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Teachers, you are moral freaks?

Kind time of day who reads that this article. Here I want to state and discuss a subject which torments me since I went to the first class - why teachers such moral freaks? and how to fight against it in present reality? I Will tell
at once that I write article that - to discuss the let problem and know whenever possible.
Problem at the moment very serious and global. In what an essence? And that at schools there is no understanding between the pupil and the teacher. I saw also many who understands what I say about that 80 percent of teachers are people who hate the being engaged to the robot thereof they have no interest and desire it and children leave without knowledge of material of that which is taught and is elementary formed at the child hatred to school.
Why from - teenagers get moral injuries for ignorances of teachers, the same shots bear full tuynyu in general, edify the younger generation the her knows on what, are guided I do not know from where the taken rules of an order, and to the pupil treat as not the person? In the conditions of reality when not each parent can give education and nastanovka to the child, education the demoyashchik (on another the TV, and you understand that there what it is favorable to give is given gives, control of masses and so forth), that is in conditions when to the child wind system outlook which says that it cattle the most natural schools in this case though is not present, it will be correct to tell teachers. Seeing, or feeling, I honestly do not know what place they feel that at the person went the logician for development and common sense what a thuja they begin to snub this person? what thuja they suppress the personality, besides I saw as suppressed good persons and cattle left aside a pier let even more bydlet in total will be same. On another to tell what to occur now on another it is impossible to call.
concerning HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS saw I resemble a problem, what personal hostility and following of thujas knows to what rules is conducted to the fact that the personality is suppressed and to occur total absence of self-realization of the student in the future.
the Sad picture when from a set of 50 people only 5 people go to work for concrete specialty after the termination in the specialty. These are real figures! And at us all complain that shots to epat is not present, it is necessary to break wind something and nituya.
Why so? I think, I so think that these people who are teachers are nothing else as a product of the decaying society, and they infected with it sumasbrody from hopelessness go where it is pleasing, and the basis in what is absent normal (not the shit nothing proved means) and Real system of selection to such positions, and is not present the monitoring system.
Having solved this problem it is possible: to increase number of qualified personnel, to provide though a half of children in classes with that Necessary Knowledge which gives school, to have an opportunity to spiritually bring up generation and a lot of things another...
End, type aybibeknusya.