great Buddha!“

the Teacher shrugged shoulders and answered: “You were also before poor and lonely. You had neither money, nor wives - and will not be. Great Buddha since the birth lived in luxury, it had beautiful concubines and the wife, most wonderful in the world. Here when you will have all this, and you will voluntarily renounce - then speak about an enlightenment“.

The pupil felt very ill at ease. “Teacher! - he exclaimed. - But great Buddha was given birth by the prince! I will not be able to be born in this embodiment anew!“

the Teacher lowered a level and suggested to earn though on some decent lodge and to find the beautiful tender wife. Now the pupil could not tell any more that this purpose is obviously unreal!

Having entered a condition of meditation, he imagined a cozy clean lodge and the charming girl of whom long ago secretly dreamed, but dared to hope for reciprocity from - for the poverty. He saw how it, cheerfully singing, makes a dinner for its arrival and kisses gently him when it enters the house.

From this tempting picture … to it it became bad. And it is not just bad, and it is insufferably bad!

“What is with you?“ - the teacher asked.

“I saw what I actually want, - the pupil honestly confessed. - But I do not believe that it will come true“.

“And what, your way, happens instead?“ - the teacher took an interest.

“I am waited by series of poor and lonely days and nights, - the pupil sadly sighed. - Such is my karma, and me not to descend from its wheel“.

“Show me the karma“, - the teacher demanded.

Here the story-teller should say: “At this moment the pupil reached an enlightenment“, and significantly to become silent.

This time we will violate rules. For a start I honestly confess that heard only the beginning of a parable - to the story of the teacher about great Buddha. And all the rest - quotes from participants of my seminars. (Whether they reach an enlightenment - I do not know. I hope that sometime to them will carry). At the time of statement of the purpose them often begins to shake. (Me sometimes too - I an enlightenment precisely did not reach yet).

Or rather, not absolutely so. Shakes not at the time of the formulation of the purpose (“I want to be rich - happy - irresistible - free - forever young - healthy“), and at the time of transition from abstraction to a reality: when directors imagine the imagined scene of the come true dream.

Here then to them it becomes suddenly worse. Sometimes at this moment, and sometimes - every other day - another. It is strange, and teachers of positive thinking usually do not speak about it. And then poor dreamers draw a conclusion: with me precisely something not so. I have to be full of optimism and determination to move to the purpose - and instead at me in the pit of the stomach sucks and the depression begins. Precisely, a karma (heredity - education - circumstances - character) at me useless.

And then I ask:

- From what you took what actually in the future everything will remain same, how in the past?

“Because so was already many times: I dreamed and made great plans, but nothing left, and everything remained as usual“.

- And what you said to yourself when again nothing was impossible?

“And what I could tell? The loser you, I said. It is not lucky me, eternally nothing is impossible to me. Because I …“

- Wait it, - I interrupt. - And what you told yourself when set the purpose?

“What needs to be spoken in such cases: I strongly intend to it - to number … (to earn such - the sum, to marry on such - to make a round-the-world trip …)“

- Then I have an offer. Give you once again you will set this object, but with small addition: “I will make for this purpose everything that I will be able, but if by this time the dream does not come true - it is normal too. But I will learn much and I will be proud of the fact that I tried, but did not sit in place“.

Promise yourself that you will be proud and respect yourself anyway!

The amazed silence.

- And still, - I add, - choose such way to the purpose which in itself pleases you. To derive pleasure from process.

If, about the kind reader, the above described internal dialogue is familiar to you, - I will risk to give to you the same advice. In any case, it helped me.

“And all - - is possible, you will be curious, - why at imagination of the achieved objectives it becomes bad? “

Is a good question. If you read my article about the conflicts, you, probably, remember that I told about a reptile and mammal, living in us. They have purposes and tasks: to be protected from stresses. And any exit from a comfortable habitual zone - for them a stress.

You begin to understand? For them a comfortable zone - what occurred always. What they got used to. So far we inside - they are quiet and good-natured. But as soon as we approach dangerous border - they rear and turn on all the protective mechanisms. Up to an illness and accident. “I so rejoiced to this new work, but at the last minute got sick …“ However human subconsciousness (and a reptile with a mammal live exactly there) nevertheless differs in

from instincts of the real reptiles and mammals. And mighty spirits - assistants in fairy tales, and their more modern names (creative imagination, unconscious reason, force in us) are quite real. But they have one paradoxical feature: subconsciousness (we will call it something so) - at the same time and the mighty giant capable to make any movie under our scenario, and the shy child who is painfully afraid of criticism, a sneer and charges. Having caught them, he, like the genie, hides back in a bottle and is closed by a stopper.

That is why at some moment subconsciousness refuses to help us: it remembers that for unsuccessful attempt it was called the clumsy, the loser, the fool or at all a pettiness. For it it is intolerable. Better and not to try.

And here if it believes that we will always love and appreciate its help, we will be proud of our joint attempts to escape from a vicious circle (this circle will not become better even if to call its wheel karmas), to rejoice to the adventure and knowledge which we will find on the way - oh, then the genie will leave a bottle and will tell: “I listen, my master! Where you want to go? “ Now safely present to

the come true dream in all details, paints and emotions. If something is not pleasant to you - correct. Also you remember: this time everything will be in a different way because you dared to enjoy process, but not to trudge to result, being dripping with sweat from tension.

If we began with a parable - at parting we will remember the fairy tale. Read any of numerous tales of the stepdaughter who came back from a dark with treasures and the native daughter who received only ugolya. Both that, and another is you, it I, it we. With whom we will go this time?