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How to become best of all?

This article, - cry from the heart. No, even not shout, but break, enlightenment! This revelation of my soul. I do not count on success, I am not sure even that all will understand me. But I all the same will write it. Contrary to and regardless of obstacles. Because, I know, - many people who do not give up exist. They set a goal and go to it, despite of everything.

They know that we can operate events in the life through internal changes. Such people are in infinite search: “ What reflects the events surrounding me in me? “, “ What I need to change in myself and how to change it to achieve the objectives?

One of difficulties in aspiration to success, - need for this success. “ you Will get rid of desires, - you will get rid of sufferings “, - Buddha said.

This requirement can prove differently. For example, it can be expressed in desire to get support and approval.

It can prove when you sharply react to criticism. It seems what “plays“ uncertainty in itself. But you do not know what else should be changed in itself. And all known ways of accumulation of self-confidence do not work. Also there is an internal feeling: “not that“

When you expect external support and approval, apparently, that the low self-assessment goes into action, and it should be raised urgently. However effective techniques do not hit the mark.

Sometimes there is a wish for the significant word of approval from the authoritative person. The praise is capable to bring satisfaction. But you receive such praise extremely seldom.

And one of the most significant signs of need for success, is passivity which arises in response to non-recognition. You work, try, but nobody notices you, praises. And once you give up. As people speak: “Hands fall“. Sometimes for a while. And happens, forever.

You look at other people more successful in your sphere and feel a despair. Well I still need to make to gain recognition?! Why people do not appreciate me and do not turn on me (or on my works) attention? do not work with

of the Word which we can convince ourselves. It is possible to understand and say to himself as much as necessary: “do what is pleasant to you well, focus attention on details, seek for own improvement … And once, recognition to you will come“... And the internal state from it will not change! The told words can be accepted mind, but not all the essence.

When I began to catch myself on similar feelings, tried to convince words (affirmation) myself that my works are necessary to all that everything at me will turn out. And from within accurately there was an understanding: “I DO NOT TRUST! “

Ya developed for itself exercises for filling by feelings of necessity, usefulness, for receiving internal support. And these exercises helped me! Validly it became easier for me! But, to a certain stage. And then I “stumbled“ about unclear to me manifestations … what again?

And once I found it!

My requirement was called: desire to be the best! for whom we can be unconditional

A the best? Of course, for mother ! And for the father. But not only now. And always, since childhood. Since that moment when you came to this world.

Present that you live in a tummy at mother. Also you feel how you are ALREADY WAITED by parents! You are absent “yet“, you are not known yet (know only that you are), but are glad to you, you are loved as it is only possible to love the child. You for the parents, - the best!

You are born on light and feel feelings of mother and the father. They look at you, and feel such little baby that you - the best on light. And you, the small child, catch their feelings each section, all over, from ears and to tips of fingers, all the essence. You feel the necessity, usefulness, importance just like that. Because you are. Without explanations and without logical “proofs“. And at this moment there is a wish to breathe. To breathe a full breast, accepting all that life which is necessary to you.

And this feeling: “You - my the best“ which is caught in feelings and in a look of mother and father it also are what so was not enough for me!

And I am filled with this feeling infinitely, always, until it does not become my, native, part me. And then I will cease to wait for confirmations of the success.

And the success will come. It is simple because, now it is not necessary to me.

Happiness and good luck to you!