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Why people tell one, and do another?

It is sure that each of you at least once came up against a situation when the person tells you one, and does absolutely another. Why does that happen? It is lie, weakness, uncertainty... What moves people to this moment?

In life it is very important to i to be able to understand people . Even it is more: it is necessary. Without it you will never have a successful private life. Without it not to see to you good relations with colleagues. And even you will not make true friends without ability to understand people.

Wonder - whether you are able to do it? May you feel others? Whether you know what can be expected from them? How many the broken hearts... how many the deceived investors... how many legal claims... And a problem everywhere one - inability to understand people.

And how to learn it? For a start remember one simple thing: everything that people tell, - all a lie . Terribly sounds, isn`t it? All that is told by the person, a lie - because all this or is better, than actually, or it is worse.

Never listen that is told by people, - you look at their subconscious vital installations. The truth is in the subconscious program which each of us has. If the person says that he wants one million dollars, - the truth it or a lie? Lie! He keeps back. He wants one million dollars, but so that for this purpose to do nothing. So that not to strain. So or not so? Check! Otherwise it would already have long ago this one million.

If at you the accumulator in the car sat down, you call the friend, and he says that he will arrive now and will help. He lies! He keeps back. He will arrive and will make everything instead of you. Itself will arrive, itself will connect wires, all will check also all will get. In his subconsciousness the program - to help friends, to be ready to do anything for the sake of friends is put.

And other acquaintance speaks to you: “I will always help you! Call at any time! The brother, for you anything“. And he also lies. It depends on his desire. Surely there will be a situation when he answers: “Listen, today in any way... One, the second, third... Give next week“. Familiarly? And as... The saying was heard “A friend in need is a friend indeed“?

What actually the person will do how to work is at him in subconsciousness. It is possible to call it the subconscious vital program. For this reason we speak to ourselves: “At first it is necessary to know it better“, - before building the relations. But it is actually necessary to recognize not its, and its subconscious vital program.

As you think when the husband says to the wife that he will not change any more... - truth it or lie? Do not trust any his word, you look at its subconscious vital program. On its habits. On his tendencies and interests. On its instincts. All answers there! Once changed - everything, the second time to repeat it - a trick. If the husband fooled around - he for 90% will make it again. Sooner or later. In a year, and maybe in 10 years.

Subconsciousness is one thousand times more powerful than consciousness. And if it seems to us that one fine day we will be able to change ourselves is no more than self-deception. We act only according to the subconscious vital program which is put in each of us.

Our brain - in some sense the computer. He, without participation of consciousness determines the frequency of reduction of a cardiac muscle. He in perfection regulates quantity of breaths and exhalations. He defines when it is necessary to go to a toilet. He solves, is cold to you or warmly, itself defines, you want sweet or salty. We carry out 80-90% of all our life “on an automatic pilot“. All this time we regularly follow this program.

Observe yourself, and you are surprised. Be surprised how hands twist a wheel to the right side when you need to turn to the right. And before it automatically you last to turn on the blinker.

Observe yourself - and you will notice as far as one day is similar to another. Actions which we make today, on tomorrow`s are how similar. These regularities, these repetitions are also the moments of manifestation of the subconscious vital program.

Therefore if people tell you one, and arrive in a different way, and it surprises you - you just are not able to understand people. You could not assume / provide / expect / believe / get used... Perhaps, it will come with experience. But to limit itself here from such unpleasant surprises, observe attentively.

Learn to understand people!