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How to solve any problem?

U of everyone in life happen black and white strips, or in a different way it is possible to call them the successful and unsuccessful moments. The unsuccessful moments are also called problems. In this article I want to prompt as it is possible to deal with any problem or at least to reduce its negative impact.

So, we will begin:

1. Solve problems in process of their receipt. It means that you should not disseminate attention, and it is necessary to concentrate on one subject, on the contrary. Then, perhaps, other difficulties will be solved.

2. Actually problems do not happen, there are situations - simple and difficult. And, as they say, desperate situations do not happen. The problem is a problem until you consider it as a problem.

3. the biggest problem is a fear. Also it is necessary to be afraid of it most of all. The only operating method to dissolve fear is to enter it and to stay in it some time. Perhaps, it is necessary to repeat several times, however each time traces of fear will be less and less. Not for nothing speak: “Fear takes molehills for mountains“.

4. Everything in this world exists concerning something and someone. Same concerns also problems. It is necessary to assess a situation globally, perhaps is even not a problem, but some trifle about which it is worth forgetting.

5. Try to find those who already had a similar situation with the positive final, consult and arrive similarly, at the same time and you will save time.

6. Try treats any problem, as a puzzle or an obstacle. Some obstacles can just be bypassed, and the puzzle can be solved together.

7. In difficult moments remember a parable the tsar Solomon.

The tsar Solomon had a ring which helped out it in difficult moments. On it it was written: “Everything will pass“. Once the tsar Solomon so was angry that he removed a ring from a finger and threw it aside. But for a moment saw that on ring inside too something is written. He approached, lifted a ring and read: “And it will pass too“.

8. And finally I will give a fragment from the book “Every Minute One More Buyer Is Born“ of Joe Vitale:

“Imagine that you live in the middle of the 19th century, for example, in America.

Four fifth American population - farmers. In the country only three big cities; the largest - New - York, in it will hardly be gathered 400 thousand inhabitants. Many from so habitual to us technical miracles are not invented today yet. You cannot enjoy radio and television as those just do not exist. You cannot use the computer, enter the Internet, call by telephone, call a taxi or just take the wheel. And some remote settlements of America it is even impossible to reach Civil war by rail because it is not too yet there.

There is no electricity. Most of people has no house even of a bathroom, and they wash once a week - it is considered normal. And having got sick, the majority of them eventually die as surgeons are in the habit to wash hands after operation in those days, but not to it. People still live in fear, being afraid of attacks of Indian tribes. Everywhere firing and death. During Civil war the lion`s share of the human population is wiped out.

And we still complain that we live in stressful times!

And those far years people thought how at least just to survive“.