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China in Russia or Russia in China? Modern territories of the native land

What to you is reminded by a Russia map? Correctly, the stretched accordion...

To the middle of the 19th century it only stretched. The Moscow principality - collecting of lands, increment by Siberia and the Far East, a gain of “the southern underbelly“ and Central Asia. Handles reached even to Port - Artur (Severo - the East of China) and Ross`s (California) fort, saw ours and in Hawaii. The Pacific Ocean nearly turned into a closed sea of Russia. Eh, “razzudis a shoulder, swing a hand“. The eyes - that envying, and handles grabby. But …

the Left hand was diplomatically snatched in 1867 - the USA bought Alaska, and fingers right (a floor - Sakhalin and Kuriles) already absolutely not diplomatically amputated in 1905 as a result russko - the Japanese war.

Further - it is more. In 1919 Russia at Bolsheviks contracted to the sizes of the Moscow principality - the Soviet Republic in a ring of enemies. And, about a miracle, again by 1945 almost restored the territory - the truth, already without Poland and Finland.

Also burst 1991 with the known events. The state accordion contracted for 20% at once and turned actually into Russia! Very few people assumed such turn of history, but all noticed on own skin.

Meanwhile, on October 14, 2008 there was a hardly noticeable event. Within differentiation with China from the country took away still a little territories - Tarabarov the island and a third of the island Big Ussuriysk near Khabarovsk. The document was signed by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leadership of the People`s Republic of China on October 14, 2004.

What`s next? Here from the impersonal area of the country we will pass to its population.

I will remind that in the middle of the 19th century the Russian Empire came to the Far East along with emergence of the United States of America in the Wild West. The Californian coast of the Pacific Ocean was won from Mexico in 1845-1848, and the Amur expedition of G. I. Nevelsky fell on 1848-1855 the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok was constructed by 1916, and the Transcontinental railroad to California is finished in 1869. On it similarity comes to an end.

In 150 years the population of the West of the USA increased by tens of millions of people. In 2000 34 million people lived only in California that does California by the most inhabited state of the USA (12% of the general population). The population of all Russian Far East - 6,3 million people (5% of the population). It is the most depopuliruyushchy region of the country: during 1991-2010 demographic losses made 1,8 million people, or 22% of the population.

You think, the world will long suffer such situation? It is unlikely. The forecast is sad, but is natural. You do not want to master and occupy? Move! Sakhalin and Kuriles will peacefully pass to Japan, and Seaside and Khabarovsk regions and the Amur region - to China (see the note below). By the way, economically Far East long ago not “our“ - 90% of a trade turnover is the share Russia of the countries aziatsko - the Pacific region.

Here consciously it is not told about the reasons of such situation - the format does not allow. But the thoughtful young reader can become interested in them. And maybe, will also set to the Far East?! Fair wind!

Note .

the Russian Empire till 1867 (16% of land of Earth) occupied the space of 23949 thousand, we will take it for relative unit.

The Russian Empire without Alaska - 22430 thousand; 0,94 otn. unit

Russia without Poland and Finland, by 1945 (USSR) - 21984 thousand; 0,92 otn. unit

Russia after 1991 - 17075,0 thousand; 0,71297 otn. unit

Russia without islands near Khabarovsk, 2008 - 17074,5 thousand; 0,71295 otn. unit

Russia without the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin? - 16987,4 thousand; 0,71 otn. unit

Russia without Primorye, Khabarovsk Krai and the Amur Region? - 15623,2 thousand; 0,65 otn. unit

By the way: the total area of land of Earth makes 149 million square kilometers.