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What tell dreams about? Dream “Camp“

“… I come with the seven-year-old daughter to boarding house - there I have a rest several years, it is well familiar to me. However now it looks started; several lodges nevertheless are populated with some strange people. We with the daughter choose a beautiful cottage near the sea, but it is under repair now, and offer us another.

I am disappointed and I decide to come back home. Near boarding house there is a bus station, go there. It appears, our bus will come only in one couple of hours. We with the daughter, everyone with the suitcase, settle down on a bench waiting for the bus and is imperceptible for itself we fall asleep. Having woken up, we understand that the bus left and it will be possible to get home only tomorrow morning. The administrator of station, wishing us to help, suggests to use a passing car is an ambulance. By the invitation of the accompanying paramedic we with the daughter get into “ambulance“.

Here, to the horror, I see two swaddled corpses which travel together with us. Fortunately, my daughter noticed nothing, and all road I try to distract it from terrible freight; the trip turns into hell. I want to reach as soon as possible to the house therefore, having only caught sight of familiar streets, I ask the car driver to land us. Both the paramedic, and the driver persuade me to reach directly to the house: we so long went by the car with corpses why to leave right now when remained very little. But I do not give in on their arrangements; the only thing that it is necessary for me - it is to save the daughter from heavy experiences …“

Record of a dream was made according to one woman. This dream was for it a reminder on the heavy experiences postponed in the childhood. Almost in forty years after the injuring event the woman saw this dream which meant actually healing, compensation, treatment from a trauma.

Let`s analyse images and motives of a dream and we will establish that they designate for the specific person, namely for this woman.

In - the first, the child`s archetype in a dream is always communication with the past. The forgotten pictures of the past come to life together with the child who dreams us. The child often appears in a dream when the person is already capable to endure and “release“ the injuring events of children`s years. Besides, the age of the child in a dream always indicates that time when the person actually experienced those emotions and impressions which dreamed it now. So, in our case it is about the woman`s childhood; when she was seven years old, there were some events, very important for it.

In - the second, in this dream it is told about some place, very familiar for my patient, - you remember, boarding house in which she had a rest more than once? For the correct analysis of a dream it is important to understand that it is about the place well familiar to the little girl who she then was. This place in which have a rest spend holidays. Pay attention: the adult woman knows that in boarding house have a rest, and the child she could not know about it; the reality of life and reality of a dream always intertwine. Besides it is necessary to consider that the dream reports: this place is already destroyed, he cannot be recognized. The habitual, familiar past does not exist any more.

Now we have some reference points for travel on the world of a dream of this woman. What happened to it in the childhood? What injuring events were imprinted by her memory? To what there is no return any more? Here what to me was told about it by the woman.

So it happened that once in the childhood at the age of seven years it had to come back from a summer camp independently. Parents did not arrive, the girl went home by bus one, knowing the road only approximately. The trip was long, and all this time to the girl was very terrible - and suddenly the father and mother is already dead?

Decades later the dream of this already adult woman told us about her deep children`s fear of loss of parents. In a dream the woman goes by the car with two corpses. In real life it went by the bus, being afraid of the fact that her parents are dead.

From where in a dream the daughter appears? The matter is that then, in the childhood to cope with heavy experiences it was not on forces therefore now, being adult and capable to endure this trauma, the woman becomes a mother to herself and lives history anew.

The dream about which I told describes not only permission of a trauma of the childhood, it makes also additional sense. The woman buried mother recently. The grief caused by loss of the loved one lost the sharpness. Now into the forefront warm memories of mother, of happy times when parents were living acted. These memoirs served as some kind of smychka between the far childhood and the present of my patient. The dream reminded the first experience connected with feeling of death of parents.

Loss of close people always in some degree deprives of us roots. Only the fertile dream is capable to return us to our childhood, to realize the roots, to rethink the past.