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Groundhog Day. How meet spring over the ocean?

February is not really generous for various holidays: On February 14 we will celebrate St. Valentine`s Day, on February 23 - the Defender of the Fatherland Day. But there is one more interesting holiday which takes place in the territory of our American neighbors. We now will also talk about it. by

for many years, every year on February 2 residents of the United States of America and Canada celebrates a holiday under the name - the Groundhog Day. Americans and Canadians trust predictions of groundhogs and consider that they can report about approach of spring. This day the groundhog gets out of the hole and on his behavior it is possible to learn about early or late spring. And there is it so.

If day costs cloudy, then the groundhog cannot see the shadow. He without any fears and fears leaves the warm possession. If everything occurs according to such schedule then that soon the winter will come to an end and there will come the long-awaited spring. But if this day there is a warm and sunny weather, the groundhog sees the shadow and without fail comes back in a hole. It is considered that at such timid behavior of the fluffy meteorologist the spring will come into the own later, and cold weather will last 6 more weeks. In many American and Canadian cities this day big holidays, our way festivities which collect a large number of tourists from other countries are arranged.

Actually, the Groundhog Day is not own holiday of these countries, its roots from the Gregorian calendar. This day, all according to the same calendar, the European Christians celebrate the Presentation of the Lord, it was a primogenitor of the Groundhog Day. Then people knew that weather is responsible for all events on the earth and only it is imperious over everything this day. In those far times people spoke: “If on the Presentation of the Lord it is solar and cloudless, then to be this year to two winters“.

However still ancient Romans began to shift responsibility for weather forecastings to animals. In ancient Rome on February 2, for example, the Day of a hedgehog was celebrated. And everything happened according to the same scheme to a shadow. These customs were transferred among the Western European people. Then immigrants captured with themselves this tradition and moved it to the territory of North America. But it turned out that in these parts hedgehogs are not found, and the role of the meteorologist was transferred to a groundhog.

The very first fluffy meteorologist of America, the groundhog living in the territory of Pennsylvania is considered. Already more than 120 years inhabitants of Pennsylvanian mountains monitor exact forecasts of a groundhog. After a release of the movie of the same name residents of this state became well-known. Everything came from the fact that in the movie time of a festival which is organized annually was mentioned. Americans even put a monument to this fluffy rodent. Yes, than only people of do not entertain. To the Russian person, probably, never to understand many actions of the American people, in principle, as well as to them us.

We have everything much more simply. There comes Maslenitsa, and we see off winter, we organize festive festivities and we burn a straw effigy. Everything is much simpler, probably, but more extensively and colourfully. As they say: “What Russian person does not like to celebrate well?“ Especially as winter cold weather leaves and gives way to warm spring.