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Whether so the liquid smoke is harmful?

the Distant relative, absolutely magic image married the successful Swedish little man (sometime I will surely write about a strange story of the elderly Russian Cinderella), adore coming to us on a visit, and not empty-handed, and it is obligatory “with a gift“.

They live “by the most blue sea“, in the small city the Bulltrout. Her husband - the hunter, and still they together catch fish in this most blue sea. From here and “gifts“ - the relative every time manages to drag through two customs a fair piece of air-dried meat of a roe, a two-three of with own hand caught and smoked eels.

These eels, well-fad, dense, with zheltovato - a white elastic myask and an amazing brown crust, smelling of a smoke and the sea, haunt me!

Theoretically, the fresh eel at us can be got, probably, - at small small restaurant not the coast of Lake Ladoga it is given in the baked look, insisting that several hours ago a miracle - fish froliced in waves.

To smoke something in the hot way in general a piece of cake - in economy there is a smoking shed in the form of an iron box with lattices. You put on a bottom alder chocks, over them - a lattice with an initial product, densely you close a cover - and on fire. That`s all put. There are, of course, separate subtleties, but about it another time. The result of that way of preparation pleases, but amazes. And there will be no I almost exotic eel whom, by the way, it is necessary to get still, to prepare the same as the bream or a greenling.

The cold way is the whole art demanding not only a certain knowledge and skills, but also the special equipment. I do not have them!

But there are alternative ways of “cold smoking“ with use of various koptilny liquids united by the general name “liquid smoke“. These ways are various, but an essence in one - these myasa - sausages, hens - fishes the same as “truly smoked“ look. Producers add koptilny structure even to a cover and forcemeat of sausages - a product actually boiled, and a smell and smack as at smoked.

Sellers of a liquid smoke claim that it not only harmless, but also ecologically “correct“ preparation. It becomes so: wood is ground in sawdust which keeps within furnaces and are burned. In parallel with it water is carried to a certain temperature and its couples come to the same capacities to which also the smoke from the burning-down sawdust comes. There process of mixing of a smoke and water begins. The product which turns out at the exit and is a liquid smoke.

And here at forums the people in the majority indignantly reject “the express - technology of pseudo-smoking“. At many the resistant opinion on an artificial origin of koptilny liquid remains. Accuse of it a certain chemical vakhnit which is the cornerstone of production of a liquid smoke.

However on request for harm of a liquid smoke searchers issue painfully monotonous information - on the websites article and its derivatives written “under “carbon paper“ where the opinion of two residents of Kramatorsk is given wanders. The chief physician of the Kramatorsk oncological clinic Alexander Ptitsa places emphasis that smoked products are harmful in principle, and the products made by means of a liquid smoke - and even less so. The representative of meat processing plant Irina Garnaya thinks badly the same vakhnit and assures all that at their enterprise it is not used.

And meanwhile “koptilny liquid“ appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. Opening belongs to the Russian scientist N. V. Karazin. “Taste vykopchenny myas not only is identical in this way with smoked, but also it is more pleasant. It cannot be differently because from smoke components not vinegar and not pitch give this osoblivy spice peculiar to smoked products, but the liquid only discovered by me“ , - so he characterized the received smoked production.

To be fair it should be noted that in 1814 the liquid smoke was forbidden to be used in production of foodstuff. Abroad this invention is attributed for some reason to S. Koulgin who patented a “koptilny“ preparation only in the first half of the 20th century.

Now most of producers of smoked production use liquid smoke.

Moreover, to the aid called also electric field. Sausage, pieces of meat, fish are placed between two the same loaded electrodes and attach it to an electrode of an opposite charge or to system of grounding. At the same time electric field of a high voltage causes ionization of particles of koptilny substances, they get the directed movement and settle on a product surface. Thus, the period of substitute smoking of products is reduced from several days to only 4 - 6 minutes.

According to various data, “the liquid smoke“ as strong carcinogen, is forbidden to use in the territory of some countries of the world. In Europe standards of application of various additives allowed for use are accepted - admissible doses, concentration are regulated. We have no such standards, everything depends only on conscience of producers.

Well, what cannot be cured must be endured. And the liquid smoke is, freely is on sale in small packings for use in house conditions. I am not ready to exclude all harmful delicacies from the food and the attracting image of the Swedish smoked eel is a time … by

In a word, I decided “to be trained on cats“, to put, despite cautions of companions from Kramatorsk, small experiment, namely, to realize the recipe of “a mackerel of cold smoking“, most popular in a network. I will not provide the recipe here, the become interested readers without effort will find hundreds of its various options on the Internet.

Experiment lasted two days - about half an hour left on a razdelyvaniye of fish and preparation of koptilny mix, process took place all rest of the time without my direct participation.

Result … Well what I can tell … Is delightful

! Here to it - god, time in ten is better store. The gentle, fragrant, literally melting in the mouth small fish. Not an eel, of course, but quite worthy product.

And who “discordant“ - read and forget.