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maxim_tuner in online the mode gives some advice how to correct independently some defects in operation of mechanisms of a piano.

of youtube. com/watch? v=9ssJchK - AoY Gluing in of the fallen-off lateral panels of a piano “Ronish“
Sometimes in practice meet pianos at which the lateral panel falls off. maxim_tuner originally reams 2 openings of each of panels, then spills liquid PVA between the fallen-off panel and a verbilbanky / resonant board. When it is convinced that glue began “to undertake“, twists 70 mm self-tapping screws for bigger rigidity of all design. It is necessary to drill openings only in the panel. It is necessary to leave distance in a verbilbanka not drilled. Any man can perform similar operation, having watched previously video.

youtube. com/watch? v=r2oWVlbcM70 “Belarus“
of maxim_tuner in online the mode shows the Creaking piano keys as it is possible to eliminate a poskripyvaniye of keys independently. It shows this operation by means of the screw-driver, however in certain cases it is possible to use very thin nippers or flat-nose pliers. At the same time it is necessary to pass accurately one of sponges in an opening, the key which is previously removed from a pin and with small effort to press an external sponge of flat-nose pliers. Observe care and sensitivity when pressing that the wooden part of a window of a key did not burst. The task consists in “encouraging“ internally cloth.

Soviet piano “ Belarus “ for a long time was in an unheated room. As a result, some keys emit a little squeak when it`s down. maxim_tuner online mode shows and explains how to use a screwdriver to get rid of a squeak. Everyone can make it`s act.

youtube. com/watch? v=UqgSK4TZ6W0
of Klinit the
key In certain cases hit of small objects between keys can become the reason of their not working capacity. Wedging can gradually leave if this subject falls in a gap. However it occurs not always, and maxim_tuner in online the mode deletes a core piece from a pencil. Garnirovk`s
from maxim_tuner
the Simple method of a garnirovka (an insert of polyvinyl chloride plugs for a piano hammer, instead of the worked cloth in a cap). To establish and paste the worked cloth in mechanics of a piano - the difficult and demanding experience operation. My long-term experience allows to declare with confidence that I use kembrik from a simple polyvinyl chloride wire, you can solve this problem. It is simple to pick up such electric 3 mm a wire, with in advance removed “stuffing“ of copper or aluminum, to insert it into a cap opening instead of the worked cloth. Such new plug eternally will work. Technical characteristics of a kembrik it is better, than usual cloth.
of maxim_tuner performs repair hammer piano online. He says in Russian about whole procedure for replacing the cloth`s pads to the new sleeve on the basis of PVC. Any layman can make it`s operation.
of youtube. com/watch? v=gzIldNAnbY8