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Why lovers give chocolates? History of sweet recognition

can mean the Gift in the form of a box of chocolates: “I congratulate“ or “I love you“, “Accept apologies“, “Thanks“, “To a new meeting“. On St. Valentine`s Day chocolate speaks louder: “I love you!“ As the idea to give chocolate as a sign of love was born?

John Kedberi thought up for the St. Valentine`s Day to pack candies into the boxes having the heart form. If he knew then that the idea to give so romantic gift will be historical!

But chocolate was open long before around the world began to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day. Indians the Olmecs living in the territory of Central America the first thought up chocolate drink. Olmecs were succeeded by the Maya civilization. They appreciated cocoa and broke plantations of this plant. Subsequently the Aztecs who conquered the neighboring tribes took from them a tribute in the form of cocoa - beans. Only the elite was able to afford chocolate.

The legend says that the emperor Montezuma in day drank fifty small cups of chocolate drink. He believed that such drink with addition of vanilla or pepper is a source of wisdom and improbable sexual energy. The researches conducted later in regions of Guatemala indicate existence of ritual according to which men brought cocoa - beans to the house of parents of the bride as a gift and meaning that are her suitor for the hand.

Gradually chocolate won other continents. In Europe it very long time was considered as luxury goods and prosperity, is familiar to belonging to aristocratic circles. The recipe of preparation of chocolate drink was kept the greatest secret. When, having come back after navigation to Spain, Fernando Cortes presented as a sign of respect to the king of cocoa - beans and the recipe chokolatlya, drink was to the taste to a royal couple and became popular with the Spanish nobility. In 1615 Anna Avstriyskaya, Louis XIII`s spouse, entered fashion on chocolate and in France. In those days cocoa - beans were of great value, than gold.

At first chocolate was produced manually, workshops opened. The first mechanized factories on its production began to appear in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Already then it was paid to registration of production much attention. On counters of shops it was possible to meet colourful packing of the German firm “Eynem“ (“Red October“ now): wooden boxes of candies were trimmed by silk, a velvet, skin. Each assortment chocolates reminded a work of art. In a box of the buyer waited for a surprise: beautiful card, poster or even notes. Names of pieces of music spoke for themselves: “A chocolate waltz“, “Cake - gallop“, “Valls Monpasie“.

And what presently? Chocolate inspires festivals, motion picture art, literature and poetry. In Paris “Chocolate salons“ on which women show the dresses and accessories made of chocolate are annually carried out. Artists draw pictures the kindled chocolate. Producers try to surprise the buyer, infinitely let out on the markets of a novelty: chocolate with orange pieces, with extracts of a ginseng or ginger. The original packing following styles is invented.

With what to explain the fact that chocolate causes so many feelings and emotions in us contacts passion and love? The neurobiologist Zhanna Louise Sylvester so explained phenomenal impact of chocolate on a human body: “This gentle delicacy contains psychosomatic substances - theobromine, caffeine, teofillin. Independent consumption of chocolate causes feeling of pleasure as stimulates secretion of cerebral endorphins (the hormones produced by a hypophysis possessing the anesthetizing properties)“. These can explain also the fact that eat chocolate not only happy people. The disappointed lovers also quite often console themselves in a chocolate, receiving “a portion of chemical love“. But love chemistry - too difficult area.

“Chocolate - crash, happiness, pleasure, love, ecstasy, the imagination …“ Elaine Sherman

Kak is pleasant to receive as a gift chocolate, isn`t that so? And here you already in an anticipation to feel its taste, you are attracted by its aroma. Apparently, it is explained also by pleasant memories from the far childhood. So can be, each presented chocolate - is no other than one more declaration of love … to chocolate?