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Art and artists. How to learn to see pictures in a different way? There are no

As a matter of fact, such thing as Art. There are only artists. Once them were people who took multi-colored clay and with its help created images of bisons on a cave wall; today they buy the paints in shop and create avant-garde posters; in addition, they do the mass of other things.

There is no trouble in calling these actions art if only we do not consider that such word can have many other values at various times and in different places and if we realize that the word “Art“ beginning with capital letter does not exist. Because Art from capital letter became something like a fetish or a scarecrow. You can strike a crushing blow on the artist, having declared it that his creation which it just finished, in own way a quite good bagatelle, but it not “Art“. And you can confuse anyone, enraptured with some picture, having declared to it that actually he admires not Art, and something absolutely other.

I do not think that there can be incorrect reasons to love this or that statue or this or that picture. One can like a landscape because it reminds it his house, or the portrait because he reminds him the friend can be pleasant. In it there is nothing bad. All of us when we see a picture, can remember one thousand and one subject which influence our likes and dislikes. As these memoirs help us to enjoy what we see, there are no reasons for concern. If any improper reminiscence causes in us the prejudiced relation when, for example, we instinctively turn away from the Alpine landscape because we do not like to clamber on the mountains, we have to rummage in our consciousness in search of the disgust reason which prevents us to feel pleasure from a picture. There are only incorrect reasons not to love a work of art.

Most of people like to see in pictures what they like to see in life. It is natural. All of us love beauty of the nature and are grateful to artists who kept it in the creations. These artists would divide our taste. When the great Flemish artist Rubens made drawing of the little boy, he was proud of his beautiful appearance. He wanted that also we admired this child. But addiction to pleasant and lovely objects can turn into an obstacle which will prevent us to reject the works devoted to less attractive objects. The great German artist Albrecht Duerer wrote the mother with not smaller love, than Rubens wrote the fat-cheeked child.

All of us have a tendency to take the standard forms and colors as only correct. Sometimes children think that stars have the star-shaped form though actually it not so. People who insist on that in a picture the sky was blue a grass green, do not differ in it from children. They very much are indignant if they see other colors in a picture. But if we try to forget all that heard about a green grass and blue heaven, and we will look at the world as though we just arrived from other planet for studying of Earth and we see it for the first time, then we will find out that at objects surprising paints.

Here artists - that sometimes also feel as though they are participants of such research expedition. They want to see the world a new view and to reject all standard ideas and prejudices that a human body of pink color, and apples - yellow or red.

It is not so easy to get rid of prejudiced representations, but artists who manage to achieve the greatest achievements in it, often create the most magnificent works. They teach us to see new beauty in the nature which existence we also did not guess. If we follow them and we will study at them, then even the look from a window can become a fascinating adventure.