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How to glue a carbonic film on a cowl?

What is necessary to paste over a cowl with a carbonic film most?!

1. Warm room - desirable temperature is not less than 15 - 17 C, optimum - 18 - 22 C.
2. Tools:
- combined by Raquel,
- microfiber,
- rubber rag,
- construction hair dryer,
- solution of water and isopropyl alcohol 1:1 (in the sum of one liter quite will be enough),
- magnets for fixing of a car of a film (if you make installation without workmate),
- sharp scissors,
- felt-tip pen,
- primer 94 3M,
- brush.


1. The cowl of the pasted-over car was in a satisfactory condition - with a small amount of small chips.
2. In work Dime 3D Carlux carbon fabrics by width 1,52m with microchannels were used!
3. Temperature indoors - 17 C.
4. A cowl quite simple for pasting.
5. Pokleyka of a carbonic film was made on dry - without use of assembly liquid.

wrap up before pasting combined by Raquel a microfibre rag and fix by a painting adhesive tape, it is possible an insulating tape - it not to scratch a surface of a film and not to leave a strip.

Process of pasting of a cowl carbonic film:

1. Warming up of the room to 17 C.
2. The car is previously washed.
3. We measure a cowl on the greatest length and width - 1,44_1,25m.
4. We cut off a piece of a film with a stock 1,6m_1,4m.
5. The cowl is wiped absolutely by a rubber rag.
6. The cowl is degreased and cleared by means of soft microfiber by solution of water and isopropyl alcohol 1:1.
7. We coat with a place brush under a cowl a primer 94 3M - there where there will be a film subcollar - strip approximately - 1,5sm.

8. We lay down a piece of a carbonic film on a cowl - we press magnets for fixing. By means of a felt-tip pen - we outline cowl borders on a carbonic film with a stock of at least 5 - 7 cm, by means of scissors we cut off all superfluous. We receive the piece of a carbonic film reminding a form of your cowl - it is only a little more by the sizes.

Further a carbonic film it is better to study steps of pasting of a cowl according to video on pro - carbon. ucoz. ru
the Carbonic film 3d Carlux &ndash microchannels; we recommend as one of the best films for beginners!