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How to provide itself with a place in the sun?

Now on our planet live more than 7 billion people. Reflect for a second: 7 billion! It is a lot of or a little? Probably, all - is a lot of. can tell

For comparison what us was only 60 years ago twice less . Of course, there was World War II, still which - what reasons, but nevertheless... where now live 10, 5 lived earlier. And of course, all of us see it with own eyes. In one large city of the world you will not meet lack of traffic jams. We stand in a queue when we buy products in shop. We go in the transport hammered with people. People became much.

It is possible to argue long - badly it or it is good why so it developed and who is guilty. But the speech not about it, a situation it is necessary to accept as the fact. And it is worth thinking of how (and continuously related some more areas) to use a present demographic situation for achievement of the purposes. To find the place under the Sun. Not sideways, not with an edge, and directly under it.

In my opinion, the balance moved down. In 70 - 80 years there was some kind of side, parity between the number of people and quality of their life. Since then the toddler which is badly giving in to control it is almost unceasing moves down in the quantity direction. All of us know that the gain of birth rate is provided, by and large, with developing countries. Simply speaking, people are born in not the best conditions. And here the mine of the slowed-down action is buried. It is called “THEY WANT to LIVE WELL TOO“.

Unless is not present? Unless not each person who lives on our planet wants to have a lot of money? Unless own spacious house for the family does not want? Unless someone does not want to lie on warm sand, drinking pineapple cocktail on January 28? To work not for 8 hours a day, and on 3 moreover and with day off on Thursday? All of us aspire to the best. In total! And in this aspiration we create for each other the competition.

You do not hurry. Stop and once again read the last offer of the previous paragraph. All of us aspire to the best. And in this aspiration we create each other the competition . No matter, you trust in it or not. Whether you like it or not. Whether you nod or internally do not agree with written. It is reality. And rather you will accept our world it what it is - the less will be at you internal contradictions. The your self-confidence will be higher. That it will be simpler to you to achieve the objectives in life. Whether it is a task No. 1 for many of us?

So. All of us aspire to the best. But at the same time “best“ someone has to do this. If we want to live in the spacious house - it is necessary that someone built this house. So or not so? Drew the plan, kneaded cement, laid out accurately bricks, carried out electric wires... It heap of work. If we want to go by the good car - it is necessary that someone assembled this car on the conveyor. It turns out that all of us depend from each other. And as you understood on own experience for a long time - nobody for you will do it. From 7 000 000 000 people everyone cares first of all for himself, and only then , maybe, there will be a time / desire / requirement to help other people. There are, of course, also exceptions. But most often the reality appears at us in such look.

There is a question: and how to provide itself with a place in the sun? Why at one it it turns out and they feel quite comfortably in this world whatever it happened, and others is constant behind something in a pursuit? Why at one it is already , and at others - when ?

Actually as it paradoxically sounds, there is enough place for everyone. But, of course, not at that image and tenor of life what is now. It is quite real to all of us to lead happy and full-fledged life, only to look it it will be perfect in a different way. And the concept, sense, an image and tenor of life will be others.

And already today to warm for itself the town under the sun, it is necessary to make here that:

1. To find the mission . All of us by nature / genes / God were given certain talents. It is what we do better than most of other people. Since the birth in each of us huge potential is put. Can seem to you that you just the same person, as well as all others, but in you it is obligatory to eat. These abilities can be not obvious, but they also define area of your mission. Someone from the birth well sings, and someone has organizing talents. I always feel sorry for people who have tremendous mathematical abilities, but are forced to unload cars to support a family. But it is one thousand times worse to unload them until the end of life and not to understand that actually everything could be in a different way. It was worth glancing more deeply in himself.

As soon as you will realize the potential, you will understand what it is necessary to work on. What should be developed that should be improved. Only this way you will understand, than really want to be engaged in life. And favorite thing of people it is ready to do 24 hours a day. You will be ready to devote to occupation which brings you joy 7 days a week. And the most surprising - it does not cause in you fatigue. You are ready to do it again and again. In it there is also a key to high vital results.

2. To learn to sell expensively the time and results of the activity . All of us know great artists who lived in poverty and diseases. And only many years of their picture later got on eyes to experts and judges of creativity, only years and even decades later to them popularity, respect and gratitude came. And how many fine pictures they could paint still if the level and duration of their life were higher? Even just if someone whispered on an ear: “Listen, you perfectly draw, but you in vain stand here on the bridge. People who go here do not appreciate pictures. Approach better here that. He understands pictures. He will pay you so much how many they actually stand“. But it did not occur.

And of course, you already understood two basic rules. And now wonder whether both of you worked these the moment in the life?