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Whether you believe in female friendship?

the True female friendship meet so seldom that it is necessary to tell about such cases that women understood true sense of friendship. Most often the girlfriend is a person with whom it is possible to do some shopping, to discuss secular news, to complain of an ingratitude of the husband and children, “to be published“ or sit with a small bottle of wine and to gossip.

Perhaps it and a little simplified scheme of female relationship, but generally it looks quite so.

There is no woman who at least once did not learn treachery of the best friend. And the earlier it will occur, the better. In youth all wounds are healed quicker, leaving only hems in memories and a bitter experience. At more mature age leaving of the husband to the best friend can lead to a serious illness. Therefore, by choosing the girlfriend, take into consideration the following :

1. That to which you will let into the secrets has to be from one with you “sandboxes“. You are not on friendly terms with rich if hardly - hardly you make ends meet. In artful subconsciousness envy, and then and desire to help it to lose this wealth can arise.

2. You are not on friendly terms with the beauty if she is cleverer and is more self-assured, than you. You will envy its success at men. On its background you will always suffer a defeat that will only add to you excess complexes.

3. You are not on friendly terms with that which has many girlfriends. Why to you superficial communication? And on bigger it just will not have time. If it is very interesting to you, let will be just a friend. Friends should not be let in private life, with them let you are connected by some one aspect of life: work, hobby, sport.

4. When the girlfriend asks you for suggestions, properly think whether to give her it. If it arrives as you advised it, and will lose, she will never forget it to you. It is the best of all to show it not less than three ways out, but how to arrive, let solves.

5. Attentively watch its relations with your beloved or the husband. If your girlfriend categorically is not pleasant to it, listen to his opinion on it. Perhaps, it is right and you should not be on friendly terms with it. If you noticed that she coquets with your man, and he likes such behavior - it is the first call that she sets a trap. Always remember what is not present on light of men who cannot be tempted! And uncountable true-life stories confirm that as temptresses the best friends most often act.

6. If the girlfriend constantly criticizes you, think why to you such girlfriend. The woman criticizes another in case feels over her the superiority or, on the contrary, out of envy that to it is not allowed to be such.

7. Remember that the best girlfriend is a pillow. Do not trust the intimate secrets to anybody, except the Lord. If there is a need to share, descend on a confession better, ask for suggestions the priest. This council will rely on experience of Holy Fathers, so it is possible to follow it safely.

8. Remember that the friendship, as well as love, is checked by time. Do not hurry!

Involuntarily there is a question: “And whether there is the true female friendship?“. Of course, meets, but it is rare. Also it is based, first of all, on mutual respect, on an inclination of soul and reason. Women have to be interesting each other as self-sufficient Persons.

Communication of such women is not reduced to discussion of household questions, fashions and to gossips, and gives food for mind of everyone. There is an exchange of energiya. The principle “you - me, I - you“ changes on the principle “you is a my angel - the keeper“. Such girlfriend will be with you both in the mountain and in pleasure, will come to the rescue to you at any time, will share the last and will not betray you at a difficult moment. Will be with you even then when the whole world turns away from you.

Here if in your environment there is such woman, then consider that you were lucky: you have the Real Girlfriend. And Irina Gribulina`s song “Girlfriend“ - about you!