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Within several years my younger daughter suffered from a serious pulmonary illness - obstructive bronchitis with an asthmatic component.

1. Beginning of a disease
2. Attempts of treatment
3. Treatment
4. General rules of a hardening
5. How to accustom the child to bathing in cold
6 water. As we with Dasha bathe
7 in the mornings. Results + treatment of flu
8. Reactions of doctors
9. General recommendations

1. The beginning of a disease - to Dasha was 2,5 years
• Temperature constantly remained at the level of 37 - 37. 1, but doctors first found nothing.
• At slightest physical (for example, to run 5 - 10 meters) or psycho - emotional loading arose the whistling breath, the accruing cough, a zadykhaniye.
• At Dasha appeared the allergy to dogs causing the same symptoms.
• Any cold, falling, also passed into severe bronchial cough with whistle that then led to the complicated breath.
• Any flu proceeded 2 - 3 weeks, was followed by high temperature, a severe cough and attacks of asthma.
• And at last, the diagnosis - obstructive bronchitis with an asthmatic component.

of medicine which to us was prescribed by doctors are well-known to all parents whose children have similar diseases - it is suprastin, eufilin, ventolin (via the nebulizer), AZZ, lazolvan, Bromhexine. Besides, we used grindings of a breast badger fat.

As a matter of fact, all this was the symptomatic treatment directed only to simplification of a state at the time of an attack. We bypassed the mass of experts, but their consultations did not bear in themselves anything new and did not lead to cardinal improvement of the general state.

During the next strongest attack Dasha on the Ambulance was delivered to the intensive care unit Tushino children`s city hospital where it was laid under a dropper. She was 2 years 8 months old.

Then, three years in a row we took out Dasha to the New World (Crimea) in hope that the sea and the air impregnated with an oily smell of a juniper grove will improve its state. But investment did not come.

Here then - that also came the decision to acquaint Dasha with occupation in which I was engaged by then more than 15 years - to bathing in cold water and in an ice-hole.

• Dasha opened a season of preparation for bathing in cold water on September 25, 2007. 6 years were it then.
• Continued daily morning swimming till time until the river froze, and then in an ice-hole.
• Now Dasha from 10 years of the life bathes the fifth winter.

• Need to be begun swimming, so far water in the river still WARM.
• Needs to carry out procedure EVERY DAY. It is very important as at everyday bathing at the child, in - the first, the pleasure and a positive spirit, and in - the second remains, the organism easily accepts gradual change of water temperature. Smooth fall of temperature is almost not noticed by the child, that is there is no stress which can cause resistance to procedure.

WATER • The first principle - total ABSENCE of VIOLENCE or even pressure upon the child. If you feel that the child does not want to go to water, admit to yourself that you did not finish it with his state - there is no his fault here. Be not disappointed and postpone bathing. “It is better to wait minute, than second to be ahead“ (Lao Zi)

• The child has to bathe WITHOUT FEAR. Any fear destroys totality of a state, takes away part of a positive spirit and increases risk of a disease. It is not obligatory at all that it will be fear of cold water. It can be fear, not meet expectation of parents or fear to be late from - for bathings in school.

• The PERSONAL EXAMPLE is obligatory. The parental example removes fear of the unknown, convinces the child of a possibility of made, induces the child “not to lag behind“ the parent.

• AWAKENING of MOTIVATION. Here already everything depends on an ingenuity of the adult and on his “chuvstvovaniye“ of the child. In process of the child`s growing motivation it is possible and it is necessary to change.

• Motivations it has to be supported until the child does not begin to feel pleasure from bathing and need for it.

• It is very important to carry out everything WITHOUT HASTE, in a condition of ABSOLUTE TRANQUILITY. Any nervousness of the adult is right there caught by the child and transferred to him. It is also important not to carry on with the child on the small river foreign talk. That is, it is necessary to avoid everything that can affect integrity of a state and a positive spirit.

6. AS we WITH DASHA KUPAYEMSYA IN THE MORNINGS (we live in Strogino in 150 meters from the Moskva River).
• On weekdays we with Dasha bathe to school (bathed to a garden earlier) in 6. The 30th mornings, i.e. before sunrise, in complete darkness.
• After a warm bed at once on the small river, in black ice water.
• Any warming up or charging - only a positive spirit on bathing.
• Also a spirit on full acceptance of any weather: cold rain in the fall, blizzard in the winter, ice wind. All nature - our friend, and we cannot offend it what “ words opposite wind“, etc.
• Unlike walruses, we do not test need for conveniences - in a lodge for an undressing, clothing and warming, and also in a short flight of stairs for an entrance and an exit from an ice-hole. We want to depend on external conditions and circumstances minimum.
• At first Dasha waits for minutes 15 while the ice-hole prepares (in hard frosts the ice-hole should be done in addition and at night before going to bed, differently in the morning not to cope with it).
• Then we undress and we cost about a minute on the coast, we cool down after clothes. The child understands that if on the street, say, - 15, and water +1, then in water has to be warmer. Our usual introduction after cooling - we will go to water, we will get warm!
• Before calling water surely we greet the small river: “Hi, small river!“
• The first year Dasha did not dip the head into water, but since second year, is surely dipped with the head (but without bathing hat).
• When we will swim for a while, we leave on saved and we cost some time, absorbing feelings of pleasure and physical pleasure.
• We dry, but we are not wiped that grinding not to destroy thin pleasant feelings from a body surface. • When in frosts we come back home
, the head becomes covered by an ice crust.
• The lowest air temperature at which Dasha - minus 22 degrees bathed (water, as always, about zero).
• Our bathing is the meditative process directed to understanding of by part of the nature. Such approach removes fear as “the nature cannot harm itself at the child, it means does not do harm and to us as its parts“.

and) Strengthening of a body
• In the first year of winter bathing came full treatment from the main disease. Any fits of coughing and a zadykhaniye, the allergy disappeared. The diagnosis obstructive bronchitis was removed.
• At Dasha does not happen either nasmorok, or other colds.
• Dasha began to transfer physical activities easily.
• We refused flu inoculations because Dasha began to cope with flu easily itself (examples of treatment from flu are described below).
• In 20 - ti a-degree frost Dasha goes outside without cap, and in 15 - ti-degree - without cap walks.

b) Strengthening of spirit
Over and over again, overcoming spirit the body, Dasha began to feel confidence in the vital forces. The phrase which was heard from it at some moment before bathing “I will be able!“, it is moved to other areas of her life now, helping to cope with difficulties.

c) Emotional lift
Morning bathing gives to Dasha huge emotional lift. It joyfully and vigorously is going to school. With pleasure and successfully studies.

d) A positive spirit the Feeling of part of the nature, with need arising at such bathing, creates a deep positive spirit and feeling of safety of world around.


our organism has huge forces for self-restoration. Why not to give them the chance to be shown and begin to work?

If Dasha catches flu, then recovers within THREE DAYS: without tablets, and continuing to bathe in an ice-hole.
First, during an illness I decided to bathe her only at a normal temperature - in the moments when even at the height of a disease by the morning temperature falls down to almost normal. However, if necessary bathed also at high.

1. An example of treatment of an average on weight of flu

Friday - Dasha came from school with a temperature of 37,8. At night temperature rose to 38. 9.

Saturday - by the morning temperature itself fell to 36. 9. Without waiting until it gets up, we went and bathed. Measured Dashina temperature: 33. 6 (for the sake of interest I measured the: 32,8). At Dasha there passed the head which hurt after night, the health was good. By the night temperature rose to 38,2 again.

Sunday - in the morning temperature normal (36,3). We climb in an ice-hole. All day temperature normal (36,5). Any weakness because temperature was not forced down any drugs.

Monday - we get up in 6. 30, temperature normal.
Kupayemsya and Dasha goes to school.

2. An example of treatment of heavy flu

in the Evening Dasha came from school with a temperature of 38,4 which held on all night long, and by the morning grew up to 39,2. The child was exhausted by sleeplessness and a headache - all night long stayed near it. It was necessary to solve in the morning - or to come back to long-term drug treatment, with risk to receive former complications, or the child`s messages in an ice-hole. We decide to bathe.

On the street minus eighteen. Dasha from weakness cannot be roused. I ask it whether it agrees to go to bathe, and I promise at the same time that if she does not want to be dipped, nothing terrible happens, and we will just come back home. Dasha says that she agrees to go because believes that the small river will cure her. We dress, supporting, we conduct to the river, quickly we undress. I dip it for about 8 - 10 seconds into an ice-hole and I pull out. Quickly we dress, and … the child easily runs up up a steep slope of the mountain. The head does not hurt, mood good, a state vigorous. At home we put a thermometer - temperature 36. 2. By the evening it rose to 37,8.

The next morning temperature 37,1. Bathed, and more than temperature did not rise.
Still every other day Dasha went to school.

Unfortunately, doctors do not accept either similar methods of treatment, or a similar way of life.

The observed reactions:
“Same girl! To it still to give birth, and you to it chill everything!“
“Here chill kidneys, then you namuchatsya!“
“As is possible in such frost without cap - here will get meningitis, will know!“

argues Nobody that overcooling is extremely dangerous and can lead to all above-mentioned consequences.
But overcooling - that also does not come. When the child leaves an ice-hole, is not cold to him, and his skin warmed given from within hot blood becomes puntsovo - red.

All experience of Dashiny bathing never brought it anything, except health and pleasure.

• Not a perekutyvayta of the child (it is not necessary to shift heating function of an organism to clothes).
• Do not dress the child more warmly, than you put on. • Do not tie
and do not close the child`s throat scarfs and so forth - that it never hurt!
• To subzero temperature drive the child down the street without cap and if in minus and you put on a cap, then ears leave open - that they were never ill!

• DO NOT FORGET: it is necessary to begin a hardening with warm time and to carry out it regularly and consistently!

If your child is really seriously sick, remove though for a season the apartment at the river, and the lost health will be recovered. For those who are frightened by daily maintenance of an ice-hole I can tell - it is sure, will enough bathe the child about one day until the river becomes covered with ice. Temperature in the river falls to zero very slowly, and during this time, even for one season, it is possible to make a lot of things.

Giving a general idea about in what way we moved to health, I lowered a set of the SMALL, BUT EXTREMELY IMPORTANT points connected directly with bathing - how to put on on the street as well as in what order to take off clothes how to come into water how to behave in water in what order to put on also other. But I can tell about all this whom it will interest.