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Antidepressant No. 1. How to begin “to morzhevat“? Part 2

So, I continue to tell you about how to begin to bathe in an ice-hole that as a result will lead to considerable improvement of physical and mental health. Actually this action terrible in appearance is not as terrible as it seems...

I all - even during such smooth entry into a winter season is November the difficult psychological moment. When sharply becomes cold and water for one night becomes ice. I could overcome myself, as a result received euphoria of the third degree. So I learned on myself that problems - only in our head.

Many are anxious - how to leave water, same is awfully cold. I declare with all responsibility: it is difficult to call cold feeling which you have after an exit from water. Really - as though drenched with boiled water. Pricks skin “needles“, blood rages. It was run a little, potopat legs, waved with hands, clapped itself palms - and in five minutes everything passed. There was one pleasure. Which, by the way, long-playing.

... Water everything is arrived - and there occurred at us happiness. It is good to be kicked downstairs and at once to float, but not to hobble on underwater potholes.

I was convinced that there are “morons“ worse me. In the evening after work came to a rotunda - the storm of such force stormed that waves brimmed over. Went down on an ice-covered ladder, poured over me a wave, but I did not begin to swim - there were no wish to play “papaninets on an ice floe“ at all. Next day it became clear that one of colleagues bathed during this storm too, and was not afraid to plunge.

On November 8 snow dropped out. To go on a snowball it appeared very much even pleasantly. So far it friable, burns legs not too strongly. “Colleagues“ after bathing are also pounded by snow, someone rolls in snowdrifts at all. I do not risk yet. And in general - becomes more and more obvious that each person is individual. Someone swims a hundred-meter race, another is dipped once in two days - and to it enough. Everyone does that he intuitively wants. And there can be no rules, except own. Personally I always do jog before a heat, then charging. Having undressed near a short flight of stairs, properly I warm up. The body at the same time cools down a little, and it is easier for me to come into water.

In the second half of November hard frosts began. The wet head after bathing “grabs“ with an ice. But it is terrible only externally. To me it is not cold - euphoria covers all costs of this shocking process. Many women do not dive with the head, at the same time skilled “walruses“ swear:

- What bathing is? One name! Any pleasure...

And it is the truth - when you are dipped with the head, reduces fatigue and stress instantly. You get out as newly been born.

On November 19 there was an easy ice. About it it is possible to be cut. In water separate small pieces of ice float, but did not hold down water an armor yet.

Soon ice “rose“. But the ice-hole cannot be cut so far - on a thin ice it is impossible to rise. Therefore it is necessary to break this film hands as the Lenin ice breaker. Passersby watch at us as they on the wreckage - not only that in such morozyaka get into the water, so also ice hands crumble.

Ice became December thick, every morning clubmen update quite long ice-hole - 12,5 meters. Floated eight times - consider, made the Olympic hundred-meter race. I hardly am enough for one heat - back I row very much - very quickly, reflecting on sad destiny of passengers of “Titanic“.

It seems to me that the scene of farewell of Jack to Roza in reality would be quite short and not so beautiful. Leo could not tell so many kind words of the beloved, and simply Boole would say “in low tones!“ also left on a bottom. However, frequenters who bathe for 30 - 40 years do not agree with me. They consider that the person is killed by fear. In club there are people capable to stay in ice water forty minutes and more. And in the history of a morzhevaniye there are also even more impressive records reached without special harm to health.

By the way, “skilled“ estimated a regularity of my campaigns to an ice-hole then secretly admitted to the community. They began to tell such entertaining stories of healing that just right was to sit down and write the doctoral dissertation.

I understood that doctors, as a rule, are negative to a morzhevaniye. Well or, at least, it is careful. Between subjects 70 - the summer grandfathers dashingly diving into an ice-hole are, in my opinion, the best proof of efficiency of such treatment. One my “colleague“, 73 years old, in far 1977 was radiculitis so seriously ill that the sick-list prolonged again and again. The illness threatened to turn into disability, as a result unfortunate hardly came crawling to Volga. In a week the illness receded. And today this person looks better than many young people.

Other man gets rid here of eczema which is actually incurable official medicine. I saw how this illness recedes and skin is cleared.

The woman cured here heavy antritis which threatened with operation - as a result the doctor did not believe the eyes.

People and from serious consequences of heart attacks and strokes escape. Many of those who hardly crept earlier after bathing swing today a press in the fresh air. I stand and I envy - yet I do not risk with heavy loadings. It is natural that everyone listens to the organism and correlates loadings to the opportunities. The main thing is a regularity.

By the way, I saw two times as people began to bathe in the middle of winter, without special preparation - diseases wore out. Also continue to this day. But nevertheless it is possible to pooblivatsya previously by cold water from a bucket at home - will come so easier. It is interesting that many of those who came the first time leave water nearly with laughter. The reality turned out for them not such terrible as they imagined.

Funny, but I was influenced that the ice-hole is better than analginum and all anti-influenzal means. Few times, when I felt the approaching illness, skilled bathers advised to overcome themselves and to go on an ice-hole. I and made. The illness escaped.

Once, after stomatologic procedures, tooth long hurt. Drank anesthetic - released for about five hours. Then it was necessary to drink again. And again. Bothered - went and plunged. In total it vanished as if by magic.

Got into the Internet and began to find out what such special occurs at us inside at immersion in ice water. It turned out that in blood adrenaline is emitted, pleasure hormones endorphins and there are a lot of other useful substances which rejuvenate cages, accelerate regeneration and interfere with inflammatory processes. And the strengthened blood-groove clears internals of salts of heavy metals, pesticides and other rubbish which collected for many years.

during holidays on the embankment began to loaf January a great number of gapers. As a result all ice-hole is covered banks and bottles. What for a high to throw all this in water when a number of a ballot box? In a corner where “walruses“ change clothes, constantly someone urinates. Surprisingly, but all these people perceive the street as something others. In the apartment, I am sure, they blow off motes from a floor. The disturbing symptom - can be told, a call for all mighty of this world in Russia. The people do not feel that this earth - it. It is others, belongs to enemies and here it is possible to spoil. Though, perhaps, to all fault the constant alcoholic intoxication doing of the person of cattle.

Passersby often stop and look at how we bathe. Frankly speaking, it strains a little - as if someone spies upon certain hygienic procedures. But there is no place to disappear - if it is honest, I also stared at “cranks“ earlier.

Interestingly, but all what I was warned about comes true. At long and regular bathing sanitation begins to happen, or if in Russian, clarification of an organism. At someone it is shown in long severe cold, strengthening of cough and other delights. Legs around calves at first began to hurt me, then the throat that did not occur long ago ached. The main thing - to endure all these temporary “pobochka“ if, of course, you want to come to health.

Unpleasant feelings disturbed me about a month and irrevocably left. By the way, the risk to ache with catarrhal diseases at “walrus“ decreases by 60 times. Good figure, isn`t that so?