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Historical fighter “Apocalypse“. What is necessary for the real Indian?

Century allegedly XVI. The civilization of the Maya is in categorical crisis: economic, social and purely human. Simply speaking, there is nothing to eat, the people dry and die, and between certain Indian tribes there are bloody skirmishes which more are looking like genocide.

The settlement in which the young man by the name of the Paw of the Jaguar lives with a family was not lucky specifically. Their neighbors from the stone capital send retaliatory group to a small village. Shabby houses fall in a flame of big fires, and aggressors take away all able-bodied people with themselves, having left in the settlement only mountains of corpses and a pool of blood.

Having managed to hide the pregnant wife and the juvenile son in a prison cell, the Paw of the Jaguar together with tribespeople goes to a way to appear before a feast of the evil and despair. The stone city of the Maya is shaken by shouts of hungry and dissatisfied citizens, and also rhythmical knock of drums under which the local shaman cuts out hearts and cuts the heads for the sake of god of a rain and the wind Kukulkana. The paw of the Jaguar was lucky, his internals remained at him. Kukulkan took pity and organized to Indians a solar eclipse, hinting at what could be worse.

The captives who avoided a sacrificial altar are sent to the ground where local hunters perfect the skill on live targets. Running away, the young man strikes a mortal blow to the son of the main enemy and now for his life nobody will give also a bean. The group in full strength rushes to a pursuit. A paw of the Jaguar it is wounded, but he has an advantage - in this jungle he was born and grew. His persecutors do not understand yet what ahead of them waits only for death and adversities. They are blinded by rage and at full speed rush towards to the ordinary-looking destiny …

After a premiere of the film “Apocalypse“ (our localizers messed up with the translation again, having mixed new life from the end of all real) on the director Mel Gibson all who feel like it attacked. And first of all the far descendants of a great civilization of the Maya claiming that Gibson completely muddled historical background. Like, the Maya Indians were not fond of piercing and a shramirovaniye at all, and human sacrifices had incidental character and were definitely not followed by mass festivities and chants.

Descendants, certainly, dissemble. Despite development of culture, the Maya it is frequent and with pleasure sacrificed to gods not only captured enemies, but also members of own community. These atrocities including the cutting heart mentioned in Gibson`s movie from a breast were approved by religion and ignorance of masses. It is also difficult to challenge the fact that internal wars of separate tribes happened regularly and differed in special cynicism. With human rights was hardly in those days, and sharply ground silicon axe or a well-aimed throw from a prashcha became the last argument in dispute, as a rule.

It is possible to impute to authors of a picture historical discrepancies, and it is even necessary. It is asked what sense half a year was to spend for a careful reconstruction on the screen of a dialect of the Maya (the picture is everywhere shown with subtitlings), forgetting at the same time about achievements of Indians in spheres of astronomy, mathematics and architecture. The question is in whether Gibson set for himself a task to remove an epic cloth about death of a civilization? Or nevertheless his admirers who were eager for battle medley in style of “Brave heart“ dreamed of it more? Diamond cut diamond, expectations of the audience did not coincide with the end result, the mass of negative responses and even protests from here. As, instead of a historical epik palmed off on us the storm fighter with ultraboundary even to present measures the level of violence and bloodletting.

Claims of some weak a stomach and nerves of the audience to naturalism of the picture are absolutely unclear. And who promised children`s morning performance? The American rating system not for nothing consumes the bread. And branded Gibson`s tape an adult rating of R with an ulterior motive. It was necessary to understand that from three elephants “to 16 and is more senior“ (sex, foul language and the krovishch) on the screen should be expected the third. But the viewer so got used to a popular image of the Indian and it skvo that he was shaken to the bottom of the heart by degradation of morals and cruelty. Nobody remembered that it is only necessary for the real Indian one.

We admit honestly, the Australian only aggravated those motives that he successfully developed in the previous works. No “Brave heart“, “Passion of the Christ“ differed in philanthrophy. Also were even more provocative. But in the first case we had the historical epos, in the second - the religious drama. “Apocalypse“ - the pure Hollywood adventure movie. Only ugly faces unfamiliar and scenery exchanged.

Here it is also asked whether it is worth breaking a spear around a genre to which neither the documentary realism, nor historical reliability were never peculiar? The violence, the drive, adrenaline, intensity of emotions and drama charisma of the hero which neither the spear takes nor an arrow does not prick. Here the main components of the fighter, and them “Apocalypse“ is hammered under the poppy-head. It is difficult to imagine more intense and spectacular plot, than fight of the single against the bearing malice and categorically bad guys. Remember “Rambo“. Same egg, only side view. Unless Stallone expressed in English, and Rudi Yanblad - on figs knows kakovsky.

By the way, actors in a picture - just remarkable. Gibson specially visited all Yucatan to pick up the faces corresponding to a plan. And these people, however, not without the aid of the corresponding specialists in a make-up, look quite so and speak as the real ancient Maya theoretically could go and talk. Well we want to think so. Sinewy, laconic, with teeth and - la dream of the stomatologist. Any Hollywood smiles and the pumped-over muscles is not superheroes, but ordinary hunters, peasants and murderers. For an akterstvo - the firm five, and for a glavgad performed by Mexican Raul Trujillo - even five with plus.

In general very worthy decision within a genre. Gibson who knew inside out movies - actions, very thinly feels when it is necessary to zhakhnut and when to give to the viewer the chance to calm fragile heart. Yes, in its work there are several semi-fantastic moments (you sometime tried to escape from a jaguar?), but when viewing you do not remember these trifles. I warrant the cocked hat.