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Movie “Resident evil 2: Apocalypse“. Why the director Alexander Uitt enters into a shot the bargaining chip not at once - the actress Milla Jovovich?

That I like in the movie “Resident evil 2: The apocalypse“ is a lack of syusyukaniye with the viewer from the very beginning. The sexual maiden (not Milla Jovovich till), and Gil Valentine (the actress Siena of Gillori) in NA shoes the HIGH heel rushes into a site of police and “wets“ the infected prisoners - semi-finished products. Well, those who any more not the person, but also not absolutely zombie. Semi-finished products, generally.

Long ago I looked at the first part of “Resident evil“ 2002 - go years of release and I can tell that I still sometimes remember that movie. The first part was not just remembered, it is so weaved successfully, so terrible and at the same time dynamic that it was silly to wait from the sequel of bigger level of heat. But, having looked “at Resident evil 2“, I validly shook the head and changed the opinion.

In the first part of the saga about Ambrella corporation Ellis (Mila Jovovich) and mocked at the main character so enough. And here, in the second part subjected it to scientific vile experiences at all. It is a tepericha a peculiar semi-finished product too. Semi-zombie, semi-person. Powerful, terribly dexterous and beautiful.

Director “Resident evil 2: An apocalypse“ Alexander Uitt interweaves into a shot the bargaining chip not at once - actually Milla Jovovich. It reserve it as trump ace in a sleeve the good card conjurer reserves, for effective emergence. Oh and sly fellow this Uitt! Good fellow. Knows that the viewer waits for it emergence and drags out. But - moderately pulls.

Nearly half an hour from header credits passed, and Mila is absent everything and is not present. But “Resident evil 2: The apocalypse“ is so dynamic, as not at once ask a question: and where Mila? The most sexual actress of the second part of “Resident evil“ - Gil Valentine (the actress Siena of Gillori) in the fitting dress and with the gun atilt keeps in suspense the viewer the first half an hour of the movie without Ellis. The actress of Siena Gillori has a look prirodno - ice. As at the zombie. But it for the present not the zombie. She is a superpolice officer. Ah, as I liked its screen image in this part of the saga about harmful corporation! Good, sexual, fascinating work.

But minute comes, and authors throw out on the screen of a trump ace. Effectively there is Ellis (Milla Jovovich): flies through stained glass of church on the motorcycle and straight off, is not present - to a meeting, from two hands perforates monstrik from the Nemesis project. Nemesis - the next anti-human project of Ambrella corporation. Monsters in “Resident evil 2: The apocalypse“ was sent talkative very much as it seems to me.

Are similar to some women as language at them long - predlinny. Nemesis worked well for authors of the movie. It is red - bloody, with the long language. Cunning, artful, ruthless. That is monsters are shown such what often and the divorced and sick women are. In general I consider as the successful scenario course introduction of the Nemesis project to the movie.

This course created as if the third pole of an attraction of attention of the viewer. The first pole - Mila. The second pole - mertvyak with worms in eye-sockets, or the zombie of a different manner. And the third pole - Nemesis. The triangle turns out. And, as we know, the triangle is the steadiest figure in the nature. Means, we have steady interest of the viewer in a picture.

Everything stirs and maintains this interest. Even the plastic skeleton which is dropping out of a case - and that is successful. Brings a shred of black humour in a horror. In “Resident evil 2: The apocalypse“ is also interesting to me the Russian trace. Besides that the leading role is played by our former compatriot on the USSR Milla Jovovich, authors enter the Russian characters. And not from the negative point of view, and from positive!

Here our man the member of spetsnaz by the name of Nikolay. It is a pity, as it was bitten by mertvyak, but it killed evil spirits much before being transformed to the Russian zombie … So the Russian characters are positive and in Hollywood. And not just cranky former KGB - shnik or the oligarchs who became drowsy from money.

Me really movie “Resident evil 2: The apocalypse“ is pleasant. Prompt, moderately cruel, with clear central idea from the cycle “better people would not play about with the biological weapon“ and the memorable characters. The sexual movie (not the zombie means, they do not excite), and Milla Jovovich and Siena Gillori. We see on the screen not stupid mochilovo, and made gracefully an action - show.

I will not look for defects and I put

of 10 of 10