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Offers for “School of life“. Who what will add?

Long ago I on this website, but write seldom. Why? There is a wish to find the ideal interlocutor, to take to him a strong liking and in happy mutual understanding to make something such. That descendants were proud. But it is absent, my interlocutor. What could increase probability of its emergence?

We will assume, the person feeling in me a kindred spirit came. Probably, he will write the comment. And I in the comment will see not foreign person too and I will deliver to it “plus an edinichka“. Also I will go to watch its profile, its articles and comments. I will respond, I will write something. And he will deliver to me “plus edinichka“. And how I learn that it it? Here the website would trace where the reciprocity flashes, and reported about it.

And here the unity of our outlook becomes obvious. It is not excluded that at a meeting we will be able to talk for hours, and conversation will add a lot of things to the existing articles. Why not to get acquainted with the content of conversation to other people, not indifferent to subjects of articles?

And we speak by already live voices. The reference to a podcast is published in articles. Readers come to listen and in turn cause on conversation. These are new podcasts. The subject branches, acquires details and more and more interesting interlocutors. And here someone, having heroically listened to told, writes new article. With a high probability it will interest participants of former talk and discussions and will cause a new round of discussions. At the same time “plus edinichka“ continue to be put down and the reciprocity of approval continues to be traced. Easily miscalculates in what question who for whom and to whom with whom it is good.

And here comes it is time to get acquainted in real life. In solar May day of “ShZh“; gets out to the nature, the people disperse on semantic patches. Badges give out who is who, and on the administrator`s computer, as well as on any tablet, it is possible to look what subjects are carried in himself by each person. And still it is possible to report quickly about himself who what circle adjoined that the putting pluses could find each other and get acquainted.

By the evening at everyone will be from one to tens of communities where are glad to them, and from one to several hundred new acquaintances with whom further life whether will reduce, whether will part to the next same meeting.

It is one possible direction of development of “ShZh“. What see each other still?

I see directly connected with the name. School. Continuous education for adults and in general for all. Many authors and readers live far from the capitals. But there are webinars. Why don`t they pass, say, for the third day after publishing of the article? Just all will get a grasp and will ponder. There will be substantial questions. Authors will add told in article, and any become interested will be able to watch it recorded even years later.

And you know that it is interesting to me? What happens to the author`s views over time. I, for example, forget many things, and if to ask that I knew “as clear as a day“ a year ago it will be possible to hear a lot of new and nothing from old. And what if to ask? Year or three years later to send inquiry to the author whether he will add something essential, whether will write on the same subject. And to ask participants of discussions what showed time. Perhaps, to link several articles on one subject and to make the review, to collect comments to a review article.

What it will give? In - the first, will not be obvious repetitions same, in - the second, those who want to comment on article in a month - another after the publication in the general release will silly not feel, in the third, all massif of materials will recover. Though I do not represent how it is possible to read such set of articles unless the scanning look. And as will stir at the same time aquosity of texts! First water helps to read, but then only eats time.

But same School. Something is simpler, something is more difficult, after them something special to enter separately reference materials, separately workbooks, that is articles with an opportunity. And Program. That is recommendations about what in what order on what materials to master.

So what in my opinion is necessary?
Tracking of those cases when there is a mutual understanding. And transition to real-life communication in this regard. Repetition, generalization and making of routes for beginners. Separate subsection for the generalizing articles connecting texts of different authors and commentators together.
But that else?