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In what pluses and minuses of female independence?

passed Long ago times when the woman entirely depended on the man. In the modern world business - ladies strongly took the place in the sun, and ladies who can take care of themselves, surprise nobody any more. At the same time together with financial independence and freedom of the woman get more and more man`s traits of character and become less womanly.

of the Elephant at full tilt will stop and the trunk to it will tear off

Somehow I complained to the girlfriend that my ex-the boyfriend cannot find time to arrive and adjust operation of my computer. It turned out that Ania fixes all technical problems by own forces long ago. She is able to reinstall Windows, to find keys to counterfeit versions of programs and many other things. She had to learn everything at that very moment when there was nobody to ask. On my question: “And why then in general men are necessary? “, the girlfriend shrugged shoulders and honestly answered: “I do not know“.

Other my friend, being married, said that it is simpler to it to make something, than to ask the partner. It will go to shop two hours and not that will buy something or superfluous, the ware after it all the same should be washed up, and as for their joint website on the Internet, so it does everything quicker and better.

I noticed a strange tendency. The young people who got used to live with mothers who exempt beloved children from household cares and not got used to take the responsibility get to such independent wives. In an amicable way, it is necessary to take such greenhorn - the overage and to bring up in him the man. Work is long and demanding enormous patience: it should push responsibility in the small portions that it did not fall down under its freight.

The women living with infantile men do not see sense to spend time for education and correction of defects of the partner. They already got used to solve problems independently, know what at will turn out better, only the rage on husbands does not disappear anywhere. The woman weaned today to be a woman.

the Weaker sex

Along with a tendency of “maturation“ of women, appears more and more women who at any age remain little girls. They are enthusiastic, deliberately helpless, thoughtless and not able to dispose of finance. Such will definitely not be able to restore the damaged system on the computer or to repair the kitchen crane.

I did not understand long time, than such rather empty, let and beautiful, the girl can attract the adult taken place man. The answer lies on a surface: near it he feels strong. The girl looks at it with admiration, listens to each his word, allows to look after herself, to remove a chair and to hold a door.

Excessive frankness and independence from women leads to the fact that at men complexes are born. If the woman seeks to take its place what remains to it in this union? There is increasing “weakening“ of the stronger sex. That is why so often husbands leave the taken place and independent women to “little girls“ who twice more young they are not obligatory, just near them they feel necessary.

That the man was able to take the responsibility for a family and children, his partner has to trust in him, that is allow it to make decisions and to agree with them, and to allow to deal if something happens independently with consequences.

Golden mean

Of course, it is not necessary to go into extremes, besides you will hardly manage from business - vumen to turn into the princess dressed in pink ruches and vice versa. Here, as well as in everything, the balance is necessary.

If you recognized yourself in the description of the iron lady, it is worth working over disclosure of the feminity. It will help you to attract the strong man capable to take care of you in the life. Ladies of the second type should consider that there will not always be a hero who at two o`clock in the morning on MKAD will stop to help them to change a wheel. The reasonable share of independence will help you to feel with life more surely.

The main thing is to remember that even in a century of the won feminism and female independence nobody cancelled desire of the woman to feel the weaker sex. You should not forget about this privilege, strength of the woman in her weakness.