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Yablonskaya. “Morning“. Where the girl departs?

Morning in Kiev. The apartment on the Khreshchatyk: high ceilings (Stalin building), the arch balcony aperture rubbed to gloss an oak parquet. The apartment of the people who are treated kindly by the power.

Most likely, the apartment was given to people of art. And it is not equipped with sense yet, there are most necessary things: a wooden bed, the semi-Vienna chair, a special cloth with a fringe, a painted jug, a faience creamer, a plate for bread with a napkin.

The family or is fond of applied art, or just collects ceramics: on a wall a painted plate and a cache-pot.

The room in two windows. The landscape behind a window is not visible. Perhaps, it is hidden by fog from Dnieper. Somewhere beyond the scope of a picture there is a desk behind which the inhabitant of this room prepares lessons. And wardrobe. And still at least couple of chairs.

On a back of a chair the silk pioneer tie, hangs on sitting - a form. It is necessary to go to school. But...

The girl - the teenager lasts up. It as if flies up... It seems that she dances. The source of music is not visible, most likely, this radio. Her face expresses not pleasure, it as if disturbing. Not really, but all-. Probably, such music. She wants to flush, depart after sounds.

It has a great mood (despite rather sad music). It is its room, its kingdom. But the form lying on a chair - a reminder on everyday duties. Still a flight couple of minutes - it is also necessary to put on, go to school.

The girl - the dreamer, the dreamer. It is very impressionable. She wants to be the first-class ballerina, to dance “The swan lake“ (her pose reminds of “The dying swan“ Seong - Sanz).

The girl is slightly inaccurate. Perhaps, and not slightly, and thoroughly. And at school (most likely) to it it is uninteresting. Tells its bed about dispersion: it tanutst instead of bringing order. And the form lies since yesterday. Or it is prepared the day before?

Parents, probably, not only provided it own room, but also gave enough independence. They do not interfere on trifles: could tidy up or force to bring order. Probably, parents consider that over time everything will be as it is necessary. For now the child has to enjoy life! Especially as for this purpose there is a financial base (not in each family know what is a creamer).

It seems that a picture - an episode from life of the artist.

Morning in Kiev. The girl dances, the girl flies in dreams and in reality...

It about a picture. Further - the facts and only the facts.

Here that biographers write: “At the beginning of 1941 there takes place the first “Exhibition of works of the student T. Yablonskaya“, same year T. Yablonskaya graduates from the Kiev state art institute. During war Yablonskaya is evacuated to the Saratov region where works as the collective farmer. In 1944 comes back to Kiev, teaches at the Kiev art institute. Resumes creative activity. For the picture “Bread“ (1949, the sketch is in Smolensk art gallery) - the Stalin award of the second degree, 50 000 rub (1950), for the picture “Spring“ (1950) - the Stalin award of the second degree, 50 000 rub (1951). Tatyana Nilovna Yablonskaya died at the age of 88 years in 2005. Its career was noted by numerous awards and awards“.

From interview with the daughter of the artist Gayane:
- Tell, you were the girl doing exercises at an open balcony, in Tatyana Yablonskaya`s picture, known on the Soviet textbooks, “Morning“? there is no
- I, unlike the elder sister Lena who posed for mother, never did exercises. Mother wrote this work till my birth when she lived with the first husband, the artist Sergey Otroshchenko, in the house at the corner of streets Red Army and Saksagansky.

By the way, one fellow from Kazakhstan cut out the pleasant picture reproduction from some magazine and pinned it over the table. The beautiful, directed up girl became for the boy some kind of dream - there was a wish to get acquainted with it, and at the same time to learn to draw also. And the destiny disposed in such a way that the young man entered the Moscow art institute, got acquainted with our Lena, too the student of faculty of applied art of this institute. Over time they … got married!“

the Girl went together with the husband to Kazakhstan.

The Khreshchatyk, the central street of Kiev, completely burned down during war and all was built up anew. The most monumental constructions on it - buildings of “a Stalin empire style“ - were finished by builders in 1954. Walls of houses are revetted with ceramics, and socles (in my opinion, to the fourth floor) - granite. Height of ceilings in these houses - four and a half meters (if I am not mistaken). About this grandiose style ground off teeth of generation of critics from architecture, but - impresses!

The Stalin award was two degrees: the first degree - 100 000 rubles, the second degree - 50 000 rubles. The salary of the doctor was 1200 rubles, laboratorians in policlinic in those days - 600 rubles, the welder - 800 - 900 rubles, the cleaner - 400 rubles, a grant of the student of higher education institution - from 290 to 350 rubles.

Of what the Soviet children dreamed?