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And you could so? About Slava Kurilov of

there is in the European history a period called by “the dark Middle Ages“. Dark in the sense that we know of it little. Sometimes there is an impression of some hole in time. Still - sweet decline of the great empire: cities, roads, agriculture and culture. And from these - ruin and ruins among which the appeared barbarians dance goodness knows where from.

I am afraid that the Soviet era will become such “dark Middle Ages“ soon. This time not from the fact that there is no knowledge of this time. Just the opposite: millions of books, kilometers of movies and telerecords. Take - I do not want.

All trouble in this most “I do not want“. To what to strain itself? Only for this purpose, to know about in what compote your parents floundered about? We have the pan!

I will not argue now on in what pan the soup is more appetizing... I will tell only that the Soviet life as any another, often put the most ordinary person and at all not the hero before the choice: to remain onboard the magnificent liner under the name “Soviet Union“ or to jump from the high and well protected board, having at the same time the minimum chances of a survival.

Soviet Union liner in this case at all not a metaphor. From 1955 to 1980 it was the largest motor ship of the Soviet merchant marine fleet. About it many legends went: the pier, was it production German, pre-war still, was called in the original whether “Great Germany“, whether even “Adolf Hitler“ also was the personal ship of the Fuhrer. What the luxury of internal furniture and “a grand piano from a reykhskantselyariya“ testified to. All this there were legends only remotely connected with reality.

And so, from a board of this liner it was necessary to jump in waters of the Pacific Ocean to run away from the real Soviet Union to the hero of this article, Slava Kurilovu (1936-1998) .

Slava Kurilov was born in Ordzhonikidze (which Vladikavkaz now), but the childhood passed it in Semipalatinsk. In this city equidistanted from all seas, Slava Kurilov “got sick“ with seasickness. That when there is a wish to merge with salty blood of Earth, water of oceans when you rave distant tropical islands under eternally blue sky. Therefore it is not surprising that without having graduated from school yet, Slava Kurilov ran away to Leningrad, to come to a morekhodka.

To become the navigator at the young man it did not turn out: sight was not absolute. Fortunately, there was one more place where Slava tried to achieve the dream - faculty of oceanography of Meteorological institute. Kurilov was interested in oceanography practical. Still the student he seized an aqualung, and upon termination of training participated in creation of underwater research laboratory “Chernomor“.

Researches of the Soviet oceanographers interested well-known Jacques - Iva Cousteau. Agreements on joint sovetsko - the French expeditions to coast of Tunisia and on atolls of the Pacific Ocean were reached. But Slava Kurilov did not manage to uvidat treasured tropics those years.

If who does not know, in Soviet period for trip abroad pervo - napervo the exit visa was necessary. The questionnaire which was filled in, giving a request on departure, was enormous. With such number of points that it was possible to let down any quite loyal citizen. The fifth point in which the nationality was specified could not detain Stanislav Vasilyevich Kurilov. Another - presence of relatives abroad became an obstacle. Slava`s sister married the Indian, and then went with the husband to Canada. It tightly blocked to Kurilov an opportunity to leave where - or further the Black Sea. And closed access to confidential materials too. And as in the Soviet oceanography almost all materials were considered confidential, to Kurilov to be engaged in something serious not the star.

What way out was found in this impasse by the healthy thirty-eight-year-old man, the athlete, without addictions and even practicing yoga? Not ordinary alcoholism and not leaving in a nirvana.

In November, 1974 he bought the vacation package to round which was zazyvno called “From winter at summer“. Turbokhod the “Soviet Union“ went from Vladivostok to the equator. In any foreign port the parking was not provided. Therefore passengers were relieved of drudgeries with obtaining exit visas. Traveling to tropics, all of them equally remained in the Soviet territory. Sometimes only on the horizon floated far coast or blue mountains. The lecturers taken in travel regularly reported by what countries they floated. In a word, “all right overseas or poorly and what miracle in light“.

This travel to summer was miracle. It was saddened only by need of obligatory return back at winter. However, Slava Kurilov decided for himself that he buys the ticket one way. After this decision he ceased to be afraid. As if unknown force directed from now on all its actions. At religious people it is called to rely on God`s will.

The ship sailed from Vladivostok on December 8, 1974. It was least of all adapted for escape. In the bottom of a board were brief. It were tanks of system of passive calm of rolling. Besides, this system included underwater metal wings about one and a half meters wide. So to leave the ship, having jumped from a board aside, it was impossible. It was necessary to jump only in one place, behind, in a breaker behind blades of the rowing screw.

What Slava Kurilov also made at night on December 13 when the ship floated approximately in 100 kilometers to the West from the Philippine island of Siargao.

It floated these 100 kilometers slightly less than in three days. Thanks to what survived? Thanks to the health? Or it is not worse to ability to float mythical Ikhtiandr? Or will power did not allow it to be frightened and go astray, get lost among waves? Or correctly chosen equipment helped? It is thought that all combined.

And still Slava Kurilov was fine lucky. Ancient Greeks would tell that his great Poseidon fell in love. And the storm passed by, without having covered the lonely swimmer with huge waves. And the sun was almost not shown two days from - for clouds so Slava burned the trifle. Floating, he only hardly touched a congestion of jellyfishes to whom touch caused paralysis. And sharks whom in these regions weight, obminut Slava.

On December 15, 1974 under Slava Kurilov`s legs there was a firm earth. Philippines in the friendly relations with the Soviet Union did not consist and back did not give the fugitive.

It seems that “competent authorities“ learned that the passenger S. V. Kurilov did not drown in the ocean, only when Slava appeared in Canada where it was granted a political asylum. Right there earned gears of the Soviet retaliatory system. The citizen Kurilov S. V. was in absentia sentenced for change to the Homeland by 10 years of prison. The sentence was cancelled, by the way, only in 1990.

Slava Kurilov worked in several private oceanographic firms which were engaged in researches and investigation of minerals. It plunged also into the Pacific Ocean, at the Hawaiian Islands, and into cold waters of the ocean of Ledovity. Since 1986 Slava lived in Israel where he worked in Haifa at oceanographic institute.

He died under water too. At immersion to Kineret`s lake heart refused. Poseidon who to him was mercy for the time being nevertheless took away Slava to himself.