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Soccerball history.

Without what cannot present soccer? Without football players (well it and is clear), without fans and without ball. Here I would also like to tell about the last to you. I will begin with far antiquity.

Historians, referring to various legends and chronicles, claimed that in ancient times people inflated pork bubbles, started them and tried to hold it in air. In later time the ball represented the head of the person which was wrapped in a bladder of animals (most often cows and pigs). Such game shell was unreliable and weak, from - for what after strong blows and scattered on part. Naturally, it was inconvenient to people to use it in game. Also Layndon - the famous inventor of that time who created a rubber bag for a ball that allowed it to be stronger and resistant to powerful blows of players understood it.

It should be noted that in 1872 the English Football Association decided to create the uniform standard concerning the soccerball sizes. In their opinion the game shell “has to be spherical with a circle of 27 - 28 inches“ (68,6 - 71,1 cm). To such sizes there corresponds also the modern soccerball.

“Mitre“ and “Thomlinson’s of Glasgow“ were the first companies which mastered production of balls. They convinced the buyers of reliability and durability of the made goods.

In 90 - x years of the XX Art. began to make rubber chambers for balls, it allowed them to be stronger and reliable. Also such balls maintained a high pressure that also is important.

Now balls make from polyvinylchloride (PVC), natural skin and a wearproof rubber film. It should be noted that balls from skin considerably concede on durability to synthetic balls for this reason football balls which have the license from FIFA do of synthetic materials.

The interesting fact in the history is that during the World Cup in 1930 between Argentina national teams and Uruguay there was a dispute over an occasion of that whose ball to play and they made a compromise. In the first half the national teams played the Argentina ball, and already in the second half of a match Uruguayans used the ball. And that the most interesting, in the first half Argentina with the ball beat rivals with the score 2:1, and in the second Uruguayans, using already the ball, beat combined Argentina with the score 4:2. Many consider that Uruguay won this interesting match thanking just to the ball.

By the way, in Kharkiv, in park of Shevchenko the monument to a soccerball is established. Its diameter - 1. 5 m, and weight - 2 t. The monument was established in the city in 2001.