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Social networks against formation of

Ya long time thought of writing of this post and all - came to a conclusion that it is necessary. Also it is necessary first of all to parents of those children who studies at school in the senior classes or students.
Not the secret that I work as the teacher and that problem about which I will speak further actually in my opinion ripened. In ours education of course an array of problems of the most different plan. And in LJ as well as at Malakhov Russian education became very fashionable to throw mud. I will not do it because I work at school and therefore that if to throw mud at school once again that it will change little.
Recently even more often you face pupils who become dependent on social networks. Such child for days sits on social networks to him to spit that now there is a lesson and the fact that he needs to listen to the teacher to it all the same, to it to spit that it is necessary to prepare for USE or SFE. Because the main thing in his life is its status or comments in schoolmates or any other nonsense which is laid out at his friends on the page. Such pupils as a rule sit down on farther from the teacher, I get the phone and conduct all lesson on the Internet. Of course you can object what means you such teacher means at your lessons your pupil not interestingly. But I guarantee to you that in our country there is no such teacher who would not be at war with cell phones of pupils at a lesson.
Children begin to be registered on social networks since 7 - 8 classes and ea plague so quickly extends among them that is worth be begun to one as in a week all schoolmates sit in schoolmates (forgive for a tautology) And everything begins war of the teacher and social networks for minds of pupils here, and in my opinion win against still social networks. Parents of the children I force to buy the simplest phones without a possibility of viewing of pages on the Internet. It really helps but not always. And how you think whether there is actually such problem? And whether it is necessary to fight against it and what means.
the Truth is in what social networks stir studies our children