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What do rich people differ from the poor in?

We everything see rich people and the poor. And often at once we will distinguish the rich person from poor. But in what it differs? It is In a different way dressed, in a different way look, more quietly, more self-assuredly Differences set. But there is one without which the rich person will not be rich, and poor and will remain to the poor always. All other differences stop being essential without one, main.

This only difference - the capital . Rich people have it, and the poor does not have it. There is a great number of the self-assured, well dressed people who earn good money, but are not the rich for one simple reason: they have no capital!

I was same earlier. I made good money, but I had full of holes pockets. I earned good money, but I spent everything. And the capital at me did not appear.

So from where the capital undertakes? One rich person, I do not remember who, told: I can explain from where all my millions, except the first undertook. And it is the first way of creation of the capital: to take the first million dollars from an unknown source, to legalize and further quietly to increase greatly it. Such way takes place to be.

There is also other way: it savings. I with 20 - ti from different sources knew years that it is necessary to preserve 10% of the salary. I liked this statement, but to preserve 10% is so a little, it so slowly! I understood that it is not enough - malsk I will save the decent sum only in about 15-20 years. And I wanted all and at once!

But miracles do not happen. And my capital did not increase. But there passed 15-20 years. And what? I had no capital. And if I obeyed a wise advice, let us assume, in 25 years? That to the 40 I could already live for percent. And it not mere allegation - I counted. Just you should not confuse you with calculations now.

Time went. Years in 30 I began to be engaged in business, I became a merchant. And after a while came across other formula of savings. Ancient Russian merchants divided the income into 4 equal parts:

25% are money for daily expenses;
of 25% are money for rest, and rest has to be adequate to work;
of 25% are investments;
of 25% are money which brings you rest, i.e. you know what at you on the bank account lies money for 6-12 months of quiet life and if there is a swagger - a major, then during this time you oklematsya quietly and will create new business.

I very much liked such formula of life, but I again so did not live. I always argued so that here I will earn twice more - and then precisely I will begin to live on this formula. And I frankly several times tried to begin to preserve part of the income. Sometimes it was 10%, sometimes 20% of the income. But every time eventually I spent this money for some large purchases. Me will be impatient to make repair, to change the car - and the capital was not again. It temporarily appeared and thawed as a smoke.

I always waited that as - nibud the capital will undertake from where - nibud. But it did not undertake from anywhere. So far I did not understand that process of formation of the capital is the same work as any other.

Also it consists of two parts: this saving and enhancement! And in such sequence. At first saving, and then enhancement of what was preserved.

And I undertook this work. Now I preserve. Also I increase the - still small - the capital. And also I increase the capitals of several friends.

And how are you are at you? All of you still believe that sometime on you one million dollars will fall from the moon? And after that it will be possible to be engaged in its enhancement?

I have one friend. How many I know it, he always dreamed to find a suitcase with money. He trusts in this fairy tale and now. And I know it 25 years. And still it did not find a suitcase. And if it preserved all this time on 10% of the income, then he would be quite wealthy person now.

Why to me to tell about it? I just want that it was more good, successful and rich people. For me it is not indifferent who surrounds me. And for me it is not indifferent in what world there will live my children and as they will live. It is important for me that I could transfer to the children a certain inheritance. For me it is important that I will be able to ensure a comfortable old age, but not to throw the old ailing body on hands of the children - a pier, care for me, and I here to you will spoil life as it does most of old men.

I preserve! I preserve for myself, I preserve for the children. And you?