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Discourtesy of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Discourtesy the discourteous person the child the pupil to re-educate the reason a method to affect to resist to reduce consequences harm gives value definition a sign manifestation will cope promotes will get rid to overcome not to allow to eradicate to avoid to eliminate

z Discourtesy - impoliteness, unfriendliness, an inattention, impropriety … with
kzdpv Mother of discourtesy - inspirituality.
kzdpv a discourtesy Basis - immorality.
zp Discourtesy is treated by philanthrophy.
kzdpv Discourtesy is in many respects obliged to embitternment.
kzdp Discourtesy - is malevolent.
zd Discourtesy negative quality of the person.
pzv To eradication of discourtesy it is possible to come through growth of spirituality and morality.
z Discourtesy is first of all a state of mind.
z Discourtesy - is malevolent.
and Discourtesy emphasizes meanness of the person.
and Discourtesy harms the person more.
and Discourtesy proceeds not from language, and from soul.
zd Discourtesy - a malevolence sign.
pzv Discourtesy generates the evil.
zd Discourtesy creates the bad relations.
zd Discourtesy - a hindrance to the solution of problems.
zd Discourtesy does not allow to concern to us more tolerantly.
and Discourtesy not only in words, but also acts, habits, clothes …
and Discourtesy does the person unattractive.
to Discourtesy - is worse than a slap in the face.
zd to the Discourteous person is more difficult to approach people. it is possible to be protected by
and Discourtesy. p silly to provide to
with discourtesy a distance in communication.
kld Discourtesy - the sister of trouble. pv Morals not to relieve
of discourtesy.
p the Example - the best remedy for discourtesy.
kld Discourtesy - is sincere.
and Discourteous - will hardly deceive.
d Discourtesy pushes away people.
zd Discourtesy happens natural.
zd Hereditary discourtesy can, is shown unconsciously.
pzd Discourtesy - frightens off impudent fellows.
pd From emphasized courtesy is more than harm.
and Even the biggest advantages of the person at discourtesy - grow dim.
and Discourtesy exposes themselves innocent.
p Manifestation of discourtesy arouses at people mistrust and vigilance.
kp From discourtesy to meanness - one step.
and Discourtesy - is infectious.
p Discourtesy - comes back.
and Discourtesy leads to a rupture of the relations.
and With the discourteous person communication is unpleasant.
to Discourtesy - a disrespect sign.
and Discourtesy spoils mood. p the Discourteous person tells
quietly and illegibly.
and Discourtesy from the chief emphasizes that he uses official position in the mercenary purposes.
and Discourtesy reduces comelines and charm.
p Discourtesy - the girlfriend of not arrangement.
p the Business card of discourtesy - gloom.
pz Discourtesy is in many respects obliged to spiteful and rough tone.
and Discourtesy reduces probability of dialogue.
and Some people expressly show discourtesy - to close ways of communication with them.
and Discourtesy becomes a habit.
p is discourteous - to state mistrust.
pv Discourtesy prevents to settle misunderstanding. p Discourteous people often tell
about unpleasant and superfluous.
to Discourteous people are deprived of condescension.
and Discourtesy is on friendly terms with impropriety.
and the Discourteous person - is unfriendly.
z Discourtesy - is offensive.
yu To discourteous - will difficult be risen.
yu is the most difficult to be discourteous, communicating with the person who
has bicepses more than your yagodnitsa.
yu From discourtesy - is taken away by benefit.
yu Ninnies are discourteous less often.
yu If the person is discourteous - it is possible not to doubt his honesty.
yu Discourtesy - protection against boors.

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