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Well and badly

Everything that occurs in our life, receive an assessment. Well or badly. At work everything turns out, you do interesting things, you are thanked for it in every sense - well. You ceased to understand long ago what you do here, yours of the robot it seems as is necessary, but you are perceived as self-evident - badly. If to look on well and badly detached as if to you all the same, then well and will become badly similar to indications of the automobile navigator. If you go along the set route, then the navigator is silent or “speaks“: “continue the movement“. If you go not there, then he “shouts“ by an opposite voice, “you descended from a route. Turn on the left or to the right“. Then the assessment well - badly on any events in life can be accepted as the valuable instruction. Of course, it is more pleasant when the instruction about “well“.

And how to accept a situation when concentration of instructions “badly“ ultraboundary? Theoretically the same idea to understand on what “the navigator specifies“. Is almost able when enemies from all directions, the head works in other mode. What to understand, manage to beat off there. Here the most useful everything will be to talk to somebody about the “badly“. The best option with the close friend or the person to whom you will be able to trust. And to dump tension will be too not superfluous. Hobby, rest, is simple to drink and have a sleep, everything that to you helps to relax. And then, again in fight until e you understand what “the navigator shouts of“, he will not calm down.

And how, for example, to be in such situation, it seems I understand signals of the navigator, I do not sit in the known place and I do not grieve, and I do something, I change in the life, and all the same some life not such as it would be desirable. Here, most likely matter in “a card site“ on which you go. A card site all this that has to surround you. For example, on the card there is no sea, and it is necessary for you. Therefore also feeling of life not it. Where do not turn, exhausting with a row is not present. Perfectly, means then it is necessary to look for the sea. You need normal work, let us assume, concept normal you for yourself defined, for example it can do the salary size, interest, an opportunity to develop. What is actually important for you. Perfectly, now just it was necessary to find work (sea). And such things can be as much as necessary in your life. It is good if you defined them and at least in dreams presented what card to you to liking. If you submit not all map, then nothing terrible, just the navigator will offer you a route to unknown places on the card.

Apprx. Let`s say learned to agree with the navigator, too dealt with the card, and there is no happiness all the same. Then business most likely in sense. What sense in what you do. Really it is pleasant to you or is so normal? You want to be engaged in it further? You joyfully tell about the work or a profession, or just dezhurno answer? How often people tell you thanks for your work? The sense is your internal truth. As far as you important also need in what you are engaged, as whom and where you work. And if you are at odds with sense, then it is worth looking for it. Perhaps, your case will be a lung and to you to change work or a profession enough. And life can throws down you the real challenge and everything is much more serious. And I wish you patience and courage to continue searches and to find the sense. Everything will turn out!