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You agree with me that the jealousy is an illness and she should be treated?

Ya concern to those rare women who never tested this feeling in relation to men. I think, there will be persons interested to learn how I managed not to catch this illness.

I will begin with words which author I do not remember: “Do not change“, - you say, loving. Oh, do not worry, I do not change. But, expensive how to me to learn that you are not in the world more perfectly?“ In these words all man`s essence is stated. It by nature poligamen. Yes, his soul can be faithful to one woman, but eyes at the same time are widely opened. For the vast majority of men physical change with love has nothing in common. This the first that the woman has to understand and accept. There are no men who cannot be tempted. For this purpose it is only necessary to find out who for it is an ideal of female appeal, and to become for it such. It seems simply, but in power not everyone. It is a lot of beauties now, were not translated “fatal“, but in the afternoon with fire you will not find the Real women. Excuse for retreat, we will return to a subject.

The jealousy grows from three evils: egoism, arrogance and the underestimated self-assessment. Not the one who loves, and the one who wants that it was loved is jealous. As soon as the woman - the egoist begins to feel that the man loses to her interest, the first that arises in her head - it is an image of the competitor. Paying attention to itself and to look for the cooling reason in itself, she shows suspiciousness and mistrust to the partner, controls each his step, becomes irritable. Senseless disputes, scenes of jealousy, an insult - all this becomes the rule. Losing the power over the man, such woman loses the presence of mind.

And egoism hand in hand with arrogance go. The proud woman treats the man, as property. It cannot assume that, such beauty, true and clever could leave. Losing the power over darling, she panics and does a set of nonsenses. The same what we spoke above about.

But, nothing so generates jealousy as the underestimated self-assessment. As soon as the woman with the underestimated self-assessment begins to feel a lack of attention from the beloved, she begins to think of the appeared competitor. The thought that another, imaginary or real, exists literally takes down it brains. Not in forces to become such as her partner, it begins to humiliate him. “Let I bad, but you am even worse!“ - it shows all the behavior. Fear of loss, fear of loneliness - all this leads to heavy frustration of health.

A conclusion arises that the jealousy is an illness. And how arrive with an illness? Having revealed symptoms, it is necessary to eradicate the reasons. And the woman has to look for the reasons for the arisen jealousy in herself, but not in the man. The first that it should be made, so it “to release“ the man: to cease to control it and to begin to trust it. If jealousy reasonable then to release the man true. If the man returns, then yours forever and if is not present, then never was yours.

The second that is necessary for correction of a situation, is to begin to change most. To change not only externally, and, first of all, internally. To learn to give, and not just to take; to love, but not to be only darling. To lift the self-assessment: to find a congenial employment, interesting hobby; to read more, for this purpose, to be an interesting interlocutor. To share hobbies of the beloved. It is obligatory to become the good hostess, to know how to cook. The love of the man, as before, except eyes, lies also through a stomach. To read silly women`s magazines less how to win the man`s heart.

of the Woman! Men, as well as children, it is necessary just to love and accept their such what they are; to inspire them on feats for the sake of you and to release wherever one wishes. To remember that the man poligamen, and to be able to forgive them small man`s pranks, but only small. If the man changes you in system, leave. Argue so: “If I am not necessary, then me it what for?“. Also you remember that you one such all over the world, and are worthy True Love.

And to men, in the conclusion, there is a wish to tell the following. If there was at you a desire to compare the wife to others, then do it so that the wife did not learn. But at the same time you remember that on two chairs you will not remain sitting, and it is possible to love very much only one woman. If there was a love triangle, then choose with whom to you to live.

I dream of that at God`s will, each person in mortal life met the half. Then there will be no place of jealousy in our hearts. But, unfortunately, it is only dreams. Therefore you are treated for this illness independently. Good luck!