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What the general between business and seasons?

As are sung in the song: “The nature has no bad weather“. Strangely enough, but the nature, being the best adviser in many life situations, prompts to us how to create and develop own business.

is Winter the period of work with the purposes and tasks, the period business - planning, a peculiar preparation for what will occur during the forthcoming time. It is the moment when the person, proceeding from the requirements, has to estimate the financial opportunities, determine the volume of capital investments and degree of risk.

At this stage you have to decide on financing of your business. Whether there will be it your personal savings, or borrowed funds in bank or at acquaintances. The sum of investments and term of their return should be counted and thought over carefully. There is enough - often it turns out that real expenses significantly exceed originally planned budget. It is especially important to pay attention to it if for creation of own business money undertakes in bank under percent. In the end result such miscalculation can drive you into a debt hole of which to get out not so - that simply.

In order to avoid future mistakes it would be quite good to study experience of predecessors, people familiar to you who already opened the business. And on their experience to study not only the theory, but also with practice.

the First steps are Spring a basis of the forthcoming way. For a start it is necessary to pass from the category of natural persons in legal or to become at least the business owner that, by the way, it is even more preferable to some kinds of activity from - for simpler financial statements. Be ready that for registration of business it is necessary to collect some time necessary documents. Their complete list can be received in the tax inspection or to find in the Internet. It is worth remembering that for some kinds of activity obtaining the license can be required.

At this stage, relying on business - the plan, the room for business is got or rented, the working personnel are selected, the necessary equipment and materials is bought, preliminary advertizing is given … And when everything is ready - business is started in work.

At this stage occurs Summer “harvesting“. You can already actually define, but not on paper, your business makes profit or losses, your expectations were met or not. Here debts are distributed if those are available and business comes to profitable level.

The temporary border, of course, does not make “summer“ three months, as in the nature. It depends on those purposes and tasks which you set to yourself at the first stage. One plan to gain income in a month, others in a year, and the third in five years. It is very important to understand that the purposes define everything! What you will seed, you will reap!

Is time to estimate and sum up Fall of

the results, to draw conclusions and to make plans for the future. At this stage you decide that to you to do farther: to curtail the business or to develop it. Even if your business was profitable, it would be quite good to make repeated business - the plan. What for? Life does not stand still. Everything changes - your purposes, requirements, level of the income, a situation in the market and a lot of things are many other things. What made yesterday for you profit can be unprofitable today. Every time everything only begins! Business is a usual circulation in the nature: “winter - spring - summer - fall“.

I hope that this article will become not the management, but an occasion more deeply to think of implementation of the plans that the dream was achieved, but did not join a lot of the died projects.