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Where forces undertake? Forward, to a source!

So if you were going to buy the car what you do first of all? You look in the purse to check how many at you is money. Depending on presence of this or that sum, you make the decision on purchase, at the same time considering not only the actual cost of purchase, but also cost of its further service and contents.

Expensive car demands more means, than than the car of middle class. That is you choose that car which you can afford now.

It would be quite good if we, besides material balance, knew also the psychological balance. Each of us has the “purse of force“. Our energy and force necessary for commission of this or that work are stored in this “purse“. From there we spend means and there we can add them.

Depending on thickness of this “purse“ each of us either is poor, or is rich. The wealth is shown in an opportunity and ability to be in the long relations, ability to have children, social success, physical and psychological integrity, high level of activity. Poverty is shown in lack of the relations or their short duration, impossibility to conceive and take out the child, existence of chronic somatic diseases, emotional and psychological problems (excess weight, a depression, anorexia, alcohol, dependence on the partner etc.) not success in the social sphere, apathy.

And what you do if there are not enough funds for purchase of the desirable car? Correctly, you look for ways to increase the initial sum - you raise enough funds for implementation of the desirable.

However in psychological sense we sometimes do opposite actions. Let`s say that we lack forces for the relations and what we do? Options a little: we decide that all men goats or that it is unworthy the relations either that work or children all the same best of all or is more valuable than the relations or that others one live etc. Any of options does not work for accumulation of forces. The part of them are neutral (they as if normalize the current state of affairs), and our forces only spend part.

What to do?

of Force can be accumulated at the physical level. For example, rest. Here forces collect quickly, but also quickly and are spent. It is a little efforts, we will feel result at once.

It is possible to accumulate forces at the emotional level. For example, to communicate only with pleasant people, to protect themselves from gossips and insignificant talks, to avoid involvement in emotional discussion of problems which do not concern you, not to rend the air criticism of the government, laws, the countries etc. Here efforts it is necessary to put more, but also result much more resistant.

And it is possible to accumulate forces at the spiritual level. For example, to finish last the relations (where there were feelings: the offense, rage, sense of guilt) to live did not mourn losses which we did not live, did not otgorevat (death of close people, abortions and abortions, painful partings), to allow relatives to live life (especially it concerns own parents for whose happiness we often fight), to dare to be imperfect (not to bear responsibility for everything that occurs around you), to reconcile to itself (to be with the world, but not against it).

It is a long way of accumulation of forces. The result comes here not at once, efforts is incommensurable more, but force of action of such accumulation much more powerful and makes impact on all three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

At the first level we need much (food, sex, rest etc.) to feel satisfaction. The level is higher, the smaller quantity needs to be used to feel to “rich“. And at the third level it is impossible “to take“ much, here only small gold dust which should be extracted still.

How many now in your “purse of force“? What these means are enough for you for? What you should save up them for? When you the last time made a contribution to it? What you are spent for? Perhaps came it is time to reconsider the expenses and to increase the income?