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Where in a case a skeleton? Psychological protection of

We have to be always steady against troubles. Especially, when relatives and dear people depend on decisions. How to stand to achieve the objectives and not to do much harm to itself? To be protected! But... not to become the slave to own protection.

All of us want udach without experiences, the conflicts and stresses. But sometimes desires seem are unattainable not to do. The purpose becomes unrealizable, the outside world - uncontrollable. We face disappointments, experiences, a stress.

And then the organism uses protective mechanisms which we managed to buy so far matured and looked at adults. They are so natural that many of us take them for part of.

Replacement - the person suppresses in himself negative memoirs, and again becomes such what wants to be. For example, the chief attributing himself others merits can believe absolutely sincerely that it is his work.

If words and actions contradict our idea of themselves, then most often forget them at the subconscious level. Sometimes people project ( a projection ) such negative on others, accuse them of what they cannot cope with, or are afraid to lose. The example, the father forces the child to go to medical institute because itself when that did not finish it though very much wanted.

The person can deny ( denial ) the incident and to think that anyone is guilty of everything, except it. Or to sublimate the unfulfilled dreams in something another - the unloved wife to become the zealous housewife.

We can believe that everything is all right and to forget about affairs which subconsciously disturb us. We can be repaid infinitely long if are guilty, to shift fault to others, to expostulate on circumstances or just to declare that if it happened - the destiny means, stars incorrectly developed. And all this is made sincerely, without considering.

People sometimes go in cycles in protection, desires remain unrealized. The discontent is hidden deep into, and we hide it more and more deeply at all to forget.

The solved affairs are forgotten quickly . And here our unsatisfied desires very resistant. It is unclear from where the appeared alarm, melancholy, aggression is strong indications of discontent, a protest. We can not remember the reason - words, situations are forgotten, and here emotions remain, for a long time.

Psychological protection helps to concentrate thoughts, preserves against experiences, inadequate acts - all this is necessary for search of the worthy decision in a difficult situation. The decision with which it will not be a shame and which will not take away from us too many forces. An exit always is.

Do not feel sorry for the fears - you look honestly in the face to a mirror, to love yourself does not mean yet to be a person. Criticize, but do not accuse. You study, but do not compare. Allow, but control. The world around should not manipulate that in you.

Listen to the organism - aggression, rage, a stress, weakness - everything has the beginning - and the beginning to all our thoughts and desires. Here that adequately special attention.