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For what give marks on School of Life?

Though the status “professional“ is given me, and I consider myself only as the pupil so far. And a scope for the growth I see much. However, I managed to pay attention to that as well as for what people estimate each other. I want to share the supervision with all writing, reading and just interested.

As a result of “researches“ I came to a conclusion that estimates often do not belong to your work! You think that the person told how is (in his understanding), and he so thinks, and actually, the mass of emotions moves it. And estimates to you put they, emotions!

People, for example, give you marks for the failures, failures. However, they always find arguments for the two and stakes. Ponderability of argument is, as a rule, directly proportional to the intelligence quotient of estimating. But his envy and rage appears through even the most high intelligence. Get a grasp of comments. Listen to the feelings. And you will understand whose judgments really should be adopted to whose it is better “to turn a deaf ear“ because from them you will not draw constructive conclusions.

By the way, pay attention, get into long arguments more often those who it is low estimated your article. The offense for your success demands “punishment“. And you do not pass causticities and venomous remarks. And with good marks of long discussions it is less. The person just writes “thanks“ and all. But for the sake of it even if one “thanks“ it was worth working, isn`t that so?!

Estimates often put for the bad mood, unfortunate day.

At the people dissatisfied with the life, the incentive for negative estimates is always stronger than incentive for positive estimates. Such person will seldom sincerely admire. Because he is not able to do it. For it to give a good mark to article, all the same, that to recognize the lameness, so, loss.

Sometimes people give marks for the misunderstanding. And, misunderstanding, is not always connected with a bad statement. It can be connected with features of perception. But the person is not ready to recognize it in himself therefore the one who wrote “unclear“ article is guilty.

Estimates put for good mood. And it did not become obligatory good as a result of reading, it, maybe, it also was. And decided to share with you.

Estimates put when inside there is a rush. If inside the equal, quiet state, then the person does not move a hand and will not estimate your work.

Sometimes the rush happens positive. But, not everyone is ready and is able to admire and be glad sincerely to the good text and its author.

The one who is able to see a positive is able to give good marks.

Good marks put when you really fine wrote, and readers understood you.

Good marks put when are able to be above the failures.

Whether it is worth paying attention to estimates if they are not always objective and reasonable?

Of course, costs! Attention of readers it, finally, what we aspire to. Only, be able to see the real, sincere truthful estimates, on them and be guided. And, the bad note does not mean envy or rage at all. Sometimes and the bad note becomes with good. But, more rare.

Progress to you in your works and creativity!